New Patrol Bases

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    These new bases must be causing more system lags with the patrolling SF.
    I just literally don't get your meaning?er 
    Just asking, as it doesn't make sense at all. The base just feature patrolling SF, though I think that they are wandering only.
    Here is your answer below.     I  meaned adding more content to the kixeye game servers may be the problem.   Stephen2229 said:
    Also, the fact these patrol bases since introduced has created even more lag & DCs  along with bases NOT appearing on the map due to Kix's crappy online game servers are being overwhelmed having to calculate continually moving enemy units on the ground & air.

    What Kix needs to do is immediately start recoding this game into HTML5 format to overcome the known bugs & security problems found in Flash, but more so either give the company they use a swift kick up the backside that host their online game servers or they find another provider that has good bandwidth with quality servers!

    level 43
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    spam 3or 4 new killer cavalry ops with any damage dealer like SF unit ..but i use e hover and my level is 38 cause i don't have any SF. killer cavalry are best tank from kixeye, learn multiple attack so  can deploy 2 or 3 
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    the sentials 75 the only prize giving out are the go commandos how many you give out before something else will drop something has to change it is bs to do 25 sential 75 and have 23 go commandos out of 25 bases something has to be wrong with this!!!!!!!!
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    the sentials 75 the only prize giving out are the go commandos how many you give out before something else will drop something has to change it is bs to do 25 sential 75 and have 23 go commandos out of 25 bases something has to be wrong with this!!!!!!!!
    Same for me. All night nothing but bloody Go Commando, what a con!
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    Too much lag, control and targeting problems, and bugs in the game for me to do these.

    They look like they might actually be fun if the damned game just worked right.
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    New toy is this growler. We have a code hacker using it already maxed. His is ID 33408660 currently in sector 417 coords 91.356 last name used is "I Burn Sectors. Turns out the "Fair Play Section" is allowing the open use of this item by this guy. So what is good for one should be good for all. That and letting this guy code repair endless units and 5 second full repairs. So with this guy they have now allowed us all to go ahead. As THAT is fair play. Thought all should know how this is being handled by the report section (lack there of)
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    the 75 an 95 arent even worth doing if u have everything u can get dropped after wards. you should put prizes worth if for the higher players if u expect ppl to spend money on them. no need for me to do them i have too many sf still need to equip an war horses an so on
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    Juruco said:
    yeah... thought I would try a 75... took out a eherculese, a hell hound, couple warhorses, 2 squads of preservers, couple buildings, and the two towers.
    4 hrs damage on my phantom, and I ran it twice to take out one of the two towers. used maxed kara with mix of heavy op and reg ops, another squad of reg ops and preservers with lead op, and a squad of infiltrators. they got 6 hrs of damage. 

    not worth the prizes to hit any of these bases IMHO. 

    these bases will go to the same place as the 80 mil metal and oil bases went.... away to never be seen again in about a month or two. 

    tactics I used....
    thought I could swing around to the top of the base with out much fan fair.... that proved to be wrong... was immediately in range of a tower. almost lost a preserver just moving out of range again. decided to go up through where the two towers are... killed the eherc, and warhorse, though the warhorse refused to get shocked like it was supposed to, lost a preserver.... took one tower out with my sf, saw the preservers spawn... ended fight after a delay of 20 seconds... lost another preserver.

    restarted and noticed the the spawned preservers were gone.... ok cool! used my phantom to take out the other tower, 1 pass 1 1/2 squares left, second pass tower is gone and preservers spawn at half health. ended fight. 20 second delay.

    started fight a third time... moved my sf up and took out the buildings below the cliff with no problems. moved up to take out another building and got in range of the microwave turret... decided to take it out... got in range of the roving preservers to the south and then next thing I know all hell broke loose... flame turret (never saw it) was hitting them, the vanq came running  and stunned my lead sf... by then it was all over... after another 20 second delay and losing 2 more preservers and 3 infilitrators the fight ended.... 

    that was when I decided between the time limit and the massive amount of damage these bases are designed to give... definitely not worth the repair time for such little chances at decent prizes... unless I coined.... but why coin in this game? to many bugs, glitches that work against the player while the ones that work for the player are fixed within minutes of being noticed... 
    I'll be fine staying a turtle as some put it... getting what little I can during events that are nearly screwed up as the game is.... but what do you expect from company that allows certain things to run rampant. *cough* hackers *cough* and poor customer service. 
    Totally agree payout is far to low for the damage taken and then look at the reso you get haahahahahahaa it's not even funny anymore. And stop finally with those things for the SF people, go back to making better vehicles instead. 
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    I have also that problem

    i see a coffee cup what is that all about?

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    the sentials 75 the only prize giving out are the go commandos how many you give out before something else will drop something has to change it is bs to do 25 sential 75 and have 23 go commandos out of 25 bases something has to be wrong with this!!!!!!!!
    Same for me. All night nothing but bloody Go Commando, what a con!
    I got a warhorse on my first 75. However these bases along with the 95's have put the game out of reach for most players. Over 40 hrs of repair for one warhorse is not worth it. Good job Kixeye on messing the game up even further. The level of difficulty is way too high for prizes offered. For special bases like these you should have a sizeable amount of XP awarded along with medals too. This has become a game of have's and have not's. 
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    Well people...we have all bitched about the same thing...and yet I see nothing being done by Kix...very sad as things may just go further down hill from here :(
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    Well I am not going to be able to attack those bases my Vertigo acts up and makes me dizzy watching the units move.. 
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    hahaha how the f... is do that bases ? kixeye u going mad that is for sure ! go to make and sell bread no game :P 
    They might well be going mad but you cant say that just because you cant do these bases. They are really quite doable an not at all hard if you have/pick the right units an tactics. The problem with them lies in the abysmal game performance, glitches and lag  issues, like with the rest of the game. They really could be great fun if we could just use our units properly an things ran smooth, right now its just frustrating even looking at them...
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    I cant create Archangel.fix this. :'(
    This doesn't belong here, it should be in a seperate thread of its own.
    iam sorry 
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    What's the point?

    Yet MORE stupid bases to give everyone more repairs, and the prize drops are broken as usual.

    Try FIXING THE GAME instead of wasting time on whatever idiotic OP bases you're cooking up next, that last update has made the entire game load at glacial speed: initial loading, world map, scouting or attacking anything, viewing deposits- all are taking forever, and everyone in my sector is having the same issues. Oh, and the "failed to retrieve attack log" thing is back, again.
    My VC story: 
    Vega Conflict-er since closed beta phase 1, back when torpedo harriers ruled the sector.
    BP- started in the black sea days, then the game died...
    WC- started pre-World Map, then everything went downhill.

    My BP story series: (in progress).

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    im not glad to see others or having similar problems , I concure with what you said
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    When in the hell are people going to open their **** eyes to what Kixeye is doing to us? 
    1.) Hackers: I will almost guarantee that majority of them are in one way, shape, or form, Kixeye related. It's been going on for years. Stop lying to yourselves.
    2.) Gameplay: Well, to be honest, it just sucks. There's always a "bug" or something wrong. They won't fix it, nor will they ever. They're too focused on making their money.
    3.) Events: I shouldn't even have to say anything here. It's pretty self explanatory. If you have to guess what I'm trying to say at this point, you just don't give a rat's **** about your money and how much you spend. Which kind of makes you a dumb ****.
    4.) Upgrades: It will never stop. War is already out the window. I think I read somewhere where a mod or someone from Kixeye was talking about reducing the amount of content being released. That was several months ago. Basically, just don't believe what they tell you. It's ALL a lie. 

    To Kixeye:
    As mentioned above, it really is hard to want to stay in the game and keep going. I won't lie for one second though, the game is like a drug. Thing is though, I don't want to have to spend $50 per month in order to get service "if needed." If I want to spend that amount per month, that should not only be at my discretion and up to how much I can afford, etc, but I SHOULD, as a paying customer, have some sort of contact and some sort of service at all times. That is just disgusting. It only makes me think of Obamacare, really. I know it isn't the greatest choice of words, but it's how I feel. By the way, you might want to consider fixing the little **** before adding crap that your server can't even handle. Just saying. Anyway, have a nice day and my thoughts are with all those in Paris, France.
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    patroling causes much extra lag. Since this game was already very laggy, no rocket science to imagine the current game experience for your customers. remove this BS please !

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    Kixeye you already have a performance problem concerning latency which has grown worse over the last couple of months. There seems to be no learning curve for you people. The idea of improving is to adapt,adjust or repair things you know are not functioning and not to keep adding more obstacles that continue to denigrate the system. Your roving patrols are doing nothing more but adding fuel to your already tremendous latency problem. Your customer base has been telling you to stop trying to improve the game and fix what's been broken for months. I have seen an ever increasing movement to stop spending money, boycott and quit playing War Commander. Are you intentionally trying to drive your customers away in an attempt to shut down War Commander servers altogether ? If this is your goal continue down your current path it's working!
  • base-406-201
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    Sulaco. Please be honest. What is going on ??? The game gets worst each day !!! You fix a little bug but create 5 big ones. Everything is slow !! Slow to open map, slow to start an attack, slow to see platoons. You are screwing the game at all. Can't you see you are losing players every day ????
  • Andati
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    The only thing that keeps me playing this screwed up game is the friends I have made over the years but a lot of them are leaving now because the game is really bad now. I think I will be joining them as well. The lag is worst that is ever been did shadow ops do not have all the parts and now can not repeat either. Ever time I log in find something wrong. When are you all at Kixeye going to fix it right. 
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    just hit a 60 not to bad repairs but now for the third time I have just unlocked the same paint job for my viper x as I have level 5 is this a glitch or do I need this same paint for my viper
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    New Patrol Bases are here. These bases will only be available on certain days, and will be here for a limited time. Both of these bases are guaranteed to pay out a prize for each kill!

    We want the players to get a chance to see the new patrol functionality so that if it appears in future events, players are ready. We also want to reward people for using strategy. Learn these units' patrol paths and exploit their weaknesses to greatly reduce the damage you take!

    Level 75 Sentinels Patrol Base
    • Guaranteed to earn a prize!
      • Possible Units:
        • Warhorse, Lead Operator, Operator, Rare Find: Phantom, Rare Find: Brother Jeremiah
      • Possible Components:
        • Take Aim, Adaptive Body Armor, Demolition Frame, Heavy Ordnance, High Density Plating
    • Also, +25% VXP earning from combat in these bases!

    Level 95 Sickle Syndicate Patrol Base
    • Guaranteed to earn a prize!
      • Possible Units:
        • Nightmare, Lead Preserver, Preserver, Rare Find: Phantom, Rare Find: Sheila
      • Possible Components:
        • Take Aim, Adaptive Body Armor, Demolition Frame, Heavy Ordnance, Go Commando
    • Also, +50% VXP earning from combat in these bases!
    Chris who players going to do 100% on event when 90% of players are flet and stop playing in sector im in and i cant jump to other sector to event is finish ? did you think about it this and what is the plan for the event if we cant do 100% 
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    trading go comando for medals
  • mike.went
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    Get rid of these bases,it is screwing up the performance of the game!!!
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    all the hackers never have issues as they dont have to repair **** or wait for up grades u all is whats wrong with this game
    half the problem programers not knowing how to do job is other half
    i can do 75 and 95 but no point i have all that stuff  so really no pint wasteing time kixeye never offers any good stuff these days game is **** near dead compared to when i started it was fun and took alil skill now they all just beg cause they to weak or to lazy dto do anything then wanna cey when attacked it is a war game after all funny how sectors make up rules for a game they dont own and surround bases so some people cant play  seem kixeye loses money when thoese cant play but just my opion

    kittyeater 42
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    all prizes should be in event shop when i started u never won anything from a base u had to do event and earn units u have now they basicly pass out **** to keep the crying down
    kittyeater 42
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    what are they doing to fix the problem with the bases jumping to another sector and having a blank map and can not doing anything? i will ask this question in every forum till i have the answer we we need 
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    this is useless...no1 needs those bases...and they cause too much lag on world map

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