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Helllooooooo pirates!

Already into July and no Works in Progress post?! Did Rooster fall into a ditch? Carried off by wild dogs? Sold to the McNuggets processing farm? No, no, no. it was just a vacation.

Well, guess I better get to it then. 

(All information subject to change. Duh.)

New Feature - Ship Storage

A new feature drops tomorrow, July 7th - Ship Storage! An extension of your Dock capacity, players can now move ships into Storage for later use. Ships must be 100% health and not in a fleet to use this feature. 20 slots are available for extra storage. More on this in tomorrow's Release Notes.

Let It Burn!

The time-limited Uranium campaign begins July 11th.

July Event - Dark Tide

The final push against the Reavers begins July 16th with a new event cycle. Players will need to rescue captured Forsaken ships from the clutches of the Reaver Horde to earn their favor and tech. Together, we can push the Reavers out of our sectors once and for all!

New Feature - Ship Stat Blocks

A new way to view ship statistics and stat blocks is coming on July 21st. This new feature will have a cleaner, more versatile look than the current iteration. More info to come. 

Forsaken Mission Content & Format changes

July’s Forsaken Mission prizes include two new prizes as well as a change to the FM workflow. Starting on July 22st, players will be able to participate in the Forsaken Missions twice per week, rather than once. There will be a reset button, which allows you to start a FM at zero points, once per week. More information about this change and the prizes included in this FM to be announced July 21st.

Unidentified Raiding Fleets

Unidentified Raiding Fleets begin spawning July 23rd. Earn Veterancy rewards by defeating these targets!

Drac Attack!

The time-limited campaign for tokens begins July 25th!

Forsaken Arena Tournament

A new tournament begins July 28th! Polish up your FvF skills, pirates!

Other (AKA Where’s VXP Repair Specialists and the Retrofit Pack?)

VXP Repair Specialist Pack 4 and Retrofit Pack 20 have been delayed as our Design team is looking into releasing this content at a different cadence. VXP Repair Specialist Pack is being worked on right now but the Retrofit Pack has been currently shelved as it is Design’s wish to release this content less often and with more value than the current iteration. More news to come.

What else?

There’s talk right now of some new features, but nothing solid as of this writing. An improvement to the Launch Pad and its Rockets may be on the horizon as well as a change to purchasing/rolling for Rogue Crews in the Great Hall. These are both very early concepts but may be done before the month is out. I will let you know as soon as I know.

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Stay frosty, pirates.
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