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Hello Commanders

I believe there is some confusion on where to send certain reports so that they can be handled properly.  I will try to outline the differences and give you clear instructions on how to report issues to Kixeye's teams.

Click Support at the top of the page > Click the game you would like to get support for if the link does not take you directly to War Commander.  

This is the Help Center and it gives you a list of all the known issues and what to do if your issue if known.  Use this area to find solutions.  

On the right hand side you will see Need more help?

1,  Ask the Community - You can as your fellow players if they have had these issues and in some cases they may have solutions that work for them. 

2. Follow @KIXEYESupport on twitter.  Many players post their issues here if they do not have access to Get Support.

3. Get Support - For the players who have the ability to use Get Support, this is the area where you report:
  • Appeal suspension -  You have been suspended or banned and you want to appeal.
  • Bug Reports - Bugs and glitches that effect the game.
  • Community/Chat - issues with Community or chat related issues with the game. 
  • Events - Post your event related issues here.
  • Other - for all other issues not covered here or in the other two links.
  • Performance issues - lag, game not loading, game issues that are performance related that keep the player from enjoying the game.
  • Purchase problems - Gold, Updates, game purchases that need resolved. 
3. Report a Suspected Cheater - Report all suspected cheaters here only 
  • Report a cheater - If you suspect a player of cheating, post the information here!
  • Multiple Accounts - Although you can have one account per platform, many players create multiple accounts on the same platform, this can be seen as an unfair advantage and should be reported here.
  • Other - Any other cheat related reports, not covered above.
4. Report Harassment - This is the area to post if a player is harassing you with threats and has gone over the line for normal game banter.
Putting the right report into the right category helps not only you get support faster, but also help the game team support you better.

I hope this clears up some of the questions players have about where to send their support requests.  If there are any questions or comments, feel free to chat with me about this or other issues you may be having. 


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