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Hello again, forums! I wasn't sure where to put this post, so move it if you must. Please note I am NOT advertising the app, I'm trying to create a place for people to learn and play TOGETHER. As a sector, alliance, or just random goofs. (If I'm somehow in violation of forum rules, I won't post this here again)

The goal of this is to bring to your attention the community I have created on "Razer Comms": 


 It is an application similar to teamspeak, but COMPLETELY free to host chat rooms and entire communities! I was told of this just the other day by a friend of mine. We tested it out for over an hour, chatting and looking at features. The audio quality is high, the voices aren't laggy, and there are great customization options. Overall this is a great tool and, in my opinion, much more attractive than teamspeak which I know some of the larger alliances use. 

"But why do that when we have facebook and in-game comms?" You ask.

Two reasons: 

1. Voice chat conveys much more information faster. My friend is very into the game and knows A LOT more about the meta than I do, but it's always hard to understand someone when they type information. I learned more talking with him on this app for an hour than I have in hours of browsing FB communities, forums, and blogs.
2. Razer Comms can also allow you to coordinate in a much easier fashion. Instead of typing and having to read, talk while you're attacking. You WILL understand better and learn more when you make mistakes. 

Facebook and forums are great places to start large discussions and post news as well as the occasional build, but where do we have something for free where players can get on and REALLY talk to each other and learn or create strategies and builds for free with ease? Teamspeak has communities that you can join and create little channels for free, but hosting your own? $$$. This allows us to host for free, and allows everyone to coordinate while doing things in-game by using the voice chat. 

I've already setup a community for Battle Pirates, you can check it out if you follow the link above to download the app or the link below that leads to the community. Just search up the community "Battle Pirates" in the communities section if you download the app. As of now the only member is myself, but I've created channels where people can freely hop on and discuss strategies, fleet builds, base design. I will give admin to those I see fit. There is a main channel and I can create sub-channels as per request. I hope to see some of you there, as I believe it will be a far superior tool for communicating in this game (and others) than any other app out there (unless you prefer google hangouts and skype, but they kinda eat up resources on networks and PCs alike and the only advantage they have is video chat). 

Feel free to respond with your opinions on why or why not this is a good idea.

BP Community link: http://comms.razerzone.com/communities/home/?id=8081e13355b966c039c0cdb7df5af3133428fdc4
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