Multi Shot, Barrel Systems, And You!

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Hello Captains,

I understand there's been some significant confusion regarding the new Barrel System special, as well as the difference between Salvo and Multi Shot.  While weapon damage is split between projectiles in a Salvo weapon, that is not the case with Multi Shot.  Each projectile from a Multi Shot weapon does the damage of the weapon.  A more detailed breakdown of the two is below:

Salvo Functionality:

- Say the weapons deals 10 damage per shot. The weapon has a Salvo of 5.
- Each projectile would deal 2 damage (as it shares the damage over all of the projectiles).
- Salvo fires sequentially (like the Death Scythe).

Multishot Functionality:

- To determine the amount of damage per shot, take the total displayed damage, divide it by half. This is because damage in game is displayed as double. Then, divide the result by the number of shots the weapon fires. For the Heavy Scattergun, for example, the damage is 6600. Half is 3300. Divide this number by the number of shots the weapon has. For the Heavy Scattergun (15 shots), the damage would be 220 per shot. 
- Multishot fires all at once (like the D81-H).

Now, what does that mean for Barrel System?  The breakdown of this special is as follows:

What it does:
- Increases the number of projectiles fired, per shot, which increases the effective damage of the weapon.
- Using the Heavy Scattergun, for example, will add 2 additional shots to the weapon. At 220 damage per shot, this special adds 440 damage to the weapon. 

What it doesn't:
-It will not confer Multi Shot on a weapon without that stat built in.
-It will not increase the splash or spread of the weapon.

-Note that the benefit will display in stat blocks.  However, rather than being rolled into a ship's Damage stat, will be rolled into the Multi Shot stat.

I sincerely hope this helps clear up confusion on how these stats differ, as well as how the Barrel System specials interact with Multi Shot weapons.
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