Battle Pirates Release Notes - 6/30/15

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Ahoy Captains!

This release includes information on the new Forsaken Arena Tournament and a major change to PvP mechanics. 

Forsaken Arena Tournament

This FAT features a whole new playable experience. Read more on this reintroduction of the Tournament and all its new features here!

PvP Improvements

Players will no longer be able to attack members of their Alliance. Attempting to attack an Alliance member will cause players to see a pop-up that states “You cannot attack a member of your alliance”.

In addition, we will be implementing a cooldown for joining Alliances after leaving or being removed from an Alliance.

Bug Fixes & Tuning

  • Longer Ship Model names and descriptions will no longer be cut off at the edge of the Ship Model List window.
  • Fixed an issue where expired Rogue Crews could not be extended directly from the Dock window.
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