August Event Briefing - Last Stand

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Greetings, Captains!

The Reavers continue to harass our Forsaken allies, capturing them for interrogation. Borbas has joined the battle and hidden himself in a Reaver Nav Complex, commanding the Reaver Horde himself. Join forces with the Forsaken’s most legendary captains and take the fight to him. Good luck, Captains! Last Stand begins August 13th.

Last Stand begins in the following Worlds at the following times:

World Alpha: 9AM PDT

World Beta: 10AM PDT

World Gamma: 11AM PDT

World Delta: 12PM PDT

World Epsilon: 1PM PDT

*Relocation will be disabled Thursday morning to ensure proper Sector Initialization prior to the event. Draconian mining platforms will be disabled prior to the event’s start. The Friends list will be limited to 10 friends during the event. Dredge fleets will not be spawning during the event to help stability.

Primary Mission Objectives:

Earn Event Points

Players may earn Event Points that can be used to redeem prizes by defeating World Map targets and Campaigns. Bonus points are awarded to players for completing Last Stand Campaigns.

Unlock Sector Progression

A Sector Progress bar appears at the top of the game screen. Players fill this bar by earning Sector Points. Sector Points can be earned by defeating World Map targets only. At certain points along the Progress bar, content will become unlocked.

Event Overview:

Seek and Destroy

  • Eliminate Reaver Assault Forces and deafeat the Reaver Nav Complex on the World Map to earn Event Points and Sector Points. Fill the Sector Progress Bar to unlock Reaver Assault Platforms.

Last Stand Campaigns

Choose from four Event-specific campaigns to earn Event Points.

  • Co-op is available for all campaigns. All campaigns may be accessed by players of all levels. However, higher level players participating in lower-level campaigns will earn less event points than if they were to attack within their own level. Players will see a “Recommended” indicator in the Campaign tab to identify which campaign will provide the best payout for your level.

    • Last Stand Recon: Levels 1 - 45

    • Last Stand Strike: Levels 46 - 59

    • Last Stand Siege: Levels 60+

    • Last Stand Elite: A single, challenging Reaver target. The Elite is non-abortable and has an expiration timer associated with it.

You may have multiple campaigns active at a time but any aborted campaign will have a 30 minute cooldown before it may be reactivated.

Last Stand Campaigns: Rescue Mission

Strike and Siege Campaigns encounters 2 through 5 have friendly fleets that have been captured and are under a shroud.

Destroy the indicated building [!] to unshroud these ships. Destroying this building will free these ships from captivity. Freed ships will move toward the edge of the battle screen, fighting on your side.

Rescue Points:

The number of Rescue points needed to earn the Elite Mercenaries has been drastically reduced from 800 points to 80. In addition, when a ship is rescued, a flashing icon will appear in your HUD.

The points earned ship per encounter are as follows:


Encounter 1 = 0 (no Forsaken ships present)

Encounter 2 = 4 points per ship

Encounter 3 = 6 points per ship

Encounter 4 = 9 points per ship

Encounter 5 = 12 points per ship


Encounter 1 = 0 (no Forsaken ships present)

Encounter 2 = 1 points per ship

Encounter 3 = 2 points per ship

Encounter 4 = 3 points per ship

Encounter 5 = 4 points per ship

Keep in mind that any redeeming the Rogue Crew will cause any extra points over 80 to be lost. This is similar to last event. 

Priority Targets Identified

The Rescue mission campaign encounters are now equipped with Priority Target icons to signify which buildings and ships are required to advance the target to completion.


You can also identify these targets using the Mini Map. They are indicated by yellow dots.

IMPORTANT: If you destroy all Priority Targets before the ships are rescued, they will not be counted toward your Rescue Total. You do not need to rescue the Forsaken fleets to successfully complete the target. Check out the Tips & Tricks section for more info on how best to engage these targets.

A pill on the HUD will keep track of how many Forsaken ships have been saved.

After rescuing enough Forsaken ships from the Reavers, players can redeem an Elite Mercenaries Rogue Crew from the rescue modal. After winning the Rogue Crew, you may participate in this process again to earn more Mercenaries.

Reaver Assault Forces & the Sector Progress Bar

World Map targets yield both Event Points & Sector Points. Defeat these targets to fill the Sector Progress Bar and unlock new content during the Last Stand.

The Sector Progress Bar can be found at the top of the game screen HUD on the world map. Each sector will have its own Progress Bar. Each Sector Progress Bar's maximum total is different depending on the population of the Sector. Sectors with smaller populations will require fewer points to reach the maximum Sector Points needed to fill the bar.

Sector Points per Target

Each Reaver Assault Force is worth a different amount of Sector Points, depending on the level of the target.

23: 10

43: 100

65: 600

90 (Reaver Assault Platform): 0

95 (Reaver Nav Complex) : 2,500

Stat Boosts

Upon reaching 40%, all friendly ships in this sector will gain +10% Combat Speed.

Sector Store Unlocked

Once the sector bar has been filled to 80%, a sector-wide store will become available. This store will have additional prizes to redeem. Players can view the items in this store prior in the Event lead-in, but will not be able to make any purchases until this raid boost has been unlocked. There are no limits to the number of prizes redeemable from this Sector Store.

Event Points Multiplier

At 70% full, players will gain a +5% multiplier bonus to Event Points; +15% at 90% full.  This bonus will apply to all World Map targets, but not to any Campaign completion bonuses.

Reaver Assault Platform Unlocked

Once this sector bar is full, the protective bubble covering the Reaver Assault Platforms will disappear, making these platforms available for attack! Attacking Reaver Assault Forces outside of your sector will not affect your home bar or earn your home sector any of the bonuses; it will only serve to help that specific sector.

Sector-Wide Achievement

Upon filling the Sector Progress Bar, all players in the Sector will earn the "Were You There?"

Reaver Nav Complex AKA “Borbas’ Folly”

Borbas has hidden himself in his Reaver Nav Complex while he commands the Reaver horde. Join forces with Captain Harlock and Zoe Vasquez to take out Borbas once and for all!

As this Attack Plan shows, the Reaver Nav Complex is a level 95, single-hit, solo-play target. Retreating will cause the Nav Complex to reset. Players will have 20 minutes to engage the target and take out Borbas, himself.

You will be joined by a fleet of Harlock’s Atlas Carriers and a fleet of Zoe’s Stingrays for the duration of this battle. If both captains should fall before Borbas is defeated and the target is cleared, or if you are defeated, then the battle will be lost! Defend Zoe and Harlock from the incoming Reaver horde to ensure your victory.

Reaver Assault Platforms

New, larger, more dangerous Reaver Assault Platforms have been constructed. When they appear on the World Map, they will be surrounded by a protective Uranium bubble. These platforms cannot be attacked until the Sector Progress Bar is full.

Clicking to attack this platform will open an Attack Plan window:

As the description in this window notes, this is a cooperative target. While a single player can engage this target, keep in mind that the Reaver Assault Platform is a single hit, non-retreatable target.


Any defeated Reaver Assault Platforms will respawn every 6 hours from Day 2 of the event onwards, starting at 9am PDT. Reaver Assault Platforms will respawn unbubbled. An HUD timer is available on the World Map and in Base View to let players know when the next spawn begins.


Certain Reaver buildings will be equipped with this tactical installation. This will not be indicated by a blue ring. Any enemy object, ship, or turret within this ring cannot be targeted or fired upon until the building is destroyed.


While defeating a Reaver Assault Platform is challenging to say the least, players who successfully defeat the platform will earn a hefty Uranium reward as well as a chance to win the Reaver Hellstar or the Proto-Nemesis!

The rules for the Reaver Assault Platforms are:

  1. Fully defeat the target before the timer runs out. RAPs are non-retreatable!

  2. Have individually dealt at least 5% damage to the target. Participants cannot simply be in the target when it is completed; they must have at least dealt some damage to it in order to be eligible to earn the prize.

  3. The chance to earn a Hellstar or Proto-Nemesis is random among all participants, however, the chances of earning one are weighted toward the player that dealt the most damage to the target.

  4. Upon Victory, all participants will have a chance to earn the Hellstar or Proto-Nemesis. Defeated RAPs will have a chance to drop either a Proto-Nemesis OR a Hellstar, but not both.

  5. There is no guarantee that every victory will award a Hellstar or Proto-Nemesis.

  6. You may only attack Reaver Assault Platforms that are in your sector.

  7. Uranium will also be awarded via Victory. Uranium is split based on a percentage of damage each player deals.

  8. Players may enter a platform attack after it has begun if there is a slot available.

  9. In addition to a chance to win the Hellstar or Proto-Nemesis, players who defeat the platform will also earn Uranium and resources.

  10. There is no level restriction for engaging a Reaver Assault Platform.

  11. The platform is not worth any event points.

  12. Any defeated RAPs will respawn unbubbled, starting every 6 hours from Day 2 onwards (eg, 3am, 9am, 3pm, 9pm. No RAPs will respawn in any world at 9am on Monday of event end, or thereafter. A HUD timer will appear near the Sector Influence bar to show when this timer expires.

  13. We have removed the Chat Blast feature when players earn a Hellstar or Proto-Nemesis to reduce spam. Instead, a pill will appear on the upper lefthand side of the HUD that indicates how many of each hull has been won in the last hour.



Players will note that the prize tiers are labelled differently than previous events. The Tier 1 tab has been replaced by a Skins tab. Skins can be purchased from this tab with Event points. Tier 1 prizes can be found in the Tier 2 tab, priced accordingly.

Hull Store

There are no limits to the number of prizes you may earn from any tab, with the exception of Tokens (See Below)

Token Store

A new tab for purchasing Tokens is available in the Prize redemption window. This store does not need to be unlocked with Sector points. You must have room in your inventory to purchase Tokens. If you attempt to purchase Tokens while your Inventory is full, you will see an “Inventory full” notification. Each type of Token is limited in total number that can be purchased, as noted in the store.

Uranium Bonus

There will also be Uranium awards based on points completion. These awards start at 150,000 Event Points scored and cap out at 10,000,000 Event points scored. You can see how much Uranium earned per tier below:

  • Bonus 1: 100 Uranium

  • Bonus 2: 500 Uranium

  • Bonus 3: 1,000 Uranium

  • Bonus 4: 2,000 Uranium

  • Bonus 5: 5,000 Uranium

In addition, level 65 Reaver Assault Forces will also payout Uranium upon destruction.

  • 65: 600 Uranium

Check out the full Prize List for Last Stand here.

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

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    There will not be an accompanying video for this event. Thank you for your understanding. 
    If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

    Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

    Not sure about the rules

    I cannot discuss your account ban. Don't ask.
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