Efficient Uses of Special Force Era Tech

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Charged Ordinance - never place on a hero, the drawbacks are too much to take away from a heros damage output, to use this tech strategically use it on your 3rd or 4th person, doing this will help them to survive longer, making it so you are able to get more use out of the tech.

Lead the Charge - this tech is great for lead units, it brings down your overall repair time (which no one likes repair time) and using this tech in conjunction with caution order can help to benefit your leader even more by keeping the leads health above 50% for a longer amount of time.

Caution Order - this tech, as previously mentioned, is great to use with lead the charge. Caution order boosts the equipped squad member with 15% damage output and 15% damage resistance if the tech is max level and the equipped squad members health is at 50% or above.

Heavy Ordinance - greatly increases Attack to all sources by 35%, i don't recommend using this on your SF unless they have a high damage output, such as your heros. Other than that equip them to your warhorses and have a nicely increased damage output.

Shrapnel Ordinance - this tech will increase the equipped unit's Attack towards infantry by a whooping 40%. There is a drawback however, a 25% reduction to the damage output of all other enemies/buildings. Now to the naked eye this may seem like a horrible tech, but this is honestly one of the better tech I have seen. Don't go about equipping it to everything in sight though, make an infantry destroyer, or two infantry destroyer toons, and make it their job to take out the pesky Special Forces units within an enemies base, this will then allow you to use other, more efficient means, in taking out surrounding threats.

M205 grenade launcher - it's an average type of tech, mostly used to deal with weak bunched up units or Last Stand Defenders. Most likely to become replaced with the more efficient Shrapnel Ordinance, but still a great tech for beginners.

Take aim - increases the equipped units damage output by 24% with a drawback of a 20% reload speed reduction. In reality, when this is equipped to the right unit, this is a very good tech. For example, when used in conjunction with the Compressed Magazine tech, you can completely negate the reload speed reduction this creates and give reload a positive output, while also keeping the damage boost and having a greater reload speed. This makes Compressed Magazine and Take Aim a great pair, even if it does mean your unit may have to take 10% more damage. I use them on my warhorses, but if you choose to use them on SF you can easily negate the damage taken by using lead the charge.

Hope this helps commanders, although it's been said that shock Ordinance is the only tech that is good out there, I hope this opens up some eyes and makes some great ideas. There are a lot of great techs out there if you can strategize how to equip them and what situations to use them in. Don't blindly head into battle, know your arsenal, and know your limits.

Goodluck Commanders!

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