XL Rockets & Rockets Rebalance

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Rockets Rebalance & XL Rockets

Rockets have been retuned for more functionality and utility. XL-sized rockets round out the tech tree with new, more powerful weapons for besting your enemies in combat.

Daisy Cutter

Looking for finesse with a bang? Look no further than the new Daisy Cutter rocket. A shorter flight time means you’ll be able to deploy this rocket faster. But its small blast radius means you’ll need to be accurate to be effective. Excellent for tight FvF combat, such as in the Arena or against guarding fleets.

Widow Maker

The Widow Maker rockets is great for taking out a lot of mid-level fleets at once. It’s large splash radius means you’ll be able to send a lot of pirates to meet Davy Jones in one fell swoop.  

Bunker Buster

Like the name implies, the Bunker Buster is a beast against singular buildings. Be sure to time your rocket launch effectively to get the most out of this rocket.


The Orion allows you to blanket enemy buildings with damage. Perfect for finishing off clustered turrets on your way toward the enemy Outpost.

Depth Charge

Pestered by enemy subs? The depth charge will make them think twice. This fast-launching rocket forces enemy subs to surface, making them easy prey for your fleets.

Quick Pinch

The ever-popular Pinch rocket has been split into two groups, with two categories of rockets that perform very differently from one another. The first is the Quick Pinch.

This rocket is easy to launch and stuns enemy fleets for a short time. Good for fights against enemy fleets, when out-pacing your enemy is key. Short launch times make this a great weapon for your FvF arsenal.

Long Pinch

The second iteration of the Pinch rocket is a your base-hitter. Deploy this slow launching rocket to incapacitate frustrating turrets and defense fleets to get deeper into the enemy channel.

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