Battle Pirates Release Notes - 7/7/15

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Ahoy Captains!

This release includes a brand new feature, Ship Storage, as well as bug fixes & tunings.

Ship Storage

Players may now move unused ships from their Dock to Storage. Ships must be at 100% health and not in a fleet in order to be eligible for Storage.

To store a ship, you can click the Command Center drop down menu or open your Dock.


This will open the Storage window…

To move a ship to Storage, simply select the ship you’d like to move and click on the arrow.

You’ll notice that ships that are ineligible for storage will be shaded red. Hovering over a shaded ship will show show the condition of that ship in the hover state.


Voila! You may retrieve your ships from storage so long as you have space in your Dock.

Storage space is dependent on your War Academy: 10 slots are available at level 5; 20 slots at level 10.

Bug Fixes & Tunings

  • A duplicate of a base that has just relocated will no longer appear at the old base location when relocating within the same world.

  • Fixed an issue where a graphical error with ship stats showed the Hellhound to have an open Tac Mod slot when a Tac Mod cannot go on that ship.

If you have technical questions, please submit a ticket here.

Having trouble submitting a ticket? Try this link.

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