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Greetings Captains!

The Reaver horde returns this month in their final push toward Forsaken dominance. You can re-examine their forces, weaknesses, and suggested tactics here. More information about the event will be made available next Tuesday!

Not much has changed about these forces, which is good! Repeat encounters with the Reavers means we are more than prepared to face them head-on. Our previous campaigns against the Reavers have also proven so successful that ALL campaigns are now available for players of ALL levels. Veteran pirates will receive fewer Event Points for defeating lower level campaigns, but co-op is available across the board. 

However, our spies report that the Reavers have captured unidentified fleets and enshrouded them in smoke while they interrogate their crews! Our spies believe these captured fleets are actually lost Forsaken allies who hold the key to new technology capable of putting an end to the Reaver's surge once and for all!

When entering certain encounters in a Strike or Siege Campaign, you will see a number of friendly ships (indicated by the blue health bar) hidden beneath a shroud.

Destroy the [!] indicated building to unshroud these ships. Destroying this building will free these ships from captivity. Freed ships will move toward the edge of the battle screen, fighting on your side as they try and escape.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If you destroy all Reaver forces and defenses before the rescued ships leave the battle, they will not be counted as rescued. So be sure to hold off on finishing the target until the friendly ships can escape! You do not need to rescue the Forsaken fleets to successfully complete the target. 

A pill on the HUD will keep track of how many Forsaken ships have been saved. 

Rescuing enough Forsaken ships from the Reavers will generate a pop-up that will ask if players wish to redeem a Elite Mercenaries Rogue Crew. After redeeming the Rogue Crew, you may participate in this process again to earn more Mercenaries.

Assign these Mercenaries to your fleets to take the fight to the Reavers, Captains! Dark Tide begins July 16th!

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