Bornstellar (must read)

Jackson Bishop
Jackson Bishop
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The future of gaming... Fps and rts

The human race has encountered a parasitic creature that has humanity over a barrel... Running is the only hope... And the planets the humans will find

Humans are 1 team of 4 players
First person view point... Guns, chainsaws, grenades...
3 classes
Medic, supports team mates by dropping a media when requested on a cool down, can also provide a armor bonus of 10% for each team mate in a 4 metre range, drops a device that heals mates up to 10 metres

Assault, fast... And deadly melee
Can increase bullet demage, for 19 seconds on a cool down, chucks throwing knives instead of a grenade

Tank-has extremely high health and armor, pulls out a galling gun for 49 seconds on a Cool down
And can activate a shield that reduces 80% demage taken, pulls out a automatic rail gun but can't move for 20 seconds

Parasite... One player with a rts view point, utilising spawn points that humans need to blow to hell, you can summon units once their cool down is finished,
Minor-an infected human... Your version of a good guy

Squad- 10 minors

Rifle man-sqaud of 5 minors that utilise ranged weapons to melee weapons

Brute-bunch of dead guys glued together by bio mass... Or a big **** minor

Talon-a bird like thing that hurls balls of acid from its beak

How it works
Eg. I'm the parasite... So I request a squad of minors to kill the fire team.of humans... Then the humans have guns that kill the minors... So I make more then they can handle and over whelming force will kill em YAHA

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