VEGA Conflict: Cinematic Film - Story of the VEGA Universe

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Here it is, my new video of VEGA Conflict. 
In this video I also talk about the history of VEGA Universe, but in even more cinematic/film style.

Another cinematic trailer (player-made, by me) video showing the lore content of the VEGA Universe, saying everything about story from the beginning till now (June, 2015). With a dynamic synchronization between images and epic music style, the video tells the story of the VEGA Universe within a cinematic experience.
Watch in HD!!!

Here it is:

Btw, here is the other one: VEGA Universe History/Footage in more than 120 Screenshots:

Blood Amber Mysteries

[VIDEO] VEGA Universe History in more than 120 Screenshots

[VIDEO] Cinematic Film about Story/Lore of the VEGA Universe

[VIDEO] Blood Amber mysteries (Cinematic Trailer)

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