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CM Sulaco 2
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With War Zones on the horizon, there will be several advanced battle features implemented in game next week to prepare for this upcoming feature. PvP will become more action-packed through new combat rules, improving the entire experience!

Battle Time-out

In Player vs Player encounters, players will have to deploy units within 1 full minute [update applied for timer on 10/20/15] or the combat will automatically end. A deploy timer will be displayed under the player UI at the top of the screen. If a deployed Platoon is retreated, the countdown timer will re-activate until another Platoon has been deployed. A player must have active units attacking for the countdown timer to not appear.


Platoon vs Platoon Defender Retreat

Defending Platoons can now click on a "Retreat" button when in combat. This button immediately ends battle and sends the defending Platoon back to the owning player’s Base.


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