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Many of you have asked us how the Assault/Siege DPS and Deflection stats work. Here is an explanation from one of our Designers. I hope this helps to clear things up.

"Here is how the DPS and Deflection stats work. Assault is ships and siege is buildings/turrets/walls.


Assault and Siege DPS is divided up between every weapon slot on the ship. This bonus adds damage to the weapon according to the DPS based on the reload speed of the weapon. For example, a ship with 2,000 Assault DPS and 10 weapon slots gets +200 Assault DPS per weapon. A single weapon that fires every second will gain +200 damage per shot. A weapon that fires every 4 seconds will gain +800 damage per shot. If you leave a weapon slot empty, you effectively lose the bonus that is apportioned to that slot. Siege DPS applies strictly to Building Damage. This damage bonus is not further modified by attack specials.


Deflection is a damage reduction taken out of every incoming hit. A ship with 100 Assault Deflection being hit by a single torpedo that would normally do 500 damage deals 400 instead. Assault deflection is taken out of damage last, after resistances are applied. Note that weapons with high salvo numbers deal their damage spread out between multiple projectiles, making them less effective against ships with high levels of deflection."
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