Face the Scourge (Tips & Tricks)

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Based on what we have learned with our first encounters with the Scourge a few successful hull builds have emerged.

Interceptor V2-H

The Interceptor V2-H is a common hull with a myriad of uses. The utility of this hull makes it an excellent choice vs the Scourge. High Evade on this build means that the Corrosive weapons of the Scourge have less chance to stack on your fleets. Use the retargeting from the Guided Missile System and the Disruptor Missile to slow down the incoming Scourge while your Depth Charges sink the subs back to the bottom of the sea.

Alternatives: Strike Missile D51-B; Assault Missile D53-Z; Solid Fuel Booster III or Strike System. Specials might include Enhanced Warheads; Guidance Scrambler III; Concussion Warhead III. Swap out the Reactive Armor III on this build for Shielded Electronics or Agility System to avoid the pinch effect of the Electric Eels and Daggertooth.

Valkyrie Carrier

The Valkyrie Carrier is a great counter to the Scourge. Built in random override Subsonic Cavitator UAVs spread out among multiple targets means more chances to surface submerged fleets. Once above water, the Hornet UAV shreds then to pieces.

Alternatives: Scarab UAV; Locust UAV. Don’t have a Valkyrie? Try a Monarch or Hurricane with a Subsonic Cavitator Tactical Module instead.


Another missile-centric build, this Kodiak will need a spotter ship to really be effective. Obviously, this fleet would need a Detection ship to lead a fleet of these into battle against the Scourge.

Alternatives: same missile suggestions as the V2-H above. 

Frostburn Interceptor

Speaking of a spotter ship, this Frostburn Interceptor build is light enough to fit into any fleet, with room to grow. The Frostburn has a built-in Cryo field to slow incoming Daggertooth, high Penetrating reload, and a decent Stun resistance. Coupled with a high Sonar and Thermal range to detect enemies makes the Frostburn great leader.

Alternatives: Same missile suggestions as the V2-H.



This mid-game build should help battle lower level Scourge fleets, combining speed, evade, and concussive damage.


Yes, the Artemis is a very rare hull. Yes, I understand not everyone will have access to it. However, this ship earns its stripes versus the Scourge. If you have one, use it.

Alternatives: Same missile suggestions as the V2-H build seen above.



In keeping with this pattern, the Rhino is a good current tech hull to be used to counter the Scourge. Upsides of this fleet include a short build time, coupled with the fact that only four would be necessary in the fleet. Combat speed, high evade, and massive penetrative damage combine to make this a great choice. Spread these out so they remote target off one another, but be careful as this will require some consistent micromanagement.

Alternatives: Same Missile and specials as mentioned in the V2-H above.


I hope these suggestions help you in your fight against the Scourge.

Good luck, Captains!

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