New players: How to do tier C with little or no damage using Special Ops.

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Hello Commanders

As low level players, you may be thinking this event is not for you.  Well, your wrong!  You can gain a tremendous advantage over other new players by using the Special Ops you can recover from Low Level Rouge Faction bases.  I hit 5s 10s 15s and 20s as I went from level 2 to level 24.  I kept the Special Ops that would help the most.   I do like Bacon Brigade the best, but use many of the other Special Ops as well.   

In this video I will be using 2 Special Ops, one for Defense, one for Offense,

Defense:  Gladiators Ready - 8 max level Elite Gladiators deploy when your Base is under Attack.
Offense: And Brimstone - 5 max level Elite Hellfires join your attack after you deploy ground units.

I also used a few Riflemen to help out with taking shots so the Hellfires could do their job and some Valkyries to help with base defense.

If you have enough Thorium stored in your vault, you can extend the Special Ops and double the time you have to use them.

Total Time for Tier C: 
25 minutes
Video speed: 500x so you don't have to sit here for 25m :smile: 

Enjoy the video.

Please leave your feedback and suggestions for other new player videos.  If you have a video you would like to share, please feel free to add it to this thread. 

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