Hot Keys For WC!

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                                                    Here are some essential hot "KEYS" which lead you to play war commander more easily:
1- Spacebar+Left Mouse:      Hold spacebar and then press  left button of your mouse and drag a box to create selection of  your choice units 
2- Double Click                     If you use double clicking any single erm,hover,scopions etc,you will see all unit will be selected
3- Shift+Left Mouse              On worldmap,by this pair key,we can post cords by clicking player bases,deposits,thorium bases etc But inside  our base                                                  we can  select and move base contents(whole Buildings one by one-action will be permanent hold up) easily,by using it.
4- Arrow Keys                       These 4x keys help us to move any direction
5- "S"                                     By pessing "S" unit will be stop.
6- "R"                                     By pressing "R"  RUBI will "ON and OFF"  
7- Shift+Number Keys           Selected units can be put in groups by using shift +1,2,3... separate
8- Tactic Slot Keys                 These are 3x keys "Q"(for shock or concusion grenade),"W"(sprint) and "E"(He grenade)..Tactical slot is for modren units                                                  workshop components,i.e SF,Hellhounds,Warhorse etc
9-   "F"                                  This key is used for fast aggressive attacking any enemy ,called"FIRE OF WILL"
10- "D"                                  Key is for fixed spot,called "Hold Position"
11- "A"                                  Key is used to reach any destination,attacking buildings and units,along the way...   
12- "ALT+Left Mouse"           Select Hellhounds,Warhorse and press & Hold ALT key, then click any direction ,units turrent will move that direction without changing unit movement.                                                                                                                                                                                      Good Luck
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    O.O do wut? you mean there is more than Rubi?
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    What is the key for my base location?
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    What is the key for my base location?
    in chat type /base

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    You forgot:
    F- fire at will
    D - defend
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    Maranwe said:
    You forgot:
    F- fire at will
    D - defend
    Wow thank you dear,i missed them,but now sure adding...
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    how i can move the platoons on world map faster than i click?
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    NO **** :o 2:26FANY AJJJA
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    very good shortcuts, helped me alot... thx

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    M7MD-Sh said:
    very good shortcuts, helped me alot... thx

    There are also in addition to that few other hotkeys which has been added at a later date which can be somewhat useful.

    M - Move a unit to a specific location (including above targets and other units/buildings) without making the unit target anything.
    X - Spread out a group of units slightly
    Z - Toggles between having your base at zoom in and zoom out mode.
    H - Toggles between having reduced UI information and all UI information.
     <|=  0330 1323 1103 1211 0312 1201 1302 1203 0230 1220 0200  =|> 
     <|=  0302 0320 1310 1220 1211 0200 1313 1233 1302 1210 0230  =|> 
     <|=  0200 1211 0310 1303 0321 1301 1311 1221 1312 0312 1201  =|> 
     <|=  1230 1221 1211 0230 0320 0301 1232 1203 1211 0200 1221  =|> 
     <|=  1232 0200 1201 0302 0200 1210 0320 1221 1203 0232 1310  =|> 
     <|=  0232 1221 1233 1232 1201 1302 1321 0232 0232 0332 1331  =|> 
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    A hotkey for end attack would be nice.
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