Styx Torpedo - Game Designer Notes

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Hi there, Captains.

Many of you have been asking questions about the Styx Torpedo and how Corrosive damage works. For a basic run down of the Corrosive damage type, please check out this post

For the Styx Torpedo in particular, the Lead Designer had this to say:

"All corrosive weapons share the same DoT (30 DPS) and duration (6 seconds)

So, each application or stack deals 180 damage over 6 seconds.

There are additional modifiers:

  • accuracy
  • reload
  • stack multipliers (ie, Supercharge)
  • max stacks
  • salvo

The Styx has:

  • Great multiplier (3x means that each shot can deal up to 540 Corrosive damage)
  • Very high stack max (could theoretically deal 27000 DPS at max, but it’s unlikely you’d ever cap out)
  • Accuracy is good (80%) and reload speed is about average (4 sec)
  • Also has fast torpedo speed of Scourge Torpedoes
Overall, this is the best weapon for stacking Corrosive DoTs. Tactically, this weapon is best used on a hull that can move into range, stack corrosion DoTs, and then move out of range before taking much damage."

I hope this helps answers some questions about this weapon. 
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