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Greetings Captains,

To maintain a fluid and efficient forum experience, I have condensed many of the useful threads full of information in an organized list below. If you feel that a thread should be added to the list, feel free to contact the Battle Pirates Community Team via private message to suggest it.

Gameplay FAQ - KIXEYE CS Blicero

Frequently Reported Bugs - KIXEYE CS Blicero

Known Comms Issues & How to Solve - KIXEYE CS Blicero

Guide to Basic Troubleshooting for Common Performance Problems - KIXEYE CS Blicero

Reminder: How to Report Suspected Cheaters - phoxenphire

International Players: How to Avoid Third-Party Fees When Making KIXEYE Purchases - Weresquirrel

Ticket Activity changes... AKA the ticket queue and YOU! - CM DOOMROOSTER

Regarding Support Changes and Live Chat Support - CS MAGNUM

Ticket Activity changes... AKA the ticket queue and YOU! - CM DOOMROOSTER

BP Player-Reported Issues - Hyperius

Game Freezing When Upgrading Walls? - Andrew Knowles

The VAT, GST and KIXEYE's role in purchasing - Laredo

Best of luck, Captains!

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