Introducing Shadow Ops: Covert Strike!

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Attention Commander,

It's time to execute a Covert Strike! Your intelligence forces have made a breakthrough. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to execute tougher Shadow Ops missions to reap additional spoils of war. If you aren't up to the task yet, you can continue to embark on Shadow Ops missions each week as normal.

So what does this mean? In past Shadow Ops you could only play once, even if you wanted all the rewards right away and had the strength to do so. Now, to let people earn what they want faster, a Shadow Ops phase can be replayed at a higher points requirement for another shot at rewards.

  • NOTE: This launch of Shadow Ops: Covert Strike is a first version. In the future we will be changing the # of times you can replay, the points requirement, and even what rewards are available. Expect things to change from time to time, and please provide feedback!
  • REMEMBER: This does not change anything for you if you don't want to replay more Shadow Ops. The points requirement to play the first time every week will stay the exact same.

The rules for Covert Strike will change from time to time, but here are the rules for the first launch:
  • You can replay up to 5 times, and each time the points requirement increases by 8,000
  • If you already own all 3 of the current Tier 3 prizes, you will earn another copy of all three of the Tier 3 prizes every time you complete a phase!
  • The first Shadow Ops phase you play each week is exactly the same, totally normal. Nothing changes for you if you don't like this feature!
  • In the first version of Covert Strike, you will not be able to earn additional pieces of the campaign prize during replays

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