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Greetings everyone,

Welcome to Off-Topic! Feel free to discuss (nearly) anything unrelated to KIXEYE and KIXEYE games. Please keep in mind that the standard Forum Rules do apply here, along with a few other guidelines specific to the Off-Topic area. Please be sure to use your best judgment when posting here so that your thread is not subject to moderation. Thanks and have fun!

Off-Topic Specific Guidelines

  • Subjects regarding KIXEYE and KIXEYE games should be posted in their respective forums, not in Off-Topic.

  • Players are responsible for the links that they click on in the Off-Topic section.

    • Players posting malicious links will banned from the forums.

  • Players may discuss other games, however no direct comparisons to KIXEYE should be made.

    • No insults should be made regarding KIXEYE or other game companies.

  • Please use your best judgment when disagreeing with other players.

    • There is nothing wrong with trash talking, but there are lines that should not be crossed.

  • No posting of inappropriate material or subject matter such as racism or ****.

  • No posting of highly controversial topics such as religion or politics.

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