Taking a Large Thorium with Brother Jeremiah and 2x plats of Preservers

Force to be Reckoned With
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I had to see what was going on with these new Preservers and the Infamous Brother Jeremiah, the turn coat who defected to our side.  So I put him to the test!  I had Brother Jeremiah and his 2 plats of Preservers attack a Large Thorium.  Why a Large Thorium you ask?  Because everything in these are made for mid  level players and being the these new Preservers are SOOOO much more powerful, I figure they should do a large with Zero Losses and with very little damage!  Here is what I found:


Wow, he did great!  It was my fault that the Behemoth did damage, or he would have a spotless record!  Hope you enjoyed this video as much I did making it. 
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