Hard line ep 1 (larus prison life)

Jackson Bishop
Jackson Bishop
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If your reading this I'm dead...
Or you've stole it, you little smart ****


4 am (universal time) a alarm is activated, waking up all prisoners in Vegas claws.
A scarred man walks into the food court, his name is larus, a witty, ex vega officer caught handling on nice boundaries with the rebellion, life time of prison was supposed to set him straight, hey hey you bro, said a moary bloke, larus replied: I havnt heard bro before... Tah eh bro haha, said the bloke, I'm larus, I'm monly.

10.00 am leisure district
So monly what are you in for?', I'm a rebel, the. Bustards caught me on a evacuation ship from my station, bro, larus followed with.
Me? Helping rebels
I infact handed down a few specs for a special ship, the nexus class destroyer, monly nodded his head in empressment, then said, I'm shocked eh bro, that's some serious ****!,
Yeah I've noticed, I've clearly noticed how I'm here to rot for the rest 50 years I got left... Said larus in despair, STAND DOWN OR I WILL SHOOT!, yelling a vega officer, tee bro that guys coping the proad, said monly
Ebdr vector mark 89, extremely old rifle, 89 marks... Said larus, the gunner here eh bro?, know ya guns... Said larus. EPILOGUE

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