The Battle Pirates: Story

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Hi ladies and gents,

I played this game when it first came out.  Really, really enjoyed it, and recently decided I was going to give it a go again.  Funny enough I'm really enjoying it again - even though I'm starting from scratch.

When I originally played this game I was in Sector 73 and made a lot of friends along the way.  As I got bigger ships, Fortresses, Hammerheads, Strike Cruisers etc (man I miss those) the repair times went up and I got bored.

I started to write a story (before the Fan Creation section existed showing how far back I'm going - I feel old)

I noticed it's not on the forum anymore so I thought I might post it again.  I've cleaned up bits of it and added a little here and there but the story is close to what it was originally (which will probably feel outdated to the newer players as we didn't have half as many toys back then)

Feel free to comment, I hope you enjoy.


“Years ago our world had as much land as water, but that was years ago, long before anyone alive today was around.

Now all we have is the sea.

Exactly what happened is unknown, lost to the years, lost to us in the water, what is clear is it was the ship captains who saved what they could and brought us hope. Hope of a fresh start on the islands we now call home. We are a scattered bunch of islands with only a few thousand inhabitants each a the world is smaller now and we still look to the Captains to lead us. Some call the Captains pirates, I call them our last chance.”

- Unknown, date unknown

“Our first Howitzer, fully operational it will defend the entrance to our island from all threats, hopefully its very presence will be a deterrent to anyone who would think to challenge us.” The island’s Captain said looking up at the bases newest commissioned defensive weapon.

“A complete waste of money, Captain.” Someone said walking through the crowd

“Senator Michaels, your opinion was well noted and it was out voted in the council, as the way of this island the majority leads.” The captain said with a broad smile.

“Captain, how long has it been since this island was attacked, by anyone?” Senator Michaels asked raising his arms getting people’s attention in his usual grand style. Michaels was a politician he'd lived his entire life on this island working first in ship building and then coordinating the zythium mines and harvest fleets.

“There’s always a first time, Senator” the Captain replied. The Captain was Michaels complete opposite some said he'd been born on the waves on board one of the harvest ships others said he felt as sick when he stood on land as other did when they were on a ship.

“I could believe that Captain, but how long has it been since you own Marauder has seen combat.” Michaels said looking over at the Captain’s own ship sitting in the docks the Marauder, the biggest ship of the fleet, was one of the survivors of the great floods and the last ship remaining from that era which was still afloat. The Marauder rarely put to sea instead leaving it to the newer classes that had been developed over the years. “How long Captain?”

“Many moons, Senator, however there is always a first time and we must always be ready. The Howitzer will safeguard us in the immediate future, we should celebrate this not argue.” He said trying to keep the peace.

“You mean the Captain’s should celebrate still remaining in control.” The Senator said this time smiling himself. “The Howitzer and its crews fall under your command, Captain” he said reminding the Captain that he ruled with the gun as much as the respect he held.

“We are only here to protect this island and it’s people as we have always done, as our predecessors did, if I could I would step down tomorrow. But you know, as well as I do, Senator that if a threat arose tomorrow we are the only ones who would protect this island.” He said reminding Michaels of his own limitations.

“As your predecessors did, the Captains keeping the power destined for civilian authorities…” Michaels began before the Outpost’s sirens began “what is that?”

“The Emergency sirens” the Captain replied raising his hand to his ear pressing the communicator there. “Operations, what do we have?” He demanded the communications officer replied rapidly his emotions high and adrenaline pumping. Moments later the Captain turned back to the Senator “one of our Longboats is coming in, on fire, perhaps you civilians will excuse me.”

“Was it an accident?” Michaels asked as the crowd watched the Captain leave “were they attacked?”

“There’s always a first time!” the Captain shouted back grimly running down the dock at the outer marker the inbound ship was coming in. The Longship was smaller than the Marauder-class most often it was used as a miner gathering resources for use on the island building new facilities, researching new, or lost, technologies and in new ship development.

Reaching the docks the Captain watched as the Longship moved into the shipyards on autopilot, it was too dangerous for a ship to manoeuvre in island’s narrow channel under its own control. As soon as it was in range of the docks fire fighters on the piers began to douse the vessel with foam extinguishing the flames allowing medical crews on board. Charging aboard the Captain headed for what remained of the ship’s bridge the ship’s hull holed and battered but it was thankfully intact. It would take days just to remove the damaged armour and weapons before repairs could begin maybe a fortnight before the ship could go back to sea. The bridge was destroyed only a single member of the ship’s bridge crew of six remained alive he looked about sixteen his head bloodied from a wound and he was holding onto the ship’s main wheel like it was all he had left in the world. The Captain ran to his side pulling the young man to his feet “Lieutenant, what happened out there?” He demanded seeing the man was awake “what pirate attacked you?”

“Not a pirate, something new.” He struggled out “in mining fields” he said before passing out from the blood loss.

“Get a medic over here!” The captain shouted, moments later as the medics arrived he rose to his feet looking around at the devastation the five other members of the bridge laid dead each having sustained multiple gunshot wounds and burns from the fire. Touching his hand to his ear he tapped the communicator there twice activating the Marauder’s communications system drawing himself up to attention, as if that made a difference, he spoke loudly and clearly. “This is the Captain to all crewmen and officers of the Marauder. Fuel the engines, arm all ripper cannons and prepare to put out to sea.” He said marching off the wrecked Longship back onto the pier there stood Senator Michaels and his civilian following.

“Captain, what do you intend to do?” Michaels asked the others too stunned by what they were seeing to speak.

“I’m going to find out what is going on out there, I’m taking the Marauder out to the mining fields to find the cause of this damage, and I am going to make sure they pay for the lives that have been lost today.”

“That will leave us defenceless!” Michaels protested “you have a responsibility, all the Captains do!”

“My responsibility is to the sea; you have the Howitzer that and the sea wall will protect you.”


“When the first attacks occurred we thought it was other pirates finally turning their eyes towards us however it was really the Draconians. Appearing from what appeared to be nowhere they set up bases and sent out hunting parties, almost overnight, every mining cluster in the sea was guarded or under attack by Draconian forces. The initial attacks caught everyone by surprise the Draconians travelled in fleets of up to five ships some of them massive too large for anyone to challenge. There was no communications, no visible contact instead we had to try and match them developing new weapons, new ships and new defences. Although this helped us match the Draconians it also brought the attacks from other islands, ambitious ship captains and ruthless pirates seeing our success wanted some for themselves and so it started the never ending cycle of war.”

- Tech Master Owen, Captain's Island

The old Marauder took to the seas as easy as any new ship it’s hull cutting through the growing waves as a storm brewed on the horizon. On the bridge the Captain stood like a statue staring out to sea, it was mid afternoon you could see for miles and miles even with the darkening clouds. “Set a course for the mine the longship crew were mining at full speed.”

“Aye, Captain” the helm officer replied, the Marauder turned away from the Island heading east towards a nearby metal mine. After the waves and the floods had consumed most of the land the survivors, the islanders as they were now collectively known, had been able to find areas of land too small for a base of operations but large enough for a small crew to land and to mine minerals from. They’d found some run down but operational wind farms floating on the ocean still anchored to the bedrock as they had been for centuries surviving even the raising tides, with a little modification they had been able to tap into these farms, giving them an energy resource to run the outposts and work their machines. Over time the pirates had constructed new oil rigs and tapped the Earth's oil reserves for the first time in decades giving them access to lost resources and another lifeline to recreating their world.

The journey towards the metal mine was a short one but before they even reached the mine the Captain could see a difference, ahead in the middle of a mining area a huge metallic island now sat almost like it had had risen from beneath the sea. Although the Marauder hadn’t been to sea in many years the Captain often joined mining and trade missions and he knew this was something new. “What the hell?” The Captain whispered trying to keep his surprise hidden from the crew.

“Sir, incoming vessels from the… that thing” a crew member warned stumbling over the words. “To the east sir.” He warned as all eyes turned towards the incoming vessels.

“Helm, slow to quarter speed” the Captain ordered raising his telescope scanning the horizon. Suddenly he saw them six ships moving in close formation five vessels forming an arrowhead in front of a cargo ship. He didn’t recognize any of the ship designs only that they moved fast, were large and they didn’t appear to have any open deck areas. “They aren’t coming any closer to us, prepare to dock with the mine, we’ll test the ground see if anyone approaches us and if…” Before he could finish his sentence someone shouted a warning.

“Incoming fire!” moments later machine gun fire raked the Marauder from long range, most of it missed landing in the sea but some tore into the ship’s hull ripping into the metal but causing no serious damage or casualties.

“Helm, come to port thirty degrees! Ripper Turrets fire at targets as they come into range!” The Captain screamed looking at the incoming ships three small ships no larger than a scout ship employed by the Outpost. They were moving in the same close arrow-head formation as the large ship were closing on the single Marauder. As they closed all three ripper turrets, on the marauder, opened fire. The three cannons were positioned fore, centre and aft and intended on providing 360 degree cover for the Marauder. The gunners coordinated their fire on the first target tearing it to pieces before immediately switching targets to the second vessel none of the crews needed direction instead assessing the threat these ships posed and dealing with them. The Captain smiled glad to see the crew had not forgotten their training or dedication however it was not over yet the Marauder was hit again causing more damage.

“Communications are out sir!” Someone reported

“Understood, continue turn aft gun volley fire both remaining targets. Forward and midships reload prepare for second round.” The Marauder continued to turn the aft gun now picking up the slack of the other guns firing into both remaining vessels who had realized that the Marauder was ready for a fight unlike the Longship.

“Sir, they are trying to put us between them, they are flanking us!”

“Continue turn! Forward and midships rippers prepare to attack target designated Alpha.” the Captain said activating his own console indicating which target he wanted hit the system immediately fed his information to the gun turrets. “Aft gun continue volley fire at Beta target.”

There was some “aye sirs” but they were droned out by the Marauder taking more enemy fire the Captain grimaced his beloved ship had served for years and years how long would the repairs be this time. The forward and midships guns suddenly opened fire together tearing into their target the deafening roar of a pair of Ripper Machine Cannons was something to behold, not the most advanced weapon of the old world it was one of the few weapons completely understood by the Outpost's scientists and it had become standard fit on all the Outpost’s ships. After today the Captain thought perhaps it was time to invest in some new weapons research, and some more Howitzers…



Two more impacts against the Marauder’s hull brought the Captain back from his thoughts of the future into the real world and the continued battle. Suddenly the ship in front of them exploded in a ball of flame, whoever these people were their ships weren’t built to last in a fight. “Helm, bring us to starboard bring forward guns into play against target bravo” the captain ordered, the last ship must have realized that it was useless to continue and was turning to run but there was no chance the captain or her crew would allow that now. The Marauder continued it’s graceful turn bringing it’s guns on the target, suddenly all three rippers field’s of fire merged on the single remaining damaged target, it stood no chance the three machine gun turrets tore the ship to pieces. As the last ship appeared to begin to surrender something exploded inside the ship blowing up whatever remained of the craft.

“B*******” the Captain swore seeing the destruction of the vessel “they don’t want us to know who they were… all crew this is the Captain well done.” he said congratulating the crew, their first combat in years and a victory. “Commence repairs and salvage operations we need to find out who these people were.” He said dishing out new orders “Commander, you have the bridge.” He said to his executive officer before heading below to his cabin, there was much to think about.

Hours later with its battle damage repaired the Maruader began to sail home to the Outpost, from the destroyed enemy ships they had found crates of metal ore that their crews had mined before attacking the Marauder, a couple of weapon fragments but no sign of the crew only a name “Draconian” a name completely foreign to the captain he wondered who they were and what their presence meant to the Outposts continued survival only time and the people’s reactions would tell.

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    “The Council of Captains had been formed shortly after the arrival on the island. Each of the five ship captains who had brought people to the island were granted a place as was a senior member of the civilian population and the island’s security chief. To give our people shelter and to provide initial buildings two of the largest ships a tanker and a passenger liner were beached and broken up by the civilians. The gave them something to focus on and gave our island a start up. The Captains of these ships were retained on the Council out of respect and their positions have been retained ever since. This shows that the Captains still have a strong position on our island.”

    - Senator Michaels, Captain's Island

    The Marauder had returned battle damaged but victorious with parts of the Draconian vessel for study. The Captain headed directly into the Outpost, heading for the council chambers, despite the Marauder’s communication damage he knew that the council would be in session. Entering the chamber he looked at the six other members of the council. “Welcome back, Captain” Senator Michaels said grimly “I understand your ship is damaged, you found someone to fight I gather?” He said smugly almost implying that the Captain had started this.

    “I did, Senator, at the Longship's mine. All I have is a name Draconian, I have little further information on them. We salvaged some pieces of this hull it is nothing like our own.”

    “You made contact with them with a weapon before you tried to talk to them. Our miners could have trespassed on someone else’s territory.” Michaels was in his early thirties but he'd worked the political game for a long time and knew what to say to stir the right emotion. Always dressed in an smart suit of some sort his short blonde hair was kept tidy.

    “Senator!” Another voice shouted bringing Michaels attention off the Captain before the two came to blows Captain Stewart, the miner’s representatives on the council, he was one of the older members of the council. There was a near constant smell of fish around him as he'd more often than not came from one of the Island's many vessels, most often where there was a card game or a nice bottle of drink, “our miners have used that mine and the others around here for almost a century. The other islands in the area use them as well, we all know they are remnants of the old world.” He said bowing his head for a moment in remembrance “they belong to no-one.”

    “Agreed, our island needs access to those mines.” Security Director Melville said quietly “Captain, please continue your report.” she said smiling thinly trying to break the tension. More often than not she was the one to move the Council forward aged between Michaels and Stewart she had experience from the seas that was tempered by the red-tape of the Island's rulers.

    “They travel in packs from what we observed both as they travel the sea and in those that approach mines. We observed ships three of four times the size the Marauder travelling across the ocean's surface leaving their ‘bases’ they travel in packs between three and five vessels. After a brief skirmish we collected samples of their hull and of their weapons which I have ordered taken to the scientists for further study.” He said continuing “I wish to formally put to a vote spending on further vessels capable of fighting off further Draconian attacks, increased defences such as more Howitzers and research into new weapons technology to help us.”

    “All of which will bring eyes of others on our island. We are a peaceful people.” Senator Michaels stressed he also did not want to see more weapons and facilities in the Captain's hands.

    “But we need to defend ourselves” Captain Stewart argued “I agree we need to increase the size of our fleet and increase our defensive fortifications.”

    “As do I, especially increased numbers of Howitzers, I already have an expansion program for their deployment” Director Melville agreed.

    “My scientists have been looking into recovering weapons from the world before. We have made some breakthroughs. If you wish it then some of these weapons should be available to the new ships. From a research perspective, I would also vote to continue to engage Draconian targets, the new weapon samples you brought back could give us an edge they could begin new research and development which would keep my people busy for years.” Dr ‘Captain’ Rachel McManus said her Captain rank was honorary held over from when one of the original ships. She was also a strong supporter of the Captain and the other ship captains as she was able to see her new technology in use the new Draconian tech opened new oppertunities for her division.

    “Captain Dmitri is at sea” the Captain said quietly

    “Then as is tradition his vote is classed as a non-voter” Michaels said with a smile “leaving it to Tech Captain Owen” Senator Michaels continued “who appears not to have turned up again.”

    “Probably fixing my Marauder's battle damage” the Captain said quietly.

    “As a result a second non-vote leaving the vote passed in favour of increased ship spending and defence with four votes to one with two abstentions.” Senator Michaels said disappointed “vote to be reassessed in three months to ensure our people’s money and resources are being correctly spent.”

    “I can live with that” the Captain said knowing exactly what was coming raising from his chair leaving the room quite quickly heading for the construction yard.

    Minutes later the Captain had moved from the Council Chambers and had arrived at the Construction yard where a new Longship sat in dry-dock being constructed. “Tech Owen, you missed the Council meeting” the Captain said entering Owen's office a small smile playing on his lips.

    “What a tragedy” the Tech grumbled quietly not even bothering to look at the Captain “what did I miss Capt’n?”

    “More spending on new ships”

    “Really?” The tech said spinning around in surprise a huge surprise on his face.

    “With the Draconian threat they can’t see any other way.” the Captain said “so what can you do with our ships?”

    “With our current fleet not much.” The Tech said glancing down the Captain’s expression turned from being amused to being quite annoyed. “The current Scout, Courier and Longships are just too small to be retrofitted with new equipment. You’d have to dig so deep into the hull to fit the stuff you may as well build a new ship. Even your Marauder” the Tech said nodding towards the Captain’s own ship which was being lifted out of the sea to be repaired “is too small, I’d have to gut her before it would be effective.”

    “So what can you do?”

    “Well that’s the bright side” the Tech said turning towards his desk, the Captain moved forward to see a group of drawings “new scouts can carry light guns like Rippers or even a Thud cannon and be turned into Gunboats not too difficult since we’ve already being playing around with the idea. The Courier similar to the Scout but a little bigger so a Skirmisher of some sort?” The Tech said the Captain nodded minimal armaments but better than now. “The Longships would make good Thud Cannon platforms or missile carriers we could put a pair of either Thuds or Rapiers giving it range or power your choice really.” The Captain again nodded the Thud Cannon, or Thud, was an autocannon type weapon placed on a turret like the ripper it had a more effective range and more bite per shot with a slower rate of fire. The Rapier was a medium ranged missile capable of striking at far longer range than either cannon giving their units better range and punch.

    “Nice work, anything further?” the Captain asked impressed by the work but not overawed by it.

    “Well we’ve been looking at your Marauder for years” the tech said flicking the page “I can’t do anything with your ship she’s too old and too compact for a refit. But we could reproduce it, with Thud Cannons, Rapier Missiles, even the new Hydra or Diplomat could fit on it.” The Captain almost smiled the Hydra was a launcher that fired dozens of rockets smaller than the larger Rapier Missile but they were quite dangerous in close.

    “The Diplomat?”

    “A new longer ranged weapon, a Mortar of sorts firing an explosive shell over those walls other bases have.” Owen explained.

    “So an offensive weapon?” The captain asked thinking of the implications of that move.

    “Well… a Ripper can be used offensively Captain” the Tech said innocently “but you’re right it would be classed as something to open up other people’s islands or break bases of operations.”

    “Good I like it, mass production of the Marauder hull with as much weapons you can on each would be very nice.” The captain said noticing the Tech’s hand hovering over the page “anything further Owen?”

    “Yes Capt’n” he said flicking the page once more showing a drawing for something that looked like an oil tanker of old.

    “A tanker?”

    “It’s partially based that three times the size of your Marauder four weapon turrets plenty armour and twice the extras. We’re calling her the Big B****.” Owen said smiling liking the name.

    “You’re calling?” The captain asked quietly thinking Senator Michaels would have a heart attack if he heard the name.

    “Yes, her official name is the Battle Barge, as it’s designed for battle and it moves like a big b… barge” the Tech finished on a more polite note following the Captain's thinking.

    “Stick with the proper name.”

    “Aye Capt’n” the Tech said resigned as the Captain left. As the Captain moved away he hard the tech shout “Schmee! We’re building Marauders. But the Captain didn’t go for the nickname of the new boat!” he shouted there was a reply which the Captain couldn’t quite make out “If that Levi ever makes it onto my desk, never mind sail, I’ll eat Marshall’s hat!” The Tech shouted laughing in reply. Although the captain couldn’t make out the reply the Techs were all laughing so at least they were in good spirits, soon the Captain hoped they’d have a fleet of ships to take on the Draconians with numbers and fire-power.

    Walking away he walked into Dr Rachel McManus “Captain, a small word”

    “Yes Doctor”

    “From the wreckage your recovered from that Draconian craft we found part of a schematic of something called an Impact Canon. I can’t guarantee it will be any better than our technology but do me a favour keep an eye out for other gems when you are out there.”

    “Along with staying alive, I’ll do what I can.”

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    “We all thought the Draconians were bad, but really there were just the warm up, the real threat came through other pirates. Survivors like us who had fled to the other islands that remained above the floods these pirates had built up their bases making them nearly impenetrable and now tried to prey on other islands. We quickly learned the so-called Forsaken were not all hostile but that they were also not all friendly. The Captains warned everyone that if the base defences weren’t improved along with the fleet’s then the island’s people would pay, no-one realized just how much until the first attack.”

    -Tech Schmee, Michaels Island

    The three months went as the Captain had expected Draconian attacks constantly in the mining fields, continuous stream of Draconian Cargo Fleets from their bases and the pirates being completely unable to get anywhere near the Draconian’s bases. On the plus side the ship builders of the Michaels Island had built ten new Marauder-type vessels to escort the Longboats during mining operations and the newly armed Gunboats and Skirmishers had scouted the area and found new resources. So far almost all the fleets had seen other islands out at sea collecting resources defending themselves against the Draconians and scouting the area however none had even tried to contact the Island’s fleets instead busying themselves with gathering the resources they needed.

    With their new ships and feeling secure Senator Michaels had suggested cutting back in spending however no-one agreed with him instead they had done the opposite ordered an increase in ship production and work on a second Howitzer platform’s construction had also been authorized. The Captain stood at the dockside looking over as the Island’s first Battle Barge was launched standing beside him Dr Rachel McManus and Tech Owen “your new flagship looks very impressive Captain” she said looking over the vessel.

    “Thank you doctor, it should safeguard our fleets very well.” The Captain replied looking at her she'd inherited her position from a loved one and carried on their work. Rachel McManus had taken things to an all new level. Her dark hair was tied up into a ponytail accenting her long neck making her seem taller than she was despite her slight stature and short height.

    “Wouldn’t other islands consider it to be a threat? It is an imposing vessel.” She said looking at the craft double the weapons and armour of any other ship in the fleet it was three times the size of the Marauder-class if successful it would be the lead ship of an entirely new class.

    “We have seen other ships as big from both other pirates and the Draconians. We don’t feel too threatened” he said quietly knowing it was a lie since his first encounter with the Draconians he’d felt threatened the other pirates had not come yet but they soon would. “Also its weapons are purely anti-ship weapons four Thud Cannon mounts, more dangerous than the old Ripper machine guns but still short ranged. If we wanted to be offensive we’d have mounted some of Owen’s Diplomats.”

    “Owen’s diplomats?” Rachel laughed out loud “where would you be without my scientists Tech Captain?” Rachel said knowing well that the Diplomat had only been perfected by her scientists.

    “We all have to wonder where the world would be without scientists, as there is those who theorize it was the fault of Scientists that the world ended up being a big pond.” Owen taunted her starting a life long argument.

    “None of my people were even alive then, none of us were, any information you have has no grounds in reality nor do you have proof of Scientist guilt individual or general. We don’t know what happened to this world, we probably never will.” She said she wasn't angry he knew that just frustrated everyone had heard that it was “The Scientists” fault the world had ended but no-one had a single bit of proof it was humanities fault that the tides had risen and the ground was flooded.

    “And I wonder who ensured that was the case…”

    “Enough both of you” the Captain said in a stern raised voice he glanced at both of them “we can’t blame ourselves for something that has happened and none of us had control over” he said looking at the Tech “and we need to work together to forward this island’s hopes and dreams.” He said looking at Rachel, she nodded agreement she quickly offered Owen an apology which the Tech accepted without argument “now my ship looks ready, perhaps it is time for us to join the rest of the fleet?” He said neither of the others complained “good then I will see you both after the patrol.”

    “Be careful and vigilant” Rachel offered as a good bye.

    “Don’t break your new toy on it‘s first outing, there should be plenty more in the future.” Owen warned with a smile.

    Hours later the Battle Barge leading two Marauders, a Skirmisher and a Gunboat was nearing the mining fields as per usual the miners were continuing their work collecting resources for the island while reporting no Draconian activity as of today. As the Battle Barge sailed slowly through the resource field another group of ships approached the lead craft was almost identical to the Battle Barge in dimensions although it carried missile launchers on its deck instead of cannons. “Bridge, communications anything from that ship?”

    “Negative, Captain.”

    “Signaller?” He said looking across the bridge at one of the crewmen although a far more primitive form of communication each ship still often relied on light signals when communications were not active. Light signals were as old as the world so hopefully anyone would understand it.

    “Aye, sir, seven-break-three-break-one-break-break” the Signaller said “sir, the message repeats no universal code I know.”

    “Seven-Three-One” the Captain said quietly as the ship continued to close.

    “Sir, it’s weapons appear armed as does it’s escorts they are spreading out increasing space between craft.” Another crewmen called out the warning.

    “Bridge, Communications, turn the communications network to frequency Seven-Three-One.”

    “That’s far lower than we normally scan sir.”

    “I know, it’s a hunch.” He said “pipe the results up here.”

    Moments later the bridge speakers came alive “attention unknown vessel you have entered Sector 73, identify yourself and your place of origin or prepare for combat. Repeat, if you enter our weapons range without identifying yourself you will be fire on.” The male voice warned.

    “Gun crews to stations.” The Captain ordered preparing for the worse as he picked up the microphone “this is Bravo-Bravo-Oscar out of Michaels’ Island” the Captain said shaking his head as he did the island had been named after one of the original Captains unfortunately their descendants hadn’t lived up to expectations or followed them into their professions. “We don’t know exactly what Sector 73 is, but we’re locals and we don’t take kindly to threats, if we are fired on we will return fire.” He said there was a few moments of silence before a rely came through.

    “Capt’n, enemy ships are moving closer together, turrets orientating away from us.”

    “Bravo-Bravo-One this is Captain Rick, I see you’ve joined the big leagues. Welcome to Sector 73, permission to come alongside, I think we have a lot to talk about.”

    Hours later they were still sitting in the middle of the sea the two Battle Barges sat connected while their escorts moved in circular patterns around them keeping other ships at a distance. Captain Rick of Rick’s Island was a descendant from another group of survivors that had settled nearby his people like the Captain‘s own had ventured out into the sea and discovered the Draconians however unlike the Captain‘s island Rick‘s people had been attacked by other pirate forces as well.

    Rick had explained that the sea appears to have been split into regions much like countries of the old world, the these regions were called sectors and each had its own communications net of sorts. “Any ship with the frequency can communicate for some reason all the islands in this sector appear to have the same communication codes, that’s why we knew you were locals, therwise I’d have sunk you.” Rick said laughing

    “You could have tried.” The Captain said his face completely calm displaying no emotion.

    “No offence, Captain, but my crew have a lot more experience sinking Forsaken fleets than you do.” Rick said confidently

    “Forsaken fleets?” The Captain asked not familiar with the term.

    “People that have been cast out of the old world, left to fend for themselves alone in the sea, it’s a term we’ve developed over the years to describe ourselves.” He explained “you must notice the technology on your ship is similar to what is on mine, similar ships, similar weapons we all came from the same place. The only thing that is different is the Draconians, we are Forsaken, but they are the invaders something we have to remember.”

    “How many islands are there? How many survivors?” The Captain asked they'd always known that there were dozens other islands but not as many as Rick was suggesting.

    “I don’t know an exact figure” Rick said laughing “but there are many hundred islands each I’m sure with hundreds inhabitants. Some have been abandoned over the years and are now nothing but burning rocks but many others are inhabited. Here in 73 we try not to attack our neighbours we have problems from without the sector to worry about without hurting each other.”

    “Out with the sector? Why would someone bother to travel into another sector?”

    “Power has no limits” Rick said quietly “generally speaking if you step out of line in Sector 73 you’ll get smacked down either by an individual or one of the local alliances. Which are as numerous and as diverse as there are survivors, no-one has ever been able to establish themselves as a dominant alliance or found a way to officially make an alliance stick pirates will be pirates. Although I’ve heard of one named the Sidewinders which has tried down south a ways but they keep to themselves, a nice and exclusive group, they invite you in you don’t find them ya hear?” The Captain nodded, if the Draconians were a surprise hearing of entire sectors engaged in alliances and cross-sector wars through the Captain even further. Perhaps Senator Michaels had been right travelling out into the sea trying to establish themselves was pure madness. Before the captain could learn more the wall mounted speaker activated.

    “Captain to the bridge” the Captain ignored Rick and ran to the door, darting down the short corridor to the bridge he became aware that Captain Rick was behind him.

    “Report” he ordered entering the bridge heading for the central map table where Rick joined him but remained out of the way.

    “Sir, we’ve received a distress call from the Outpost, they are under attack.” The communications officer said almost all eyes turned to Captain Rick but the Captain offered no ideas or explanation.

    “Prepare to cast off, we’re heading home, Captain, I’ll hope to see you again, for now we have troubles of our own.”

    “An attack on one 73 base is an attack on them all, I’d like to help, perhaps we will know who attacks.” He offered, the Captain didn’t know what to do he barely knew Rick he did know the man hadn’t come in guns blazing instead he’d talked and let them know things about the ‘neighbourhood’ the Captain nodded his agreement.

    “I’ll return to my ship, we will follow at three kilometres we won’t interfere unless we’re asked.” Rick promised the Captain nodded although he’d watch his back as well as front.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    “Even after an attack by another Pirate lord there were those who wished to remove our guns, even the defensive ones, and preach peace to our neighbours. These people were silenced quickly public opinion and fear made it clear that many within our small group wanted to remain the peaceful, pre-Draconian Island that we appear to have lost in our growing up period. The Captain, we he became colder in some ways but he also embraced life a little more than he had before and opened his eyes when opportunities were put in front of him...”

    - Dr Rachel McManus, Michaels Island

    It took nearly two hours to return home however the attack was still under way around Michael’s Island there were five ships four looked like Battle Barges however one vessel was twice as massive with a wide elaborate forward section and a tapered off aft section. “Rick to Bravo-Bravo-One” the other captain called.

    “Go ahead, Captain” the Captain almost cursed so much for Rick not interfering but maybe he knew more that would help them.

    “It looks like your island is under attack by Blackheart.”

    “Blackheart?” The Captain asked it didn’t sound like a name.

    “One of those, out of sector, pirate lords I mentioned.” He explained “listen Captain your ships won’t be able to hurt his ships but we can maybe chase him off together. My ships are more battle hardened than yours, I’ll frustrate him hopefully drive him off, you watch my back just in case there’s another fleet in the area Blackheart has been known to travel in packs.”

    “Agreed, thank you captain” the Captain hated to admit but he was glad the other five ships were present.

    “Don’t thank me, just pay me back if I’m ever attacked.” Rick said his five ships quickly overtook the Captain’s ships heading straight for Blackheart fleets it appeared Rick's ships had larger engines than those currently available to Michaels Island hopefully Rick would share them someday.

    “Sir orders?”

    “Communicate to all ships spread out keep an eye on our backs as well as the hostile fleet. Contact the outpost tell them to hold on reinforcements are on the way.” The Captain ordered watching as the battle unfolded in front of him feeling helpless wondering how many of his people had been lost, what had been destroyed, who he’d lost.

    After their arrival the battle was over surprisingly quickly, a few minutes and everything was over, Rick’s ships concentrated their fire on the large central flagship firing long range missiles and thud cannon fire into it while dodging Blackheart’s mortar and ripper fire. Although Rick’s own Battle Barge and Marauder-class vessels were out massed by those of their enemy they were nimbler and as the Captain watched he realized they really did know how to fight against other pirates. Quietly the Captain wondered how Rick’s people had learned their trade however when Blackheart ships broke off their attack and turned away from the island the Captain joined the rest of the crew in cheering, their island was safe. “Move us in, let’s help their salvage operations.” The Captain said as the bridge began to calm down however as soon as their ships approached Rick’s a missile volley flew over their bow landing in the sea less than one hundred metres away, a deliberate miss.

    “Bravo-Bravo-One to Rick, mind explaining your actions” the Captain almost shouted into the microphone as his crew prepared for their own lesson in fighting a Forsaken fleet.

    “We are involved in salvage operations, Blackheart appears to have claimed some of your stored resources during his attack, we are recovering them.” He said in a matter of fact way as if it was a completely acceptable practice.

    “That is most appreciated, however, we can recover our losses ourselves.” The Captain said thanking him, there was no reason for his neighbour to recover what had been looted from the island as well as helping defend it.

    “You misunderstand, Captain, we are claiming what Blackheart lost as compensation for our battle losses. We won this battle and we won these resources, if you want them, my ships may be damaged but we’ll fight you as well” he warned “it is not what I would prefer but maybe I would then go a round or two with your island” Rick threatened.

    “Captain, I thought we were friends?” The Captain said peering out his bridge windows looking at Rick’s fleets as the began to move off.

    “You have a lot to learn, we’re Forsaken, I am happy to work with your people but remember me and mine come first. Now mend your wounds, you’re on Blackheart radar now as am I, be ready to defend yourself in the future and remember our deal.” Rick said cutting off communications as his ships limped away the Captain could see two of the ships were being towed by the others and the Battle Barge was badly dented by weapons fire.

    “Captain?” One of the crew asked wondering if the Captain was going to try and recover their resources. He was more than tempted but he wasn't a pirate Rick had proved himself to be a potential ally and friend something that the Captain's island could use.

    “Take us home, let’s see the damage, communicate to all deployed ships to stay on their guard and stay at the outer marker until we call them in.” The Captain said resigned to allowing Rick’s forces to retreat and dreading what they would find within their battered island.

    The Island was a mess even as the Captain’s ships sailed through the narrow channel they could see that Blackheart’s mortars had done their damage almost ever factory, resource warehouse and research facility had been damaged. The Outpost was on fire and an entire wall had been knocked in, hundreds would be injured and the death total would likely be high. The Captain raised his microphone to his mouth speaking to all the ships of his fleet “once docked all non-essential crews disembark and begin search-and-rescue operations in the base I want all damaged buildings searched and evacuated to the nearest medical facility. All of you be careful we don't need to add to our casualty list.” He said as the Battle Barge entered the damaged shipyard, the facility itself was badly scored by battle damage and fire, repairs on the damaged ships in the dock would have to wait a while. He turned to the communication officer “stay on board Lieutenant, you will be our link to the world, keep in contact with our deployed ships and coordinate with the search-teams.” He said the young woman nodded he could see it in her eyes that she wanted to cry the Captain reached out and rubbed her shoulder reassuring her before leaving the brigde.

    “Aye sir, good luck sir.” the young woman said, the Captain knew well the Lieutenant would have family in the base either at work or residing in the Outpost, wondering if they were alive, but he needed communications maintained.

    The Captain left the command bridge and joined his crew as they returned to the island, even just as they made landfall the Captain could see two dead dock workers. Ship crew checked the bodies but even the Captain could tell they were gone as he stepped past them. He headed up a staircase from the shipyard heading into the Science Labs with a small team from his ship, one of his crew handed him a hand-held flash-light as they entered the hull research section “hello!” He shouted listening for a reply or any sound. Moving through the facility “is anyone there? Does anyone need help?” He shouted something moved and an upturned table fell to the ground a young woman and a small child crawled out from behind it they'd sheltered in a small alcove which had survived the attack “get them out of here.” The Captain ordered his crew as he pushed on through the facilitymoving into the Advanced Equipment facility he heard a muffled cry for help from under some fallen roof supports “Hello” he said pushing some debris to the side seeing a blood covered arm “don’t worry I’m coming for you.” He called out trying to lift the supports clear unable to move it he shouted for more help two crewmen from the Battle Barge arrived and lifted the crossbeam. The Captain ducked down under it trusting his crew, pushing some more debris to the side revealing more of the person who was trapped “Rachel?” He stammered shocked to see Dr Rachel McManus “I’m going to get you out” he promised forcing some more rubble to the side. He was able to get a hold of the scientists shoulders and pulled. Rachel screamed out in pain but she slowly began to move “someone pull us out, I’ve got her!” The Captain shouted back unable to move further by himself.

    “Get clear” Rachel whispered seeing the Captain now also stuck.

    “Not a chance, we’ve lost too much today, no-more.” He replied “Get us out of here!” he shouted again finally he felt someone grab his legs and his body begin to move backwards first slowly then increasing in momentum he was almost out when something stabbed him in the back the Captain screamed out in excruciating pain as uniform, skin and muscle were torn by the debris his the crew, knowing they needed to get them both out, continued to pull both the Captain and Rachel clear of the rubble.

    “Get them clear!” Someone shouted the Captain tried to raise by himself but someone shoved him back to the ground “Captain, don’t move you’ve done yourself some damage we’ll get you clear.” Someone said softly the Captain glanced up and noticed Rachel holding her left arm in her right but standing smiling down at him she was safe, one less loss today. As the Captain slipped unconscious he promised that his people would be safe going forward no more amateur stuff from now on every life was precious and anyone who stepped in his way was going to be in trouble. All of their neighbours and enemies were on notice if any of them caused his people pain they'd have him to answer to.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    “The attack on the Outpost was devastating both in resources and in personnel losses everything was replaceable those seventy-two deaths were morale drainers for everyone. Seventy-two funerals more than we had ever had on the island, in even in a whole year. So many others critically hurt, we could have turned in on ourselves, some think we should have but we stuck with it and found a new place, a new determination to survive and to succeed.”

    - Quote of the Captain, Michaels Island

    The fires caused by the attack took nearly six hours to fully extinguish and it was another twelve hours before all the buildings were checked for bodies and unexploded munitions. Many buildings would take days or weeks to make safe before repairs could begin. In total the island had lost seventy people in the initial attack with two others dying from their wounds before the end of the first day. Included among the dead Captains Stewart and Dimitri both were dead killed when the Howitzer ammunition exploded during Blackheart's bombardment. Security Director Melville was cut to pieces when machine gun fire from the attacking ships penetrated her office during the landings of Blackheart's crew.

    There were nearly two hundred others injured, sixteen of those critically, ironically the Captain who had injured himself during the rescue operations was one of the worse off the piece of metal that had torn skin, flesh and bone breaking two ribs and puncturing a lung his injuries and blood loss had required a large transfusion and multiple surgeries. Alongside him Dr Rachel McManus had come through her ordeal with a broken arm and a severe concussion, while Tech Captain Owen had lost his left leg when a support beam from the shipyard had fallen and pinned him near the water’s edge.

    With six members of the seven person security council dead or injured Senator Michaels had taken it upon himself to make decisions for the entire Island over all areas. First he ordered all ships currently mining or scouting to return to the Island, next he ordered the Outpost not only repaired but upgraded with the lowest two basement levels turned into massive bomb shelters for the civilian population. Next he ordered every factory, storage and research building surrounded in “a ring of steel” to ensure no small arms fire could penetrate any building and cause the same loss as that of Director Melville, these fortifications were no pretty but would safeguard against further attacks.

    To pay for these upgrades the Senator halted production on two further Battle Barge-class vessels and cancelled plans to build two further Howitzer platforms. Nearly a fortnight later the Captain returned to light duties to find the Island stagnating with no new resources coming in, no ships deployed and nothing in production they had begun to turn in on themselves.

    Without wasting further time the Captain immediately used his authority as senior captain to launch all the mining fleets including his own Battle Barge fleet, minus himself, in order to gain new resources and contact further local pirates. While his ships were launching he called a Council meeting.

    “Captain, it’s good to see you have returned to us.” Senator Michaels said quietly as the Captain entered.

    “Very happy” Rachel McManus said she still favoured her hurt right arm but all in all she seemed to be well on the mend.

    “Thank you both” the Captain said quietly “this chamber seems quiet, empty almost.” He said looking at the other empty chairs.

    “Tech Owen is not well enough to return to duty, there are questions whether he will ever be able to…” Michaels began

    “Questions from whom?” the Captain asked staring at Michaels “I spoke to the Tech this morning he has already mastered his accessible chair and doctors think they should be able to fit him with an artificial leg by the end of the month, the Doctor’s own reports state he should be able to do everything he did before. So I ask you who is restricting Owen…” the Captain asked his anger boiling over things had been restricted enough recently.

    “Owen has already asked for several of his office’s plans to be delivered to his bed” Rachel said quietly trying to calm the waters however before she could continue the Captain interrupted again his anger no longer under control.

    “Who has not appointed a new Security Director or appointed someone to direct resource collection? Who has failed to include the other Captains in a single decision since the attack?” He said angrily stepping towards Michaels.

    “I believed a more cautious approach was best considering what happened. I have done my best to safeguard our people.” Michaels said quietly trying to weasel out of things “I did not want to appoint anyone further to this council as… I did not want to go over your heads” he said raising his arms to include both Rachel and the Captain. “Now that we are all together again we can all decide.”

    “Fine.” The Captain said raising to his feet himself “now that we are together” he said spreading his arms mimicking the Senator looking at both others, who nodded slowly knowing what he had planned, “allow me to introduce you to Commander Vega from Marauder Six, she will be our new Director of Resource Collection.” He said on queue the young Commander entered and took her place at the table. Michaels began to complain however the Captain raised his hand forestalling further words from the Senator “allow me to finish, Senator.” The Captain said he almost spat the man’s title “allow me to introduce former Chief of the Deck of my original ship retired Master Chief Petty Officer Mr David Lee, our new Security Director. As one of our most decorated…”

    “He means old” David said quietly taking his place

    “…non-commissioned officers Mr Lee knows how to keep the peace on a ship under fire and I’m sure this Island can do with learning some of those lessons. And finally” he continued “ship Captain Fox who will command Battle Barge-Two when it is completed, which production resumed on this morning.”

    “Of course these appointments will have to be confirmed by this council, as will the continued production of further vessels.” Michaels said looking at the two newcomers knowing both would be supporters of the Captain.

    “I spoke to Owen this morning and he agreed on both accounts, Rachel?”

    “Looks fine to me Captain, welcome to all three of you.” She said all three nodded their thanks “also I have been speaking with Owen and some of his men were able to salvage some papers from their offices before fire destroyed much of the rest. Owen has said they are working on something called the Leviathan, a new ship that should be able to match the pirate Lord’s flagship.” She said smiling triumphantly. “Also we’ve begun work on the Mark I Peacemaker, an upgraded version of your Diplomat Mortar, it should be ready for a test firing a week on Friday.”

    “And how much will we spend on that?”

    “As much as we need to, don’t worry Captain, we’ll get you everything you need.” Vega promised.

    “I know you will commander, it’s good to have you all on board.” The Captain said retaking his seat it actually hurt more to sit but he didn’t want to feel like he was looking down on them, “Now first things first I want to find Blackheart’s Island and put some holes in his Outpost. It’s about time that we showed we aren’t scared to stand up for ourselves.” The Captain said raising his arm his hand closed in a fist, all of the others, except Michaels followed suit cheering as they did.

    The Captain’s rebuilding plan took longer than expected Battle Barge Two and Three sister ships to the Captain’s own ship took a month to build. Vessel’s four and five both of which had been fitted with the new Mark I Peacemaker Mortar system took a further month to complete. Fortunately during this time it gave the base time to improve its defences with a new Sentinel Missile Battery added, and Senator Michael’s “Wall of Steel” project completed fortifying all the island’s critical buildings. The Outpost was also fully upgraded with new systems and the new bunker defence in the basement the Captain had to admit that Michaels fortifying measures and bunker construction were prudent choices.

    The Captain had recovered from his wounds quite well, for once listening to his doctors he’d stayed on dry land and allowed his body to heal. In this time he’d found a kindred spirit in Dr Rachel McManus, he’d rarely if ever spend much time with her before the attack however now whenever he was not working he was with her.

    Heading towards the docks he was half jogging when Rachel appeared at the foot of the stairs, she gave him a scornful look and he slowed his pace “morning” he greeted.

    “What have you been told about taking it easy?” She asked playfully as he joined her at the bottom of the stairs.

    “I’m fine, all healed ready for sea duty.” He said confidently

    “So if I do this…” she said leaning in to kiss him she ran her hand along his ribs and back. Despite it being her lightest touch he could feel the pain return it would still be a long road.

    “Okay, I’m better than I was.” He said trying to reassure her “it’s only a Scout mission.”

    “A Scout mission that could turn into a combat operation correct?” She pushed she knew as well as he what the mission included and the reason all five Battle Barges were heading out together for the first time.

    “We’ll be fine.” He said “I need to do this, it’s been too long, I need to feel the sea under my feet again. I need to see what threatens us.”

    “I know.” Rachel said kissing him again “just walk with me for a minute, I need to show you something.”

    “I don’t think we have time…” he said playfully but he knew she meant something else and followed. They went down two further levels to the Ship construction yard seeing Tech Captain Owen standing looking over the yard supported by only a single crutch now. Despite his uniform covering the mechanical leg completely and his movement not being impaired at all the Captain often had to watch himself as when he was with the man not wanting to draw attention to the Tech’s injury. “Tech Owen, what’s the occasion? You missed the council meeting yesterday.”

    “Again, **** I always forget about those” he joked

    “Nothing changes” the Captain said quietly smirking it was good to see.

    “Well some things do.” Rachel said peering out the windows “Tell him Owen.”

    “Captain, construction’s finally started.”

    “On what?”

    “The Leviathan.” Owen said triumphantly the Captain looked out the window and saw the keel had barely been laid nothing else evident at all. “She’ll be three times your Battle Barge’s size, slower by a quarter more firepower half again in armour, a real weapon to crack Blackheart’s back with.”

    “Very nice, I look forward to seeing it when I return.” The Captain said he was happy that Owen had finally finished work on the Leviathan plans and construction but the sea was calling and he had a mission to run.

    “Not just that.” Rachel said quietly “we’ve been working on a new patrol ship too. Smaller than your Battle Barges but nimbler with the fire-power of the Leviathan, the Sea Cat is the current code name.”

    “Sea Cat? Sounds like a passenger boat” Owen said “no Sea Wolf, that’s a proper ship name.” The old tech said to himself knowing he could still make a difference.

    “Great you two argue about the name and when I come back we’ll all sit down and annoy Michaels with the production costs.” The Captain said smirking at the thought the Senator had been playing nice recently which made the Captain want to get out to sea even more.

    “You be careful” Rachel said hugging him being careful on his still tender ribs “and come back to me.” She whispered into his ear, he kissed her on the cheek and the shared a look then he turned to leave.

    “Captain” Owen called from behind him the Captain turned to see Owen standing fully at attention not even bothering with his stick. The tech who almost never stood on ceremony came to a precise salute “Give’em Hell, Sir.” He said smiling the Captain nodded and left.

    “Be careful” Rachel whispered watching him leave.

    “He’ll be back, the good ones always come back” Owen said dropping his formality again leaning on his stick. “Tell me something how are your lot getting on with those D-33s?”

    “Soon be ready for a test” Rachel said

    “Sounds fun, I want in” Owen said as the Battle Barge Fleet, as everyone around the base had begun to call it, began to filter out of the docks letting off their horns and sirens as they did. Along the banks people stopped what they were doing to wave them off and give them a cheer no-one would have thought they were heading to war.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    Good work, keep it up!  I have enjoyed reading this.
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    Good work, keep it up!  I have enjoyed reading this.
    Glad you like it, plenty more to come


    “Contrary to what some say we didn’t go looking for trouble. The Captain did everything he could to keep us from engaging the enemy. Unfortunately Blackheart wasn’t alone in defending his base, that area was a death trap, we were lucky to slip away and return home.”

    - Helm Officer Roman Shaw

    For a well known pirate lord there was very few people who wanted to become involved in the Captain’s search for Blackheart’s base. Heading in the general direction of Blackheart’s retreated fleet however in the horizon-to-horizon sea it was a needle in a hay stack until they had a lucky break. Heading north the fleet of five Battle Barges came across a group of Forsaken ships under attack by Draconian forces which were defending a cargo ship. Although they were certain the Forsaken fleet had been the attacker and been taken surprise by the Draconian fleet, the Draconians were certainly not their friends and the Captain ordered his Battle Barges to move in and engage.

    As the surviving three Forsaken ships retreated from the remaining Draconian vessels the five Battle Barges came in behind their opponents opening fire with a barrage of Thud Cannon and Rapier Missile fire. The missile and cannon fire tore into the Draconian craft breaking their backs one of the Draconian vessels almost immediately snapping into two distinct parts. The second ship almost immediately exploded in a ball of fire as it was hit by four Peacemaker mortars from the rear two Battle Barges. As the smoke and fire cleared the Captain was surprised to see the Draconian vessel still afloat drifting but still attempting to target the Forsaken units. A massive barrage of fire tore into the remaining vessel finally sinking the enemy vesse. With the Draconians stopped they were able to contact the surviving Forsaken vessels which turned out to be under the command of Captain Alex War another Island leader.

    Although Alex was appreciative of the save and he knew of the Pirate Lord Blackheart he didn’t know where the pirate was based. Instead he agreed to share the resources gained from the Draconians and passed on coordinates for another pirate who may know more about Blackheart. After sailing at flank speed for several days later they arrived at an Island controlled by Lord Will III. Lord Will was able to provide information on the general location of Blackheart’s base and information that the base was marked with a gold and red skull-and-crossed bones flag he warned that the area was well defended before allowing the Captain's vessels to carry on.

    Armed with this information the fleet pushed on for another three days they sailed north west heading past multiple fleets several that came close to the fleet but none who were willing to challenge the Battle Barges. The Captain was surprised to see that almost every fleet he had seen had variations of the Gunboat, Skirmisher, Longship and Marauder his own fleet that used they even saw what looked like a variation of a Battle Barge with huge reinforced sides of an enlarged cargo hold and machine guns on the deck.

    “Captain, we’re approaching the coordinates Lord Will gave us.” Helmsman Roman Shaw reported as the Captain entered the bridge.

    “Good, everyone stay alert, all ships assume combat formation” The Captain ordered.

    “Captain, there are three island’s in close proximity all three have the same red and gold flags.” Another crewmen alerted. “We have fleets of longships and Skirmishers approaching from both port and starboard.”

    “Hell” the Captain whispered “All ships combat stations Battle Barge Two you and Battle Barge five engage the ships to port, we will engage the fleets to starboard.” He transmitted the crewmen listening to his orders to the others had already begun turning to ship towards the enemy the forward Thud Cannons almost immediately opened fire tearing two of the skirmishers to pieces almost immediately. The other ships were also firing their weapons tearing a pair of longships apart with their weapons.

    “Torpedoes in the water!” A crewmen screamed the Captain looked up and saw the two underwater projectiles.

    “Helm full port rudder!” The captain ordered glancing across the ocean he saw Battle Barges Two and Five had completed their work and were heading back. “All ships Formation Alpha break formation and avoid torpedoes. Battle Barge Two circle around enemy formation hit them from the rear beware torpedoes.” He said contacting Captain Fox’s two ships as his own vessel began moving defensively.

    “Captain, from the islands two fleets each preparing to launch they’ll be at sea very soon.” An observer alerted, as if they weren’t already in enough trouble. Avoiding another spread of torpedoes Battle Barge Three wasn’t fast enough and was struck on its forward section they are taking water and sealing compartments.

    “Oh no” the Captain muttered looking at the ship fortunately the crew quick to act sealed the section however with water aboard the ship’s balance was completely out and her speed was significantly impaired. “Battle Barge Three, effect repairs best you can break contact with enemy if possible” the Captain ordered the ship acknowledged his communication however it would need plenty cover fire. At almost the same time the two Longships which had been firing torpedoes exploded as Fox’s two ships ‘barged’ through them sinking both vessels in a single salvo.

    “Sorry we took our time Captain, sight seeing.”

    “Understood Fox, good to have you with us, both combat formations rejoin main squadron. Battle Barge Three withdraw and begin repairs.” The Captain ordered looking at his scattered fleets, his eyes lingered on the holed Battle Barge Three wondering what the damage and casualty report would be. Even as he was lost in his thoughts a huge explosion erupted from the forward section of Battle Barge Four tearing off one of the Peacemaker Mortars. “What on Earth?!” The Captain exclaimed several crewmen were knocked from their knees as a result of the impact. “Observer have those fleets launched?”

    “Negative Captain, that was base defences, their fleet is just coming clear of their dock now.”

    “Base defence? That was some sort of mortar!” The Captain shouted as three more massive shells landed in the water around the fleets. “We can’t match that…” The Captain whispered watching the defenders begin to move towards the sea

    “Fox to Battle Barge One, do you read? We cannot match that fire-power, we need to fall back.” Captain Fox warned mirroring his own thoughts as more shots landed on their ships again.

    “Agreed, all ships fall back bring engines to full combat speeds, set course for home. We’ve found what we needed to find, let’s call this a victory.” The Captain ordered all ships turning to the bridge observer “keep an eye on those fleets, I need to know their course and speed.”

    “Aye sir.” For the next several hours the observer updated the Captain ever ten minutes as eight fleets then ten fleets chased the single damaged Battle Barge fleet. These fleets comprised of Longships, Marauders, Battle Barges and even a couple of ships that were similar in size and design to the Leviathan Owen was building.

    The Captain retired to his quarters to think, they were leading these fleets back into what Captain Rick had called Sector 73. Blackheart undoubtedly knew where their base was but did the others?Would his Battle Barges improve the Island’s chances and add to its defences or condemn it to more attacks? Lost in his thoughts the Captain almost missed his desk computer flashing he reached over and pressed the enter key the screen and web cam activated displaying Captain Fox’s image. “Captain, sorry to have bothered you sir.”

    “No problem, Fox” the Captain said leaning back barely looking at Fox.

    “Is there a problem with you?”

    “No Fox, fine, living and breathing. Unlike the twenty-one souls on Battle Barge Four and the three souls on Battle Barge Three.”

    “Sir, their deaths are not your fault. You couldn’t have known.”

    “We should have waited longer, as soon as I saw those three bases all having the same flag we should have turned around.” The Captain muttered quietly going over the battle in his head “we should never have left the island.”

    “We had to follow the evidence sir, see what we faced. It was only a matter of time before Blackheart came back. Now we know.”

    “And we’re leading ten fleets back into the Sector everyone gets to pay for my adventurism.”

    “I was thinking about that. We’ve already met those willing to help us, as soon as we enter Sector 73 waters we broadcast a distress and warning signal informing everyone of what is going on, hopefully enlist some support then we turn around and we kill every single fleet behind us or we die trying.”

    “Who else will want to get involved?” The Captain asked remembering the reactions to Blackhearts name before.

    “Captain Rick did, I bet others feel the same way. We stem this attack now” Fox said.

    “Agreed Captain” the Captain said looking at the other man’s image fully “we stop them and sink them.” He said “pass the word all ships to broadcast our signal as soon as we are in the sector, and Fox?”

    “Sir” the younger man said surprised.

    “Thanks.” He said nodding to the other man, a very capable second-in-command, if things went wrong the Captain would make sure Battle Barge Two made it home.

    Almost four days later the five damaged Battle Barges entered the waters marked as Sector 73 and tuned their radios to the same frequency as before and began broadcasting their distress call for all to hear. Hours later still on a direct course for home the radar operator reported contacts coming from the south east heading directly for them “ships on the horizon” an observer reported “nine fleets in total, big ships, sir. Looks like there may even be a couple of ships the size of a Leviathan among them.” The Captain's heart sank he'd hoped to avoid fighting so many in open sea, but some of Blackheart's forces must have gone around during the night unseen by the bridge observers.

    “Incoming communications” the communications officer reported.

    “This is Captain Simon Hell to Battle Barge Fleet, you enjoyed your trip annoying Sector 72? Mind if we join the fun?” The radio message came through loud and clear. “I have a few others with me Lord Will, Captain War, JJ Strong, Captain ‘Buk’ Buknola and I believe you already know Captain Rick.” He said across the board sightings began to appears as other fleets appeared alongside the ships already in sight. “Prepare for company.”

    The combination of six other Island’s fleets together in mass formation was something to be seen warships as far as the eye could see. The Captain ordered his own Battle Barges to pass through the allied formation before turning to join them, as they turned they saw two formations of five Marauders. “Sir! Their ours!” The first officer alerted

    “Marauder Seven report” the Captain ordered as both fleets of Marauders took up flanking positions around the Battle Barge fleet.

    “Well Captain, it appeared you needed help, we couldn’t expect others to assist if we were not willing to act with you as well.” Senator Michaels replied

    “Michaels?” the Captain almost shouted down the microphone in surprise barely believing the man had come out to sea.

    “Indeed, Captain, let’s just say the Island needs you alive a lot more than dead.”

    “Fall in behind us we’ll open the door you knock it down.” He ordered as the first ships began to engage the enemy. Although the fleets from Sector 73 together outnumbered the fleets from the other sector in numbers but their ships were smaller in general. Working together two or three fleets engaged enemy fleets one after the next several ships were knocked out of the battle after taking heavy damage. Both Battle Barge Three and Four previously damaged in the combat near Blackheart’s base were forced to retire as were several other ships from all the fleets however after nearly three hours of heavy combat the two sectors disengaged with Blackheart and his allies towing away their wrecked vessels heading for home. The Sector had stood and won but the Captain was sure that was only his first choice.

    On fire, holed just above the waterline and with two turrets disabled Battle Barge One was a mess looking out the shattered bridge windows the Captain could see almost all his ships were in as bad a condition, three of the Marauders were taking on water and in danger of floundering but they would be salvageable.

    “Battle Barge One to Captain Simon Hell, your assistance was appreciated as was everyone’s, why did you answer our calls we have done nothing for you.”

    “You have also never caused us any harm, unlike Blackheart and his friends.” Simon replied “you are a member of this sector, you do not break our simple rule of non-aggression against your neighbours and we will not have a problem. If you need assistance there is some among us who are willing to help, you have much to learn about this sector Captain, but today I think you learned a great lesson. Standing up to Blackheart and his cohorts was a good step, I look forward to fighting with you again. Now we must take our leave, things to do, I’m sure you understand.”

    “I do” the Captain said “and the thanks of my crews and my island go out to you all.”

    “Until the next time.” Hell promised then almost as quickly as they had come the other pirates from both sectors were gone, however an interest had sparked within him about not only his opponent Blackheart but also in the other islands of their sector.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    Very enjoyable, I look forward to more reading.
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    Very enjoyable, I look forward to more reading.
    Thanks I wrote this in the early days of the game so some of its terms are maybe outdated with the current game but hopefully its the story that still does it all justice.


    “The Michaels family have always been honoured among us, a member of the family commanded one of the original ships that came to our island, leading the survivors from the old world with little more than the clothes on their back. However, in recent history the family have played politics more than looking out for the people more interested in their own success and power. Senator Michaels choice to support the Fleet in their fights against Blackheart was seen by some as a political play by some, while others saw it as a family retaking their rightful place, only the Senator himself could answer to why he made the choice that day.”

    - Unknown, Michaels Island

    Returning home victorious the fleet was applauded by massive crowds despite the loss of life, the weeks of repairs the island and ships would need and the fact that they had barely turned back Blackheart didn't seem to matter. The inclusion of all the Battle Barges and almost all the Marauders in the battle meant almost every major combat asset the island had was damaged to some degree. This left the Longships and other craft to mine without major fire support but no-one seemed to care, they were happy to have a victory.

    In the following week orders for a strengthening of the island’s defence came from the council chambers as it was realized that there was more than one enemy out there. Additional Sentinel Missile Batteries were ordered as was increases in weapon research and ship development in an effort to match the other fleets around them. Unlike previous orders that had come from the council these had come without only the barest amount of resistance or infighting in the council.

    At the same time another plan was hatched by the Captain and Senator Michaels…

    “Senator, you joined us in battle, I was impressed with your courage.” the Captain had said when he met with the man days later on the island. Reports of the battle stated Senator Michaels’ left arm had been broken in the battle by a particularly nasty fall however he had continued to support his Marauder’s crew for as long as the battle lasted refusing to go below for treatment. Reports from the crew suggested that Michaels had known little about the ship or its operations but his presence had helped people.

    “I saw what was needed, what this island wanted, they are yours you know?” Michaels said quietly his voice both angry and resigned to failure. The Captain looked at him slightly confused.

    “They should be no-ones not mine, not yours and certainly not a Pirate Lords.” He said he didn't want to become one of those Pirate Lords but he'd make sure that his people did not fall under the influence of one of them.

    “How bad was it?”

    “Bad enough for me to know we’re going to suffer a lot more if Blackheart isn’t given a real bloody nose.” The Captain had said “we can’t do it without allies but we need to be involved.”

    “We are not really in the position to begin an alliance, we brought potential war and raiding on this sector without even asking the others. If it hadn’t been for them deciding to support us at the Eleventh hour then your fleet would have been sunk and this island likely flattened.” Michaels cautioned

    “Aye, but together this sector could match them, we did match them.” He said proud of what he'd seen when those other ships appeared “we just need a way to bring them all together.” The Captain thought when Sector 72 had attacked en-masse their Sector had stood up and had been counted as a viable force. With the right words in the right ears he hoped they would do so again at least that was his plan.

    “Captain” Michaels said formally “you already said that this sector seems to look after its own informally but it appears that they have shed away from having a binding alliance. Trying to push them inton one could backfire.”

    “That is what it appears.” The Captain said cautiously

    “What if we could show the other Islands that if we do not show Blackheart and his allies that we mean business than only further trouble will follow.”

    “And how would we do that…” The Captain had asked staring at a large map spread over his table. Michaels stepped opposite the Captain drawing his finger down the map he pointed at a point near the middle of the sector. “Show them what they most fear.” The Captain said quietly, over the coming days nearly a dozen Courier/Skirmisher-class ships had left the island each with their own set of orders, these had been followed by a single fleet of five Scout/Gunboat craft a few days later which had their own mission. Finally after nearly a week the Battle Barge Fleet, now fully repaired, and under the joint command of the Captain and Senator Michaels also left the island heading far deeper into “Sector 73.”

    Almost a full month passed and some of the Couriers returned some didn't, some were damaged requiring repairs others returning long enough to re-fuel and re-arm before heading out again. Neither the Scout fleet nor the Battle Barges returned. No-one from the council members to the most junior crewmen would talk about the two missing fleets for few of them actually knew where they were and those that did worried about the implications had they pushed too far. Instead the Marauder and Longship crews continued to gather resources and fight off the Draconian attacks occasionally sinking some of the Draconian supply ships finding even more supplies and information on their mysterious aggressors; including their weapons. On the island new weapons, some based off Draconian weapon specs, had begun to be tested as had new types of armour and new equipment for the fleets larger ships everyday making them a more potent force.

    Deep within Sector 73 on a dead island a resurgence of life had begun at a failed colony. According to rumour of Sector 73 the island had once been controlled by someone known as Redbeard, however the island had been “farmed” by its enemies, to the point of the extinction of the people who lived there. The Island had become the perfect neutral/meeting ground defended by the Battle Barge Fleet engineers had constructed a miniature Outpost on the island to be used as a meeting hall, then the other pirates had begun to arrive. Each contacted by the island’s courier ships or their allies each being provided with an entrance password allowing them admittance to the Outpost.

    After nearly two weeks of gathering and with nearly thirty fleets of ships gathered around the island, the Scout fleet finally arrived and delivered their information to the Captain and Senator Michaels. Armed with this Michaels had called all visitors to the main conference hall. Together it was a sight to be seen all from different walks of life, different types of ruler ship, different dress codes some looked like pirates of old, others looked like military officers, business men even cruise ship captains. “Welcome” Michaels had begun glancing around the various leaders assembled “these are sad ground. I did not know the people who lived and died here.” He said he saw from the faces assembled around him that some of them had known these people, whether they had been rivals or friends he didn't know. “I do know their story, it began when we lost the world, when we became Forsaken.” Michaels said stepping backwards making way for the Captain.

    “When that happened we were left with only what we could carry to the islands like this one and the ones that you all reside on. Some of us have been able to co-exist others appear to survive by praying on others. I want this to end.”

    “We all would.” One of the leaders said quietly the Captain did not know him “Shy” something “but none of us have the strength to stop them alone nor will we share power with an alliance. Our independence has been earned we won't agree to work with others simply because they think the same and we certainly won’t follow an island we barely know or one that can barely match our power.” He said continuing his challenge

    “Nor would we expect you to” Michaels countered.

    “Instead we would propose a…” the Captain paused searching for the right phrase “A Sector Raid” he finally said “Blackheart is one of the pirate lords who would challenge us who would happily see our islands be turned into one like this.” The Captain said angrily going for the shock tactic “individually we cannot stand against their forces however together we have enough forces to break their defences and teach them a lesson they won’t forget.”

    “We hold together, bloody his nose burn his buildings and he cannot stand against all of us” Michaels echoed. “Alone we will simply fall against his band...”

    “Or we can hang together” another of the gathered leaders said his title was Admiral but the Captain could not remember his name, something AB, only that he had well built ships and talented crews.

    “Are you aware that Blackheart has three bases that he directly controls, all three of those bases are under his direct control.” One of the other leaders said the Captain knew she was the Admiral’s wife that they still ruled their own islands but that their policies were tied with blood. He also knew that their bases were far from Blackheart and that he hadn't struck at them yet they were here.

    “I am. In fact over the last month one of my Scout fleets has hidden near one of the Draconian bases that is close to Blackheart’s base.” He said he was surprised that the scouts hadn't been seen “they have confirmed exactly what you just told me and have confirmed when Blackheart’s fleets leave to mine and when they return to port.” The Captain said “I do not suggest that you all follow me to your deaths. Instead I suggest you follow your heads and realize it is time to punch the playground bully in the gut before he comes back tomorrow and takes your lunch money again.” He said knowing that they all knew what he meant “before you end up like the people here.” He said activating a projector the picture showed the sea and the islands that dotted it. “In one month I plan to assemble five of my fleets at coordinates 43205,150 directly on the border of Sector 73 and our neighbour’s sector. From there I will take my fleets into Blackheart’s claimed territory hit his mining fleets then I will move onto his base and I will make him pay the same way that he has made us pay.” The Captain said determined he wasn't bloody minded but he wanted revenge “I would like to see all three bases destroyed and I would like to see the fire from his base light my way home however if I need to I will settle for any of them.” The Captain said “I challenge each of you to join me there and hit a bully where he is sensitive.” He said highlighting the coordinates “I hope that you enjoy the facilities and the view” he said gazing out a window at the desolate island hoping it made his point for him. “I hope to see you again soon if not then I thank you for coming today.” The Captain said walking out heading directly for the makeshift docks, behind him Senator Michaels followed in silence, they boarded Battle Barge One and the ship set out to sea almost immediately joining his other ships heading for home. Behind them a stream of ships left the island heading for their homes the captains having decisions to make.

    The month past quite quickly the Captain received not a single message from the others who had come to the meeting. So the Captain took his Island's five fleets of ships to the meeting point they were a mix of Battle Barges and Marauders while the lead fleet had two Marauders, two Battle Barges and the newly completed fleet flagship Leviathan One.

    The fleets arrived at coordinates 43205,150 to find no-one waiting for them so the Captain ordered the fleets to remain in position for two weeks. Two days later the first fleets from Captain War and Shy arrived behind them dozens of other fleets began to arrive… “it has begun” the Captain whispered looking at the fleets.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    akuma520 said:
    Very enjoyable, I look forward to more reading.
    Thanks I wrote this in the early days of the game so some of its terms are maybe outdated with the current game but hopefully its the story that still does it all justice.


    “The Michaels family have always been honoured among us, a member of the family commanded one of the original ships that came to our island, leading the survivors from the old world with little more than the clothes on their back. However, in recent history the family have played politics more than looking out for the people more interested in their own success and power. Senator Michaels choice to support the Fleet in their fights against Blackheart was seen by some as a political play by some, while others saw it as a family retaking their rightful place, only the Senator himself could answer to why he made the choice that day.”

    - Unknown, Michaels Island

    Returning home victorious the fleet was applauded by massive crowds despite the loss of life, the weeks of repairs the island and ships would need and the fact that they had barely turned back Blackheart didn't seem to matter. The inclusion of all the Battle Barges and almost all the Marauders in the battle meant almost every major combat asset the island had was damaged to some degree. This left the Longships and other craft to mine without major fire support but no-one seemed to care, they were happy to have a victory.

    In the following week orders for a strengthening of the island’s defence came from the council chambers as it was realized that there was more than one enemy out there. Additional Sentinel Missile Batteries were ordered as was increases in weapon research and ship development in an effort to match the other fleets around them. Unlike previous orders that had come from the council these had come without only the barest amount of resistance or infighting in the council.

    At the same time another plan was hatched by the Captain and Senator Michaels…

    “Senator, you joined us in battle, I was impressed with your courage.” the Captain had said when he met with the man days later on the island. Reports of the battle stated Senator Michaels’ left arm had been broken in the battle by a particularly nasty fall however he had continued to support his Marauder’s crew for as long as the battle lasted refusing to go below for treatment. Reports from the crew suggested that Michaels had known little about the ship or its operations but his presence had helped people.

    “I saw what was needed, what this island wanted, they are yours you know?” Michaels said quietly his voice both angry and resigned to failure. The Captain looked at him slightly confused.

    “They should be no-ones not mine, not yours and certainly not a Pirate Lords.” He said he didn't want to become one of those Pirate Lords but he'd make sure that his people did not fall under the influence of one of them.

    “How bad was it?”

    “Bad enough for me to know we’re going to suffer a lot more if Blackheart isn’t given a real bloody nose.” The Captain had said “we can’t do it without allies but we need to be involved.”

    “We are not really in the position to begin an alliance, we brought potential war and raiding on this sector without even asking the others. If it hadn’t been for them deciding to support us at the Eleventh hour then your fleet would have been sunk and this island likely flattened.” Michaels cautioned

    “Aye, but together this sector could match them, we did match them.” He said proud of what he'd seen when those other ships appeared “we just need a way to bring them all together.” The Captain thought when Sector 72 had attacked en-masse their Sector had stood up and had been counted as a viable force. With the right words in the right ears he hoped they would do so again at least that was his plan.

    “Captain” Michaels said formally “you already said that this sector seems to look after its own informally but it appears that they have shed away from having a binding alliance. Trying to push them inton one could backfire.”

    “That is what it appears.” The Captain said cautiously

    “What if we could show the other Islands that if we do not show Blackheart and his allies that we mean business than only further trouble will follow.”

    “And how would we do that…” The Captain had asked staring at a large map spread over his table. Michaels stepped opposite the Captain drawing his finger down the map he pointed at a point near the middle of the sector. “Show them what they most fear.” The Captain said quietly, over the coming days nearly a dozen Courier/Skirmisher-class ships had left the island each with their own set of orders, these had been followed by a single fleet of five Scout/Gunboat craft a few days later which had their own mission. Finally after nearly a week the Battle Barge Fleet, now fully repaired, and under the joint command of the Captain and Senator Michaels also left the island heading far deeper into “Sector 73.”

    Almost a full month passed and some of the Couriers returned some didn't, some were damaged requiring repairs others returning long enough to re-fuel and re-arm before heading out again. Neither the Scout fleet nor the Battle Barges returned. No-one from the council members to the most junior crewmen would talk about the two missing fleets for few of them actually knew where they were and those that did worried about the implications had they pushed too far. Instead the Marauder and Longship crews continued to gather resources and fight off the Draconian attacks occasionally sinking some of the Draconian supply ships finding even more supplies and information on their mysterious aggressors; including their weapons. On the island new weapons, some based off Draconian weapon specs, had begun to be tested as had new types of armour and new equipment for the fleets larger ships everyday making them a more potent force.

    Deep within Sector 73 on a dead island a resurgence of life had begun at a failed colony. According to rumour of Sector 73 the island had once been controlled by someone known as Redbeard, however the island had been “farmed” by its enemies, to the point of the extinction of the people who lived there. The Island had become the perfect neutral/meeting ground defended by the Battle Barge Fleet engineers had constructed a miniature Outpost on the island to be used as a meeting hall, then the other pirates had begun to arrive. Each contacted by the island’s courier ships or their allies each being provided with an entrance password allowing them admittance to the Outpost.

    After nearly two weeks of gathering and with nearly thirty fleets of ships gathered around the island, the Scout fleet finally arrived and delivered their information to the Captain and Senator Michaels. Armed with this Michaels had called all visitors to the main conference hall. Together it was a sight to be seen all from different walks of life, different types of ruler ship, different dress codes some looked like pirates of old, others looked like military officers, business men even cruise ship captains. “Welcome” Michaels had begun glancing around the various leaders assembled “these are sad ground. I did not know the people who lived and died here.” He said he saw from the faces assembled around him that some of them had known these people, whether they had been rivals or friends he didn't know. “I do know their story, it began when we lost the world, when we became Forsaken.” Michaels said stepping backwards making way for the Captain.

    “When that happened we were left with only what we could carry to the islands like this one and the ones that you all reside on. Some of us have been able to co-exist others appear to survive by praying on others. I want this to end.”

    “We all would.” One of the leaders said quietly the Captain did not know him “Shy” something “but none of us have the strength to stop them alone nor will we share power with an alliance. Our independence has been earned we won't agree to work with others simply because they think the same and we certainly won’t follow an island we barely know or one that can barely match our power.” He said continuing his challenge

    “Nor would we expect you to” Michaels countered.

    “Instead we would propose a…” the Captain paused searching for the right phrase “A Sector Raid” he finally said “Blackheart is one of the pirate lords who would challenge us who would happily see our islands be turned into one like this.” The Captain said angrily going for the shock tactic “individually we cannot stand against their forces however together we have enough forces to break their defences and teach them a lesson they won’t forget.”

    “We hold together, bloody his nose burn his buildings and he cannot stand against all of us” Michaels echoed. “Alone we will simply fall against his band...”

    “Or we can hang together” another of the gathered leaders said his title was Admiral but the Captain could not remember his name, something AB, only that he had well built ships and talented crews.

    “Are you aware that Blackheart has three bases that he directly controls, all three of those bases are under his direct control.” One of the other leaders said the Captain knew she was the Admiral’s wife that they still ruled their own islands but that their policies were tied with blood. He also knew that their bases were far from Blackheart and that he hadn't struck at them yet they were here.

    “I am. In fact over the last month one of my Scout fleets has hidden near one of the Draconian bases that is close to Blackheart’s base.” He said he was surprised that the scouts hadn't been seen “they have confirmed exactly what you just told me and have confirmed when Blackheart’s fleets leave to mine and when they return to port.” The Captain said “I do not suggest that you all follow me to your deaths. Instead I suggest you follow your heads and realize it is time to punch the playground bully in the gut before he comes back tomorrow and takes your lunch money again.” He said knowing that they all knew what he meant “before you end up like the people here.” He said activating a projector the picture showed the sea and the islands that dotted it. “In one month I plan to assemble five of my fleets at coordinates 43205,150 directly on the border of Sector 73 and our neighbour’s sector. From there I will take my fleets into Blackheart’s claimed territory hit his mining fleets then I will move onto his base and I will make him pay the same way that he has made us pay.” The Captain said determined he wasn't bloody minded but he wanted revenge “I would like to see all three bases destroyed and I would like to see the fire from his base light my way home however if I need to I will settle for any of them.” The Captain said “I challenge each of you to join me there and hit a bully where he is sensitive.” He said highlighting the coordinates “I hope that you enjoy the facilities and the view” he said gazing out a window at the desolate island hoping it made his point for him. “I hope to see you again soon if not then I thank you for coming today.” The Captain said walking out heading directly for the makeshift docks, behind him Senator Michaels followed in silence, they boarded Battle Barge One and the ship set out to sea almost immediately joining his other ships heading for home. Behind them a stream of ships left the island heading for their homes the captains having decisions to make.

    The month past quite quickly the Captain received not a single message from the others who had come to the meeting. So the Captain took his Island's five fleets of ships to the meeting point they were a mix of Battle Barges and Marauders while the lead fleet had two Marauders, two Battle Barges and the newly completed fleet flagship Leviathan One.

    The fleets arrived at coordinates 43205,150 to find no-one waiting for them so the Captain ordered the fleets to remain in position for two weeks. Two days later the first fleets from Captain War and Shy arrived behind them dozens of other fleets began to arrive… “it has begun” the Captain whispered looking at the fleets.

    Very enjoyable thank you
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    “The fight against Blackheart was possibly the biggest the sea had seen since a conflict known as World War II. Initially the conflict was purely between Forsaken forces however when they turned on nearby Draconian forces venting their anger and frustration. Revenge of the Forsaken turned the sea a Crimson colour few would forget. Surprising most, this was just the start...”

    - Captain JJ Strong, Sector 73 Base of Operations: Classified

    The ships remained anchored on the border of the neighbouring sector for another week before setting sail overall there were less ships than the Captain had wanted to see but there were far more than than the number he had feared. Surprisingly tempers and nerves did not come into it as the Captain called various ship commanders to Leviathan One. The ship was massive and among the largest assembled however even then it lacked sufficient room for all the commanders so instead commanders were called together based on their ship‘s size and function. Breaking the massive amount of ships assembled on the border into four Task Forces each with its own job.

    “You will all be part of Task Force Electra under the command of Admiral Duinhir.” The Captain had said to a group of fifteen commanders and together their ships made up one of the largest groups assembled.

    “Admiral Duinhir?” One asked looking confused

    “AB Duinhir” the Captain said almost everyone knew it immediately some looked annoyed at the assignment but others content knowing the Admiral's reputation. “You’re job with be to cover the three base formations and eliminate enemy fleets.”

    “We won’t have a crack at the base?” One asked

    “Not directly” he said breaking the news there was not enough room for everyone to strike at Blackheart's bases “however as we approach Blackheart’s bases there are several Draconian mines and Forsaken-type mining fleets. Unless they answer comms you are free to engage them all.”

    “I thought we were working together not working for you.” One challenged the Captain, it seemed this one didn’t want to follow the Admiral or take commands.

    “You are following no-one you are engaging a target in support of our goals, you will strike at a specific group of targets who you decide to hit is up to yourself but to work as a team we need you to strike at specific vessels, if you choose that you don't want to strike at the group of targets stay the hell out of our way." The Captain snapped back angrily the various groups of commanders were continuously vying for prominence in the coming battles which was becoming tiresome. "If we all strike at one target we will get in each others way and cause more damage to ourselves than to the enemy.” The Captain said explaining why the targets were being broken up into groups “when in your target area, you will be able to engage any target assigned to your formation.”

    “Where will your fleet be headed?” Another asked she was a small annoyed looking woman

    “We are tasked with hitting one of Blackheart’s base, he has resources from my island.”

    “Those are long spent” she said “as are ours.”

    “Indeed but I’m sure Blackheart has plenty of his own. That we can take back, together.”

    “You will profit and we will pay.” the Captain said accusingly, she wasn’t the first to challenge the Captain over the last few days and likely wouldn’t be the last.

    “We’ll all profit if Blackheart cannot raid our bases and fleets for the immediate future.” The Admiral said quietly sitting off to the side his uniform was a single jumpsuit with a golden shoulder patch. On the left arm of his jacket there was a coiled snake. “My ships are built for ship combat, we can support you in battle and ensure that everyone leaves with at least something.” He promised remaining seated but looking over each of the other commanders, he was confident. With the Admiral’s quiet words the commanders remained quiet as the Captain completed their briefing soon they were returning to their ships leaving the Captain to plan the next briefing. For someone who hadn’t fought a single enemy let alone planned an attack on another base less than a month before the Captain was becoming very apt at planning, he had no idea if they would come off as planned, but as someone very wise once said “a plan lasts as long as contact with the enemy.”

    Days later the fleet began to move off with Task Force Laura under the command of the Captain in the centre of the formation. The formation included six fleets dedicated to anti-base duties carrying missile and mortar weapons. Alongside them were Task Force Juliet and Task Force Rebecca under the command of Captain JJ Strong and Captain Rick they were composed of similar sized ships and would engage the other two bases near Blackheart. Incidentally the names of the three task forces were the same of women who had fallen into and out of the lives of the commanders.

    Ahead of the formation sailed Task Force Electra challenging fleets that approached the base fleets forcing them to change course or sinking them this action approached keeping the formation intact. Flanking and following the other forces was Task Force Savannah comprised mainly of Longships, Marauders and commanded by Shy’s fleet of three Leviathan sized ships. These ships would have been just at home as in an escorting role however Shy had agreed to provide a command platform for the lighter ships of the formation, they would cover the other fleets and help transport any excess supplies together it was a sight to be seen and no-one in the other sector was able to match them in numbers allowing them to approach their first targets near a Draconian base.

    “Captain to the bridge, Captain to the bridge” the call went out throughout the ship early in the morning a few days later. The Captain left his quarters and headed up two decks and along a corridor, unlike his previous Marauder and Battle Barge Commands the Leviathan One had space for him to have an entire suite of rooms, however they were located away from the bridge making them more comfortable and less convenient.

    The Captain entered the bridge several minutes later again unlike his previous commands the Bridge was not at the top of the ship with open views instead buried deep inside the ship under tons of Titanium armour. “Captain on the deck!” A security marine shouted as he entered, the Captain fought away a smile his people had gone from survivors to a professional fighting unit if just a few short weeks it was a little unsettling.

    “What have we got?”

    “Task Force Electra has reached its first target.” Senator Michaels said on the map table the Captain could see the icons representing the Admiral’s lead ships reach the first Draconian base and the mines around it. “Time to see if the Admiral’s pocket battleships are truly worth what he says they are.” The Senator said quietly, unlike the larger ships contributed by some the Admiral had sent a single fleet of five vessels that closely resembled the Sea Wolf ships Tech Captain Owen had wanted to build. Like the Leviathan it carried many weapons however unlike the larger ships the Sea Wolf-class was lighter armoured, they were far faster and more manoeuvrable than most ships their size. Michaels had coined the phrase Pocket Battleship and it had stuck although others called it a destroyer or raider.

    The Admiral’s ships were identical heavily armed with five Thud Cannons on each ship the five Sea Wolves tore through the first Marauder mining fleet sinking it in a few short salvos. There was a gasp around the bridge as they witnessed the destruction wrought by the five ships. “Impressive” the Captain said “perhaps Owen had a good idea in looking at copying them.”

    “Perhaps they are costly ships” Michaels cautioned “but it seems they would be worth it.” He said not looking up as the Admiral’s formation began to break-up. Other fleets overtaking the Admiral’s engaging further mining fleets sinking them in rapid succession, In less than fifteen minutes ten fleets belonging to various islands were destroyed or limping home, these ships now out of the way allowed the other four formations to pass through the area completely unmolested and unobserved.

    Two days later this was repeated at the next group of miners and three days after that another mine field and another set of mining fleets received the same treatment and were sent home in pieces. Some of Task Force Electra had fallen others were limping home however much of the formation was still intact. With all the areas around Blackheart’s base clear of fleets all that was left was the three enemy bases defended by a few fleets, Blackheart’s primary defence fleets dominated by anti-ship fleets. With Task Force Electra damaged it was folded into Task Force Savannah screening the other fleets for the next stage of their operation.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    Nice Job with the writing,mate. Looking forward to more.
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    Interested to see if you incorporate Reavers :)  
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    Interested to see if you incorporate Reavers :)  
    It was written before the Reavers joined the game before it was pirate against pirate and the Draconians were the boogeymen that appeared during a raid

    This story is pirate against pirate to start with and then the story expands a bit.. but I'm not giving away anymore.


    “Immediately after the battle there was a disagreement between ourselves in turret 1 and turret 3s Peacemaker crew over who engaged the enemy first. Our thud cannon volleys directly hits an enemy but the Peacemaker has a flight time and sometimes hits targets that can't physically be seen. This continued for about three hours then we received the casualty and damage reports. Our disagreements didn’t seem important any more.”

    - Gunnery Officer Robert Higginson, Lead Gunner Turret One

    With the escort fleets clearing the way and other fleets covering their backs the three base attacking fleets moved in on Blackheart’s bases. Blackheart had arranged his defences around a “mouth” area of the island instead of going straight in the first two support fleets led by Captain James and “The Shurb” instead struck the left and right sides of the base. Their light Marauder and Longship vessels were fast but lightly armed and armoured, cutting down the sides of the base they intended on missing Blackheart’s defences unfortunately the pirate lords mortar defences had awesome range and fire-power. Before the attacking ships could clear their range the mortar systems had taken out two ships and disabled another.

    “Helm alter attack course” the captain ordered looking at the destruction brought on the accompanying fleets “take us between those defence towers.”

    “Could get pretty hot in there, sir.” The helm officer said nervously as he changed Leviathan One’s course heading straight for the defences.

    “Hopefully they can’t hit things close to them.” the Captain said “have our other ships form a line behind us, we have the armour to take the hits.” He continued thinking of the two accompanying Battle Barges and Marauders. “All hands prepare to take some hits, damage control teams take stations, close all hatches.” The Captain said speaking into the ship wide communication system just as the first mortar barrage flew over the Leviathan’s forward hull missing by metres, they were in the gauntlet now. “All weapons fire at will” he ordered, he wasn’t about to micro-manage his gunners in picking their targets there was far too much at stake for that. Moments later the three Peacemaker Mortars filling turrets three, four and five opened fire launching explosive projectiles into the air, just after the Peacemakers the forward two turreted thud cannons also opened fire engaging Blackheart’s closest defence turrets a pair of missile turrets. The damage wrought by the five weapons fired together caused heavy damage to one of the turrets however it kept firing, behind Leviathan One the two Battle Barges opened fire with their own Diplomatic Mortars and missiles also concentrating on the forward missile turrets, one of the turrets exploded spraying debris all over the coast. The Leviathan continued forward as missiles began slamming into the forward and port hull areas.

    “Hull breach, deck six, section 4” someone called out.

    “Damage crews on their way deck six, section four” another crewman called out almost immediately the Captain tried not to think of the crewmen stationed there hoping they had gotten out in time.

    “Battle Barge seven hit by mortar blast, has lost one of its turrets, but they are continuing with us.” Another crewmen reported as missiles and mortar fire flew over the Leviathan striking further defences.

    “Sir, more turrets converging on us.” Someone else called out

    “Helm, keep us moving forward, we don’t stop until we hit their docks. Landing crews we are looking for their resources be ready this is a smash and grab people we all know our jobs.” The Captain ordered this mission was about taking from Blackheart as well as hurting the pirate lord but he wanted as many of his people to come back as possible. The mortars and thud cannon turrets continued to fire shelling the defences, the two Battle Barges and Marauders were following closes also firing into the emplacements and buildings.

    “Captain, we’re seeing what looks like research buildings and an outpost, very similar designs to our own. Should we engage?” The Gunnery control officer reported.

    “Turrets first, then everything is fair game, he didn’t give us a free pass, we don’t give him one.” the Captain said after a moment thinking of searching for Rachel and the other scientists after Blackheart’s attack, in this messed up world everyone was at threat not just his people. The Blackheart’s people needed to learn this too perhaps it would make them think again before attacking.

    “Aye, sir” Gunnery Control confirmed the Leviathan was suddenly slammed by a massive blast, the Gunnery officer’s hand running over the controls.

    “Report!” The Captain ordered with no reply “Gunnery Control Report!” he ordered again. The young man looked over at the Captain he was in his late twenties formerly a gunner on the old Marauder, the Captain knew the man by name but at the moment all he saw was panic and shock “Stevens report.”

    “S……Sir, Peacemaker two is completely destroyed.” The man stammered “it's gone.”

    “Damage and medical crews to Peacemaker Turret Two.” The Damage control officer said seemingly no phased by the damage. “Sir, Marauder Two is in retreat, she’s been holed twice, she has no weapons remaining.” He continued in a monotone, the Captain looked over at the man in his late forties he knew him from his own training days a career seaman he used to say fishing and mining ships before being recruited into the fighting navy, unlike many of the younger crew he‘d seen death at sea.

    “Understood have battle barge five cover their retreat.” The Captain ordered the Battle Barge was equipped with Rapier long range missiles and thud cannons. The Captain nodded as he saw the larger ship cut over the retreating ship’s path taking howitzer fire for the Marauder. The Leviathan’s remaining four turrets continued to fire on Blackhearts Operations Centre with both thud cannons and mortar fire damaging and destroying buildings the Battle Barge joined with the Leviathan striking at Blackheart units. The five Peacemaker and Diplomat mortars off both ships slammed into the remaining missile battery causing heavy damage crushing the missile tubes on top of the turret under explosive shells. A last volley of missiles slammed into the Leviathan but the ship’s thick armour took the hit with no further damage. The Leviathan One came alongside the dock area and the landing crew began streaming onto the shore into the nearby warehouses, the Leviathan’s thud cannons firing occasionally keeping local defences at bay, the threat of further peacemaker fire stopping further trouble.

    The landing crews were on the dock for less than twenty-minutes capturing crates of metal, zythium ore, barrels of oil and power cells. Soon the battle was said and done “cast off ties, prepare us to leave.” The Captain ordered.

    “Incoming radio message.”

    “On speakers.”

    “So I broke your toys and you break mine? You think this will stop me, I will come down on your base and everyone who has come today and crush you all. You understand me, this is war.” The voice said although the Captain did not know what Blackheart looked like but he sounded horrific, angry and slightly mad. “Lay awake in your bed tonight and tomorrow for I am coming.” He said as a parting warning.

    “Aft turrets target the dock as we leave and fire at will.” the Captain ordered just as the Leviathan cleared the docks. As the two Peacemakers fired the Captain triggered the radio transmitter “it will cost you as much as it costs us, you want a war prepare for battle, pirate.” He said raising his finger off the button “helm set a course for home, communications contact the other fleets find status and inform all units mission accomplished.” Outside Blackheart’s base they could see both of Blackheart’s other bases were on fire with other units retreating multiple vessels were being towed home and on fire but it seemed everyone had done their jobs. Surrounding the base fleets again Captain Shy’s Savannah Fleets would provide them with an escort back to their own territory. “All units, Revenge Raid successful, well done everyone and thank you for your actions. Hopefully we’ve shown them what we will do if we are hit by one of their pirate lords again.”

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    "The best laid plans..."

    Following the battle with Blackheart everything returned to a more normal routine in both Sectors involved in the battles. With the vast majority of those who had joined the battle against the pirate lord returning to their own home islands and continued how they had for as long as anyone could remember. For the people of Michaels Island the routine returned to one of mining, defending against Draconian raids and attacking the Draconian supply convoys passing through the area. During these quiet times the Captain had time to relax and spend with Rachel McManus he'd taken to sitting in her office speaking about things while he was on shore while watching her work. He loved her, he had for months, he found his thoughts drifting towards her every single time he wasn't busy.

    On one of these occasions she'd turned the conversation onto him, "let's get married" she'd announced, they'd spoken about things but never seriously, today she was different. "Nothing big us the captains a few others, Michaels can preside. I checked" she said

    "Why the rush?" he asked

    "Why the delay?" she countered”you love me and I love you. Look I don't know if you will be here or gone tomorrow. Nor do I know if a pirate king like Blackheart will attack again and end us all. I want something I'm remembered by. I love you, it's the next step, if you're willing" she said drawing close the sent off her dark hair as intoxicating as always. "I also want to fit a dress before I get fat"

    "You won't" he said pulling her close trying to reassure her.

    "I will" she teased holding onto him "I'm pregnant" she whispered into his ear. Some would say later the Captain's scream of delight broke glass across the Outpost however quickly the small reception turned into the wedding of the century, something that everyone was talking about, and a couple of weeks passed as if it was a blink of an eye.

    The day of the wedding ceremony and everything was perfect, no dramas from Rachel's side and surprisingly none from the Captain's somehow someone had even been able to source the Captain a traditional kilt from his ancestor's home before the world flooded. He'd never worn one but it felt fitting, as he stepped into a new future to honour his past. He stood at the end of the meeting hall, the closest thing they had to a real church/worship room, Senator Michaels in a very expensive looking suit stood in front of him with Captain Fox standing beside him holding a pillow with a pair of rings on them.

    There was a low murmur before the wedding music began, it was an odd mix of several cultures but it brought everyone's eyes to the doors and Rachel's entry. All eyes were glued on her entrance, her long brown hair was tied back and up making her tall neck seem even longer. Her dress was a pearl white coloured shoulder less dress that flowed several feet behind her, she'd chosen not to wear a veil and in her hands she carried a bunch of flowers. Because neither the Captain or Rachel had any immediate family she'd chosen to walk the aisle on her own. She gracefully moved down and joined the Captain at the foot of the podium. "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are gathered today to join these two individuals for eternity if anyone thinks this is not a match that is meant to be, please speak now." Michaels began as Rachel handed away her flowers turning to face the Captain. "Then please let us begin." Michaels began as a distinctive noise began to slowly grow echoing through the high roofed hall. "Dr Rachel McManus, do you take Captain..." Michaels continued as a the noise continued to raise a whirling-beating noise followed by a roar as a shadow passed over the hall's roof windows.

    At that moment a trooper in full combat gear ran to the doors "Captain, we need you!" He shouted the Captain looked at Rachel apologetically.

    "Go, make sure we have a tomorrow." She whispered he leaned over kissed her on the nose and then ran towards the doors Captain Fox following closely behind. They ran out into the courtyard outside, the meeting hall was situated high in the main outpost building allowing it a small courtyard giving spectacular views of the island and the sea around it. The Captain noticed all eyes looking towards the sky and as he followed their gaze found himself speechless.

    "What the hell is that?" Fox whispered breaking the silence

    "A plane?" The Captain whispered remembering seeing them from history lessons, none flew now the land was covered in sea. In the air the strange aircraft with engines on its wing-tips continued to circle slowly slowing into a hover near the courtyard, as it slowed the engine nacelles moved from the horizontal position. "A tilt-rotor aircraft" the Captain said changing his mind "very advanced technology Captain." He said glancing at his friend.

    "God-damned Aliens" Fox said watching the strange machine change and slow to a stop before slowly descending around the courtyard marines were tracking it with their weapons. "Draconians?" He wondered more seriously the Captain could barely form words let alone think of who it could be but he knew he needed to speak before someone did something stupid.

    "Everyone hold your fire!" The Captain ordered as the aircraft finally landed. Along both sides hung two long torpedoes while under the nose there was a large chain gun. At the back a ramp slowly descended, moments later two figures stepped clear of the craft. The Captain wouldn't have called them people, because they were far too big each more than seven feet tall dressed in full suits of metallic armour each arm ending in a claw with what looked like a machine gun over the knuckle. The Captain looked at the two figures and noticed no hostile movements, taking a chance he stepped out in front of them. "Identify yourself" he ordered looking at them.

    The two suits stepped aside flanking the ramp as a single figure descended from the rear ramp of the craft. He was a young man perhaps twenty-five standard years old he wore a blue uniform which golden shoulder epaulettes and appeared completely unarmed. "I'm Leftenant David Peerce of the Kixeye Corporation." The figure greeted his voice reminded the Captain of a scientist or of someone who had spent too much time living off his inheritance instead of real work. "Thank you for the greeting." He said "I represent Admiral Dredge, we have so far remained out of the various sector conflicts however we believe it is time to come to a fore."

    "Another faction on the seas? There are many why come to me?" The Captain asked bluntly, he'd had plans today, why was something or someone always in the way?

    "We are Forsaken, Captain just like you, we used to go by the name of the Casual Cooperative however times and paths have changed. We have avoided conflict so far and made moves that you have not thought of or reached yet, like a return to the skies. This aircraft and the personal armour of our guards are just the first steps." He said opening his arms wide "we have however other plans, I am not the only messenger Captain, there are many others to many other bases. We have decided it is time to provide the Draconians with a clear message that the Sectors will not continue to approve their presence. A mass raid with each base attacking their mine defences and supply fleets."

    "Why not just cut off the head and attack their bases?" The Captain asked

    "Even our technology has not progressed to allow us to breach their defences, however, we hope to have some things coming along soon that will allow us to breach them. For now our mass raid tactics are the only real option." The Leftenant said slightly resigned, “here is an information pad" he said handing over a small hand held computer, more advanced than most of them the Captain had ever seen. "It has our plans for the Draconian Raid, I hope your people will be interested and will attend, my aircraft will return to our Fortress. If you have further requests we will be available on the sector communications grid just look for Dredge." The young man stepping back saluting the Captain before returning inside the aircraft, he was swiftly followed by the two armoured troopers and the aircraft was soon back in the air.

    "Fox have radar track that craft let's find out what's its course is and who they are returning to." The Captain ordered Fox nodded raising his radio to his lips as they watched the aircraft move away from the island out to sea, even their eyes could see the huge ship out at sea.

    "Returning to that massive ship Captain" Fox said the craft was long and wide with a tall arced fin at the rear, the aircraft landed on the mid-deck of the ship and was lowered within its hull. They stood there for a few minutes watching as the ship continued to slowly sail past the island, keenly aware that it dwarfed even their flagship Leviathan, at its current speed it would take hours to leave the area.

    "We need a council meeting, and we need to analyse the data on this pad." The Captain said holding the small device in both hands "we need to understand these Kixeye people and what their operations mean to this region."

    "Captain..." Fox hesitated "your wedding plans?" He said quieter, the Captain stood there his eyes closed for several moments, the best laid plans never lasted contact with a problem, no plan seemed exempt.

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    "When word of the Kixeye Corporation their capabilities and what they had planned spread quickly few liked the idea of an all power powerful faction dictating what happened in the future however all agreed that hitting the Draconians hard would be a good start."

    - Unknown

    Following the visit by Kixeye representatives word of the Corporation passed quickly, it was almost it was almost impossible to hide their visit, with an aircraft flying over the island. The information on the data-pad they discovered the raid was planned for almost a fortnight away. Contacting their neighbouring Forsaken islands and other fleets within the mining fields. Captains Rick, Buk and War all confirmed that their bases had also been. Soon they had heard of one island that had shot their visitors as invaders and begun studying the aircraft only to have their base attacked by five of the massive Floating Fortress ships the Captain's island had seen during their visit. Kixeye were here to stay and had the power to affect everyone.

    Armed with the information on the data-pad, the information from the other pirates and a desire for revenge against the Draconians the Council of Captains decided it would be in the island's interest to be part of the raid. As a result all the island's fleets had been kitted out for heavy combat and tasked for the raid. Organized into six fleets they would target Draconian fleets that past the island and that past the mining fields.

    In preparation for the raid ship building had been ramped up slightly with the construction of five nearly identical ships all of the new Sea Wolf class. Based on the ships they'd seen employed by Admiral Duinhir these ships unlike the Admiral's were armed purely with Forsaken technology. Unlike the larger Battle Barge and Leviathan classes these were designed for ship combat and so had been fitted out with mainly Thud cannons, backing them up was additional thruster and engine technology turning the ships into ferocious close range fighters.

    Standing on the Observation deck high on the Sea Wolf's hull Captain John Cougar stood looking over the sea near his fleet, Cougar had been ordered not to attack any Draconian forces until exactly 18:00 hours as the sun's light began to fade. Cougar had been first officer of Captain Fox's Battle Barge One and a Marauder Helmsman before that, in a few short months he'd become a seasoned veteran naval officer now forty years old he'd finally been given his own command and it wasn't a mining ship. Looking around he could see the other four vessels keep pace with his own in an arrowhead formation ahead of them waited a Draconian supply formation.

    Striding down the rear stairs he headed into the Sea Wolf's structure and onto the bridge. "Captain on the deck" the marine at the door barked everyone came to attention as Cougar stepped to the central map table.

    "As you were." He said "bring all ships to battle stations. Prepare for combat." He announced glancing at the clock 17:55 all around the captain the crew were busy preparing the ship as the clock continued to tick not knowing what it symbolised the Clock did not speed up or slow down for anything a constant tick-tock. For the crew however things seemed to travel far faster, Cougar could feel his heart pound quicker in anticipation as the time ticked away. "Helm bring us to combat speed, weapons officer weapons clear all cannons, damage control prepare all crews, communications signal the attack" Cougar ordered as the time ticked 17:59.

    The Sea Wolf accelerated forward with amazing grace and focus unlike the Leviathan and Battle Barge vessels which were based on tankers and ancient military designs the Sea Wolf's pointed hull was almost menacing. The other four ships spread out as they approached the Draconian forces "what have we got?"

    "Three Battle Barge size vessels two Marauder-sized, tight formation. Weapons appear mixed."

    "Weapons concentrate on the marauder-type craft first eliminating them will make life easier." Cougar ordered moments later all five thud cannons came into action deep within the Sea Wolf's armoured hull all they could hear was "thump-thud-thump-thud" as the cannons almost rhythmically fired at the enemy targets. Although he couldn't see the action the Captain could see the Sea Wolf's external cameras and radar displays.

    "One confirmed kill, captain!" Someone shouted followed by a second taking both of the marauder sized craft out of action.

    "three other craft trying to flank us sir" the Helm officer said moments later Cougar looked at the radar layout over his map it was true the ships were moving apart with the third hanging back.

    "Enemy armament?" He asked they were close enough for observers to see more than even radar could confirm.

    "One appears long range missiles, another short range...." one crewman announced as the Sea Wolf rocked heavily from missile hits

    "Minor damage port aft quarter, no hull breach, damage control teams on route." Another crew member shouted out

    "...The third appears to be hanging back Captain, armed with what appears to be mortars, which are firing!" The crewman finished.

    "Helm evasive manoeuvres, keep us out of that firing solution, cannons concentrate on that mortar ship. Communications have our other ships take out its guards." He ordered the Sea Wolf's thud cannons continued their rhythmic fire however the deck also began to more more severely as the ship tried to avoid the mortar fire. There were two massive explosions on the sea as the mortars struck the water's surface missing the Wolves.

    "Missile ship destroyed Captain, she's breaking in two" Lt. Commander Cameron his executive officer announced triumphantly raising his head from the weapons control station "firing solution on the mortar craft, all ships coordinating fire, salvoes released" he said as the Sea Wolf was rocked by more thud cannon fire "time to impact 5 seconds, 4,3,2,1 Impact!" He shouted as the fire from all five Sea Wolves impacted on the rocket ship tearing into the vessel's structure, turrets and hull. "She's out of the fight."

    "Mortar ship firing again sir, but she's turning away making sail to run." The radar officer said only a single Draconian vessel remained and now it was undefended against five vessels it was not equipped to fight.

    "Helm officer pursuit course, Lt Commander Cameron kill that ship." Cougar ordered the ship continued on towards the final ship, one bad thing about mortars on a ship was it was not the most useful against other ships. Why a Draconian ship would be armed with mortars was a mystery as they almost never attacked land bases however it wasn't the only thing mysterious about the Draconians.

    The five Sea Wolf-class vessels cut past the remaining Draconian vessel each firing their Thud Cannons one after the other, the first weapons hit the rear of the Draconian vessel a secondary explosion on the craft confirmed it's engines were hit when the craft slowed to a crawl. The second and third salvoes tore the Draconian vessel's armaments to pieces while the fourth and fifth salvos tore the remains of the ship to pieces holing the hull below the waterline the Draconian vessel disappeared under the waves quickly.

    There was a little time to waste salvaging cargo before the Sea Wolf fleet continued on towards the next target, the point of this raid was to surprise the Draconians and cost them lots of resources quickly. The second fleet was a tougher fleet but Captain Cougar was confident of success. "Another Forsaken fleet on approach Captain, don't recognize the flag."

    "They are keeping their distance out of weapon range" Cameron announced.

    "We're not here to fight them anyway." Cougar said quietly "keep an eye on them but continue into the Draconian formation. What do we have?"

    "Four Battle Barge type and a third which is a lot bigger sir."

    "Define larger? Leviathan sized?"

    "Negative, sir, more like a like those employed by Kixeye." The radar officer added, a ship the size of those fortresses would be mighty ships indeed.

    "Understood helm, that's your target, we're going right down the gut."

    "Direct attack Captain?" Cameron asked from the weapons command console.

    "Indeed" he ordered within minutes the Sea Wolves were within weapons range and their weapons were engaging targets of opportunity the whole way until contact with the enemy command ship. These larger ships were dominated with missile type weapons which were far more accurate and damaging than previous Draconian weapons the Sea Wolf took several hits in rapid succession.

    "Damage to turret four, damage crews on route, light damage to aft sensor module." Damage control reported as the Sea Wolf was rocked by a series of impacts.

    "First and second enemy craft disabled, taking on water, third on fire and attempting to escape" Cameron reported.

    "Massive weapons discharge from enemy fortress!!" One of the Observers reported "it's some sort of mortar Captain!" The mortar flight time was far slower than anyone else had seen it arced quickly through the sky impacting between two of the Sea Wolves exploding in a huge ball of fire, this battle even burning as it cross the water as it burned across the hulls of two ships. "Massive damage to the Hood and Blackburn!" The observer continued to announce naming the ships it was a new tendency for the crews of the fleet to nickname their ships officially Sea Wolf Three and Four. "Both still continuing to fire on enemy command ship, damage assessment continuing."

    "Support ships dead" Cameron said "all fire concentrating on the final ship"

    "Further weapons fire it has close in rockets as well" the observer said as further mortar fire flew over the Sea Wolves the smaller ships were able to avoid the brunt of the fire this time but now they were under rocket fire. These small projectiles mostly bounced off the Sea Wolfs' armour as the five ships continued closing tearing into the last remaining Draconian vessel with their thud cannons, the remaining active twenty cannons spread between the individual vessels causing untold damage on the last enemy vessel.

    "Her hull is cracked." Cameron said quietly "Forsaken forces approaching from aft." He said glancing at his screens "five marauder type vessels. Not normally a real threat Captain but we are damaged." He cautioned

    "Understood let's initiate challenge." Cougar ordered looking at the incoming craft "This is Captain Cougar of the Bellerophon of Michaels Island identify yourself or be considered hostile."

    "I am Catherine the Mad prepare to die." The response said her voice full of venom and anger. The five Marauders closing quickly.

    "Catherine the Mad?” Cougar said confused “who calls themselves that? I thought this sector worked together? Against its neighbours not against each other." Cougar said confused so far all threats from Forsaken forces had come from out with the initial area.

    All five Marauders continued to close they appeared to be armed with rippers and Draconian Impact Cannons which began to pepper the Sea Wolves already damaged hull.

    "**** you then" Cougar said quietly "all ship guns release, fire at will." He ordered the thud cannons silent for far to little time roared into action tearing into two of the Marauders cutting them to pieces, the rest of the fleet joined fire with the Bellerophon. All five ships tore down the remaining three ships disabling or destroying them.

    "Shall we prepare boarding crews?" Cameron asked as the weapons fire from the Sea Wolves began to slow. "Perhaps discover who they were and why they attacked us?"

    "Negative, we are not on this mission, set a course for home begin repairs we will empty our cargo bays and return to eliminate further Draconians." Cougar said intently. The Sea Wolf fleet turned to head for home John Cougar was very happy with his first command the mission had gone very well. Returning to their island the crews were informed that three of the other fleets had been attacked by Catherine's forces all of Marauder type, from what their intelligence could gather they were spoiling attack forces instead of forces intended on causing real damage instead intent on slowing other Forsaken forces attacks.

    At a Council of Captains the leaders of the Islands confirmed that Catherine the Mad as she had self titled herself resided within the same sector as them, intending on gathering further intelligence on both other sectors and on their own neighbours the Council formed the new Intelligence directorate under newly promoted Director Louise Harrison. This directorate would be given access to gunboat type craft and tasked with monitoring communications systems and with scouting out other sectors.

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    "Not everyone was convinced with Kixeye's plans or the Revenge Raid however the chance of glory and the promise of resources had the Islands acting like pirates more than ever. But as more and more lives were lost and ships were damaged everyone began to question its worth. Were they benefiting themselves? Were they weakening the Draconians? Or were they just playing into Kixeye's game?"

    - Governor Mark Glover, Island 42

    As the weeks of Draconian fighting began to wear thin few understood the reason behind it but the island now had more resources than ever with massive expansions to the warehouse district. The island's Leviathan was in dry-dock receiving repairs the Captain had been land locked for almost two weeks are the fighting continued against the Draconians. Instead of taking command of another vessel he'd allowed the Island's other captains to gain some experience attacking the Draconian Cargo Fleets while taking advantage of the downtime to spend with Rachel. In a small ceremony they had finished the wedding that Kixeye Corporation's visit had interrupted unfortunately because of the troubled seas neither had been able to leave the island and spend some quality time together so Rachel had gone straight back to work.

    With her pregnancy beginning to show on her slight figure the Captain had begin to spend much of his time in her research complex doing his own paperwork in her office. Although Rachel had moaned about him involving himself in her world it did allow them both to spend time together. Tech "Captain" Owen was also a frequent visitor reporting on weapon tests to Rachel and snooping around for any new weapons tech found by the fleets fighting the Draconians. When he came by he tended to stay for a coffee, if the Captain was there the three of them could spend an entire afternoon just talking getting nearly nothing done. As well as the repairs to the Captain's Leviathan and a dozen other ships the near continuous construction of new Sea Wolf and Leviathan-class vessels had hardly stopped.

    On this occasion however Owen had entered the office to find the Captain sitting at the desk doing paperwork while Rachel was pulling apart some piece of damaged equipment. "Owen, coffee?" the Captain had greeted before hearing Rachel clear her throat behind him "sorry, would you like some of Rachel's coffee?" He said seeing her mock annoyance playing on her **** features "what?" He asked playfully Rachel just shook her head and got back to work.

    "Not today, Captain" Owen stated "I have something for you" he said winking towards Rachel "both of you."

    "It's ready?" Rachel asked knowingly

    "Indeed" Owen said "Com'on Captain, this you have to see with eyes open." Owen said opening the door again.

    "If you know something you are coming." The Captain said looking over at Rachel she smiled thumped down her piece of equipment offering her hand, pulling himself off the chair into her grasp the Captain and Rachel followed Owen down from the research labs to the shipyard. At one of the smaller piers normally reserved for Marauders or Longships was berthed a strange looking small ship.

    As he closed on the craft the Captain had a proper look at the craft a blunted nose that led into the sea it had no discernible turrets. Almost directly behind the nose was a pair of short fins that like the nose curved downwards towards the sea and alongside them a small control tower. The thin hull curved away from the control tower aft back into the sea before a rear fin that stood directly out of the sea. "A courier craft?"

    "Not quite we should go aboard." Owen said leading the way behind him the Captain and Rachel followed moving quickly up to the top of the control tower. The area open to the air was quite spartan with no real controls just a couple of monitors. Ahead of the ship a single Marauder sat ready to act as a pilot ship to guide them clear.

    Soon after they were on board the ship began to move forward cutting loose from the dock following the Marauder to sea travelling down the island's thin channel. As they headed out to sea a siren sounded throughout the ship before the bow of the craft began to be covered by more and more water.

    "Time to go below, Captain" Owen said smiling "below the seas" he continued entering the hatch Rachel had descended through.

    "No way..." the Captain whispered looking over the edge of the control tower seeing water cover the rest of the hull and steadily climb the hull. "This is something I have to see." The captain exclaimed smiling climbing through the hatch closing it behind him before water covered the tower.

    "Allow me to introduce Commander Briggs Myers" Rachel said introducing a short thin red headed man, he looked little over twenty-five years old.

    "It's an honour, sir" Briggs said saluting smartly.

    "The pleasure is mine, Commander, quite a ship you have here."

    "It's a boat Captain, a submarine one of the first in a generation." The Commander said "we can stay underwater for nearly thirty minutes at a time before raising to snorkel depth for five minutes to clear atmosphere and replenish our batteries. Unfortunately in our efforts to recover some of the technology we have lost we have yet to perfect the technology." The Commander explained the Captain looked around the circular room with an entrance either end of the room, there was a console either side of the forward door with a crewmen controlling the craft. Around either side of the room other crewmen controlled the engines, sonar, radio communications and what appeared to be weapons.

    "It may be experimental but it is very impressive Commander, weapons? I assume we are not out here for show?"

    "Two Havoc class-I torpedoes, Captain" Owen said "found them in Kixeye's little date packet they left with you, nice little beasts four would probably sink your Battle Barge types half as many would cripple or sink a Marauder. We've got research and development working on bigger versions, maybe for the next Predator-class boat Capt'n" Owen said confidently he was already planning the future of the class and future classes that would follow her.

    "I like it, how stealthy are we?"

    "Unless someone actually has active sonar looking for us we could come right alongside any other ship and they would never know we were there." The Commander said confidently.

    "Willing to make a bet of that?" The Captain challenged the Commander who nodded accepting the challenge "I know for a fact that Captain Glyn has a fleet out in the bay mining oil at one of the disused platforms, the Captain owes me a bottle of his best moonshine after our last game of cards, my ship is not at sea and he expects me to collect the next time he's in the area. Now knowing Glyn he likes to protect what he has and I likely won't see it until next year so what do you think, get us close enough to rattle the door?"

    "We certainly can" the Commander said confidently turning to his crew. "Helm make course 25 North-North-East, speed eight knots. Sonar scan for Captain Glyn's ships probably barges if they are mining” he said thinking of the large tanker styled craft “we should have their signatures in records from other ships." From around the compact command centre there was a series of "Ayes" as the ship began to move on its own.

    "The Marauder will shadow us at a couple of miles just to make sure things don't get out of hand." Owen promised quietly. Several hours later the boat was in deep water another drawback of the design was it was not capable of travelling deep under the ocean because of its limited underwater capabilities diving deeper than one hundred metres was not advised. Spending too much time underwater could potentially gas the crew as the batteries ran out of power and the gas turbine was forced to take over. Diving deeper than this was not required however as more than thirty metres would allow it to pass under almost any other ship in the sea, deliver a crippling blow to an enemy ship and move away and without sonar no-one would ever see them.

    "Captain Glyn's ships detected Captain, a single Leviathan leading four Battle Barges, all four Barges are docked with the Oil Rig, the Leviathan is acting as security." The sensor officer reported as they closed on the oil rig.

    "Glyn's flagship has five ripper cannons" the Captain said "when we surface for the last time, pass information to the Marauder to hail Glyn and inform him that I am in the area and approaching that should make sure those cannons don't get turned on us by accident." The Captain ordered just being on the safe side.

    "We'll surface next inside Glyn's radar Capt'n best to let the Commander here do his job" Owen prodded the Captain nodded and moved to beside Owen and Rachel at the rear of the bridge.

    "Helm, come to port, 237 degrees stabilizing thrusters to maximum. Range to target."

    "Twenty-nine-point-four metres Captain" the sonar operator reported as the Predator began to turn sideways under the ocean.

    "Very good lateral movement to starboard, six second burst on my mark." The Commander said quietly "mark" he said the the strangest sensation moved through the boat as the vessel “slipped” sideways to port the deck remained perfectly level however everyone leaned in the direction of the movement. "Blow ballast tanks one, two and three" the Commander ordered moments later the ship was filled with the sensation of raising rapidly in the water. The Commander raised on the ladder leading from the control room "prepare for fresh air, cracking the hatch." He announced as the hatch opened a little water came down the ladder but not enough to be considered with. The Captain followed the Commander up the ladder into the control tower.

    On the surface the Captain joined Commander Myer looking straight at the five high calibre Ripper Machine Gun Cannons mounted on Glyn's Leviathan, the Predator was less than ten metres from the vessel, and it was almost diminutive compared to the mighty craft. "Captain Glyn please?" The Captain shouted to the stunned observers.

    "Captain, what have you got there then?" Glyn shouted back down moments later from his bridge observation platform.

    "My new toy, Captain, I believe you owe me something?"

    "Indeed Captain, and Captain, I think I might want one of your new toys for myself."

    "Perhaps for more of that famous Moonshine" the Captain replied laughing, Glyn's own laughter crossed the gulf between the two ships. The Captain was very happy he'd left his paperwork for this little something Owen had come up with an interesting "toy" to be sure. He'd have to wait to see it in combat but today's test was quite impressive in its own.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    Wow!   I am impressed with the creative and story line to the game.  So very cool.  Thanks for sharing with us. 
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    jenny9971 said:
    Wow!   I am impressed with the creative and story line to the game.  So very cool.  Thanks for sharing with us. 
    Glad you liked it.  A lot of the characters are named for people I met when I originally played.  The events though fictional are intended on being close to the game to make it fun.


    "The Draconian fire-power upgrade took everyone by surprise however it was not the only surprise on the seas."

    - Captain Laura Michaels, Michaels Island

    A huge explosion rocked the Battle Barge as missiles from the Draconian fleet followed by impact cannon fire tore into the ship's armour Captain Laura Michaels, niece of Senator Michaels, gritted her teeth. Unlike her uncle she'd joined the navy as soon as she could at eighteen and now after five years of service she was one of the youngest fleet captains. So far things were not going well, the Draconians had equipped their fleets with new weapons and technology and were causing far more damage than normal already the fleet flagship Battle Barge-Eight was listing heavily to its port side and had stopped fire while their flanking Marauder was on fire and drifting.

    "Come to port sixteen degrees, engines to full, all Strike Missiles prepare to fire." She said quietly crossing her fingers behind her back, the Strike Missile was a brand-new weapon for the navy reverse engineered from Draconian technology she hoped it didn't cause more trouble than worth. Because the Strike missile was lighter and reloaded quicker than the normal Cutlass Missiles employed on their ships it allowed for thicker armour which had so far allowed the Battle Barge to stay in the fight.

    "Missiles firing" weapons control called out the ship was rocked as the four Strike Missile Launchers began to pour our missile fire. "Impact in 3,2,1..." the young man continued, Laura's entire crew were young for their positions however it was to be expected, their single island had a navy that was growing quicker than its population. Already the Council of Captains had decreed that the Outpost needed to be upgraded to promote population growth however everything took time. "Damage assessment.... no critical damage, target four is damage Captain, still incoming."

    "Battle Barge One-One hold with us on starboard flank, Predator Three break away circle around and attempt to take some attention." Laura ordered communicating with the other two active ships one Battle Barge and one Predator Submarine. The other Battle Barge stayed in position it was covered in Ripper Machine Gun turrets and Maelstrom missile turrets not designed for a long range fight, its crew knew they were a shield for Laura's ship and stopping their enemy closing in. The Predator was invisible under the waves and would hopefully be able to avoid the Draconians sonar systems and moving into position with its Havoc Torpedoes which could cause real damage against the Draconians.

    Laura shook her head as she watched a second Strike Missile Salvo hit the Draconians and almost literally bounce off the Draconian armour. She was sure the problem was not the missiles instead the Draconians had upgraded almost everything on their ships "this is impossible." she whispered too low for anyone else to hear, it would take a month and ten times her ammunition reserves to defeat the Draconian's new armour and she knew they couldn't outrun the incoming ships.

    "Captain, another group of ships approaching to port, answering to Forsaken hails." The Communications officer added from her console she was twenty years old and already boasted her first war wounds a large gash running along the top of her forehead after she'd been hit by a falling roof panel early in the fight.

    "Put it to me" Laura ordered looking at the incoming ships then glancing at her command chair's screens "this is Captain Laura Michaels please identify, we are engaged in combat beware area is dangerous."

    "This is Captain Lukas Turkoffski, we are mercenaries and have recently left the employment of a Captain Themistocles and are searching for employment. Can we be of assistance?" The accent was strong and like none that Laura had heard but she got the gist of the words spoken.

    "Affirmative, Draconian forces causing trouble for us, can you assist with them?"

    "Will you employ us?"

    "If you save my ships I can guarantee that you will have a deal with my island." Laura said plotting a course for her two Battle Barges straight at Turkoffski's ships, also sending orders to her Predator submarine she flagged the incoming ships as friendly and ordered the ship to continue independent operations. The two battle damaged Battle Barges closed on the incoming ships there were three Leviathans and two Battle Barges all were in pristine undamaged condition. There was a nervous moment as they closed to weapons range however Turkoffski's forces held fire until they passed Laura's ships. They were armed with various ripper and hydra missile systems and quickly began closing on the incoming Draconians, five new targets against the already damaged enemy ships had little chance, Laura's ships continued their retreat as Turkoffski's ships continued their fire. Although the mercenaries had primitive weapons compared to some of the systems available to Michaels Island what they lacked in sophistication they made up with in numbers.

    The close range Hydra and Ripper weapons allowed the Draconians to fire on the mercenary forces however in close Turkoffski's forces were deadly and cut through the Draconian fleet causing massive damage to all the ships. Turkoffski's ships passed through the Draconian formation turned and instantly returned through them cutting down all but one of the ships, Torpedoes from the still submerged Predator finished off the last of the Draconian ships.

    "Captain Turkoffski again Captain." The Communications officer said looking over at Laura.

    "Understood all stations stand down to blue alert. Comms go for me." She said moments later the connection was made "Captain, thank you for your assistance."

    "Not a problem Captain" Turkoffski replied "Captain, we can assist with ship recovery however we will not be carrying any cargo dropped by the Draconians, our ships are not cargo craft for your island. We have simple requirements under your employ our crews fed and our ships repaired. As is a standing requirement of our fleet it will be a short term contact only."

    "I'm sure we can meet these arrangements, please follow us home, we'll find you a dock."

    Nearly an hour later they had returned to Michaels' Island and Laura invited the mercenaries onto the shore there she had introduced Turkoffski to the Council of Captains. Turkoffski had insisted on his ships remaining in the bay while he came into the island's dock on a small launch. With his terms agreed the Council of Captains had agreed to repair Turkoffski's ships and even refit them with the newly researched Cutlass 3 Cruise Missile Launchers by the time the ships were equipped with the new weapons it would likely be time for them to move on. Turkoffski explained that his people had originally come from a quiet sector and had abandoned their island, since then they had considered themselves nomads acting as mercenaries for various islands along the way gaining experience and new technology along the way.

    With the refits of new weapons taking nearly three weeks by themselves Turkoffski's mercenaries had trained with the local fleets of ships and joined them in some operations however for the most part they had anchored in the Island's bay providing the island with a very visible deterrent against attack. Their presence provided much of the island with a sense of security however as they had learned from their first ventures into the sea, there were surprises to be seen everywhere.

    On the morning of the end of Turkoffski's contract the ships had been preparing to set sail loading food and ammunition when its lead Leviathan had been struck by a massive explosion that tore a hole in the side of the vessel. Michaels Island's Outpost mounted early warning radar had confirmed five Draconians ships incoming heading directly for the island. Turkoffski had informed the Outpost that, although his contact was ending, his ships would run through the enemy ships and try to lead them away.

    The three Leviathans flanked by the two Battle Barges had charged into the incoming Draconians spreading out as they approached the incoming enemy ships their newly fitted Cutlass launches pouring our missile fire into the incoming Draconians craft. One of the lead Draconian craft, a longboat sized craft, exploded in a ball of flame as it was hit by nearly a dozen missiles in a concentrated salvo. However the return fire from the Draconians shattered both of Turkoffski's Battle Barges blowing both ships into pieces as their own magazines were penetrated by Strike and Assault Missiles.

    Undaunted Turkoffski's remaining three ships continued on charging forward their armour taking fire as they disappeared into the morning fog surrounding Michaels' Island. The people on the island heard several deafening explosions however their source was obscured by the fog leaving the people to wonder about the mercenary's fate; something that would never be learned as Turkoffski and his people were never seen or heard of again.

    Nearly an hour later three Draconian Warships emerged from the fog the two smaller craft were damaged however the largest of the ships, which was huge easily the size of Kixeye Corporation's Floating Fortress, was completely active. In the first known action of Draconian force against a Forsaken Island Michaels' Island was rocked as the large ships mortars began to pummel the first two defence turrets obliterating both in a single salvo. across the island panic and action ran side-by-side as the inhabitants ran to the bunker under the Outpost and the defenders tried to answer this new threat from the sea...

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    "Forsaken attacks were deadly Draconian ones were far worse."

    - Resident, Michaels Island

    The island's emergency sirens screamed as the Draconians continued to close the Turret crews running to their positions, civilians trying to reach shelter deep in the Outpost. The Captain was running in the opposite direction up the stairs making his was passed others who were heading down the stairs, debris and belongings dropped by fleeing civilians and staff covered the stairs fortunately no-one had fallen. Reaching level 5 half way up the tower he ran out of the stairwell onto the level charging down the short corridor he shot past a pair of marine guards who still stood at their posts despite the chaos inside and out.

    Entering the Command Room he looked around at the staff busying away at their work compared to the chaos outside the room was almost peaceful save from the the typing of commands into various consoles and the calm quiet communications into headsets at the various desks. At the table already Senator Michaels stood surveying the main electronic map table in the centre of the room watching as it updated with reports from outside. "Senator a surprise to see you here." He greeted civilly although the Senator had no real military command the two had been getting on quite well recently Michaels encounter with their enemies at sea appeared to have changed him.

    "If they destroy this Island our people have built I'd rather go down seeing them coming. Only three ships?"

    "Our mercenary allies cut them down all three appear damaged although..." He whispered glancing at initial estimates on the incoming ships "the smaller ships appear to be the size of a Sea Wolf but out gun it, while the largest ship appears to hold more weapons than even a Floating Fortress." He finished "basically our worse nightmare, Senator." He said looking up at the man the Captain could see the fear in his eyes.

    "Then there's only really one option..." Michaels said his voice quivering slightly. The Captain looked at him quizzically half expecting Michaels to utter the word 'surrender' he was pleasantly surprised when he heard the opposite. "Fight them until we can't."

    "Close Senator, first we do two things." the Captain said "Communications, post our Coordinates on Sector 73 wide communications, push it out as far as we can. Inform everyone that the Draconians have attacked a Forsaken Island and ask for any assistance anyone can provide." He said before glancing over at the defence controllers "Battle-station, bring Victory Mortars One and Two online."

    "Captain, they have not been tested even once!" One of the officers warned turning her seat towards him she was in her late twenties and had her red hair tied back into a pony tail. The Victory Mortars were new land based weapons similar to the Peacemaker Mortar seen on the largest ships, designed to engage targets at the longest possible range they fired huge explosive shells and were based on weapons originally seen at Blackheart's Islands. Following the visit by Kixeye Corporation the science and engineering teams had been able to complete two of the weapons they were the newest defence weapon available even if untested appeared quite potent.

    "No time like the present, Lieutenant, test shot on both Mortars as soon as they are powered."

    "Already there Captain." The other Lieutenant said not turning from his console of lights. "Victory One this is Command Deck, orders test shot when ready." The man said into his communication system. Moments later there was a huge roar from the guns that could be heard even within the Command Room "Victory Mortar Two, same orders, test shot when ready." He said for a second time again a massive roar crossed the island as the weapon turret fired.

    "Analysis?" The Captain asked quietly

    "Weapon condition 100-over-100 on expected performance. Exactly what we wanted sir” he said triumphantly turning around then glancing back at his screen. “Shot Victor-Mike-One Sixteen metres from predicted, needs some calibration."

    The female Lieutenant then spoke "Analysis Victor-Mike-Two...Weapon 100... correction 96% capability operational gunners report weapon moved when fired.” She said looking at the Captain fearfully testing a weapon during combat was not ideal “shot six metres from predicted target." She said "sir, the gunners report the weapon is usable but we could lose it permanently if things get out of hand."

    "Lieutenant, if things get out of hand we'll lose everything. Keep the gun operational but warn those gunners to keep an eye on its condition." The two gunner controllers nodded and got back to their consoles ensuring the other turrets were fully operational. “Both weapons are to fire when they have a target, gunners have my permission to correct their shots as and when required.”

    "Captain, Draconian targets Delta-One, Delta-Two and Delta-Three are entering weapons range of outer turrets." The Sensor station reported on the map the three enemy blips were entering the island's channel.

    "Turret One and Two engaging target Delta One." The female controller reported as the two most outer Sentinel Missile Batteries opened fire. "Damage analysis... superior armour protection than a standard Forsaken fleet, they appear to float higher in the water than our own hulls probably faster than our ships are capable of." She said continuing to look at the ship in detail as the Sentinel's targeting sensors scanned it looking for weaknesses.

    "Target Delta-Three firing, four mortar type weapons." Her male colleague said there was a quiet moment as the weapon shells arced across the air before four huge explosions rocked the entire island and all of the facilities grounded there. The shock wave from the blasts travelled through the Outpost knocking the staff flying from their consoles both Michaels and the Captain were flattened by the blast.

    "Mother of all that is holy!!" Michaels screamed pulling himself back to his feet "what on earth were they?"

    "Damage assessment!!" The Captain barked dragging himself back to his feet there was blood coming from his hairline running down his face his dark hair matted by the fluid. Michaels handed him a handkerchief from his business suit's front pocket. Which the Captain slapped against his head trying to stem the blood flow he knew he was wasting his time head wounds tended to bleed, which was a good thing a doctor would say.

    "Turret one, destroyed... Turret Two fifty percent capacity. The blast radius of those shells were wider than I've ever seen." The female controller said looking over at the Captain concerned. “The shockwave that followed them appears to be anti-personnel in nature intended to knock things and people over and to cause injuries.”

    "Delta-One and two continuing to close in range of turrets three and four. Victor-Mike-One also in range." The other controller said in a matter of fact way despite the losses sustained at Turret one and two." The Captain hesitated for a moment trying to focus through the pain coming from his head, concussion was a very real possibility, however he didn't want to leave.

    "All turrets continue to fire as targets come to bear. The more we can hurt them the better." Michaels said seeing the Captain's momentary distraction. The man the Captain had considered to be a rival for so long an ally when it counted, he didn't say a word instead just nodded to the politician. There was a deafening roar as the first Victor Mortar fired its first salvo. "If we are going down we go down swinging." He said grimly. "Delta One engaging defences with missiles and thud cannons. Turret three under fire." One of the turret controllers said at almost the same time a slight cheer from the other controller as the Victory Mortar round hit Delta-Three midships.

    "Direct hit from Victor-Mike-One on target!" He said triumphantly as an explosion engulfed the massive ship almost completely concealing it from view. For a moment the Captain's heart skipped a beat not knowing to expect to see the target again or to see wreckage.

    "Did we kill it?" Rachel asked appearing at the Captain's side she wore just a simple green jumpsuit her hair tied back into a braid that ran half way down her back. Seeing the Captain's wound she immediately reached under the desk pulling out the first aid box which the Captain hadn't bothered to look at. She immediately slapped a bandage on his wound trying to soak up the blood.

    "You should be in the shelter" the Captain whispered he said looking at her concerned even as she tried to help him.

    "I am where I should be." She said quietly “you need a proper medic.” But he ignored the comment listening to the Control room staff.

    "Damage assessment complete, Delta-Three is still intact!" The Controller reported looking at his display "Victor-Mike-One and -Two in range firing continuous barrage." He said looking over his shoulder at the Captain who nodded.

    "Deltas One and Two past turret three heading for Turret Four. They are targeting the Metal factory." The female lieutenant reported the Metal factory was in fact five buildings attached by thin corridors and connections, any time they were talked about the factories it was used in its singular.

    "Safety Officer, ensure all workers are clear of that area. Damage Controllers, have salvage and rescue teams on standby." The Senator ordered taking care of the civilians was his area of expertise. Outside the Outpost the sentinel missiles and victory mortar shells rained down on the three Draconian ships as they moved down the channel. The large Draconian vessel took several hits as did the two smaller ships however they appeared to be able to take a lot of damage sailing past the first two sets of defence turrets.

    "And we have a kill" the Captain said quietly watching as one of the smaller ships was consumed by a raging fire and began to capsize. Unfortunately the second smaller vessel and the larger ship were continuing to close on the Outpost the large Draconian vessel's four mortars continuing to rock the entire island, parts of the roof plaster within the control room crumbled as impact after impact caused damage to the entire structure.

    "Victor-Mike-Two is offline."

    "Draconian Damage?"

    "Negative, it shook itself loose from its moorings, we can't move it or fire the gunners say they need heavy lifting gear." The turret controller explained, the Captain sighed the weapons were still experimental and it was only a matter of time before something went wrong, at least it had done something before failing. "Howitzer battery in range, weapons engaging Delta-One." They continued the close range defences were part of the original Island defences and had been out ranged by newer turrets but were still potent. The three guns tore into Delta-Two cutting into the thin Draconian craft's hull beaching several decks with their explosive shells. One smashed through the spine of the ship cracking its watertight hull the ship's structure seemed to fold in on itself as the weapons fire from the howitzers and sentinels crushed bulkheads, the ship split into two almost equal halves as it began to sink beneath the waves into the channel's shallow waters.

    "Two down" Rachel said smiling triumphantly.

    "The last ship is turning" Michaels said looking at the monitors and the map, sure enough the large ship was turning in the narrow channel even under fire from Sentinels, Howitzers and Victory Mortars the ship was still intact and engaging with Missile and Mortar fire. "It can't be allowed to leave, it has done all this damage."

    "We'll do our best" one of the Controllers said as her weapons found their targets. The Draconian vessel completed its turn and began to retreat back down the channel as weapons fire continued to strike the massive ship's hull.

    "At the mouth of the channel five further ships..!" The Radar operator shouted out with the Draconians so close he hadn't been needed in the fight however now he was becoming needed.

    "They called in reinforcements that's why they are pulling back" Senator Michaels said quietly seeing the ships "no communications." He said seeing blank computer screens.

    "Wait they look different!" Rachel said pointing at the surviving observation cameras. Surely enough the ships wore a red pennant on their communications masts with a horned demon head skull with a pair of swords.

    "Incoming ships firing" the Radar officer reported. Everyone in the room prepared themselves for the next stage of the attack.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    This part wasn't actually written by me but by another pirate I met in the game.  It's the same story line just another author having fun with it


    Meanwhile across the Forsaken Seas

    Admiral Artan Bracius Duinhir sat in his command chair, pondering the messages that were presently streaming across his comm screens. The Electra newly released from the dry-docks had been refitted with the newly captured D73-M Assault Mortar a Draconian fleet killer weapon. In fact the other four Floating Fortresses that were in tight formation around his flag fortress all sported two of the new weapons, along with two of the D71-L Shockwave Mortars, and two different variants of the D33 Assault cannon. On paper the Draconian weapons were far better than the standard Forsaken weapons the Electra used to use however this would be their first test. Artan quietly wondered if the price his spies had demanded for the weapons was worth it, soon hopefully he'd find out.

    As the ships sailed away from his Island searching for targets the newly re painted hull sparkled in the morning light with his red pennant with its horned demon-head skull laying over a pair of crossed naval long swords, his standard during his years in the Republic Naval Forces. One of the many messages caused him to shot straight up in his chair from the relaxed position that he was seated in. “Quartermaster plot course for Michaels' Island, I'm sending you the coordinates.” Duinhir shouted into his communication relay which since the refit was directly built into the chair one of the many advancements the Electra now boasted, alongside the chair the ancient tried and true sound-tube that went through the ship's hull remained, just in case. “Captain, make best speed to ordered destination.” Quickly changing frequency he contacted the radio room.

    “Sparks, message to Michaels' Island.” Duinhir thought for a second. ”from Electra Actual.” Duinhir looked at the speed indicators and saw that the rumbling that was picking up under his feet was in response to the massive ship’s increasing speed. “Inhabitants of Michaels' Island, My assistance is offered to your recent position. Stop.” Artan looked out the windows of the Flag Bridge to see that the other four fortresses in his fleet were also increasing speed to keep formation with the Electra. “I am making best speed to your coordinates with five Floating Fortresses. Sign Admiral Artan B. Duinhir.” Artan released the activator of the handset before pressing it again.

    “Sparks send a copy of that message to base with additional orders to launch the Terrorwolves. We may need to be prepared to defend home as well as help our neighbours.” Artan spun around in his chair to gave a pre-set hand signal to the officer of the deck.

    “Aye aye, Admiral.” Came the reply to Artan’s command. “Message sent in Alliance code, sir.”

    “Battle stations Battle stations, repeat all hands to battle stations, this is not a drill!” the Deck officer glanced over to the admiral who and changed his focus back to his monitors. “The formation is planning to enter battle, all departments make readiness reports to the officer of the deck on the flag bridge.” The young lieutenant hung up the intercom set. “Ship has been ordered to Battle Stations sir!”

    “Understood Lieutenant Marcus, and thank you very much sir.” The admiral returned still with his back to the young officer, someone who was doing very well despite his young age.

    Overhead klaxons rang on all five warships. The five fortresses in amazement to their massive size altered course and came to their new heading making 23 knots across a violent but strange sea, their massive triangular hulls but a speck in the endless Forsaken Sea. Hours later the ships were approaching the coordinates of Michaels Island, smoke raised from the west side of the island however some of the buildings looked fine. As they closed on the island they sailed past the wreckage of a destroyed Battle Barge and a destroyed Leviathan. Artan ordered the wreckage searched however there were no survivors. Glancing at his comms relay Artan noticed an incoming message. "Electra Actual go ahead."

    "Sir, Radio Room, interference from the Island is blocking our communications. We have been unable to reach them on any standard Sector communications."

    "Understood continue to try..." Artan ordered before another shout of warning came from across the Flag bridge.

    "Emerging Draconian vessel from the Island Admiral!! It's massive sir even bigger than ourselves."

    "Radio Room, flag bridge, send all known surrender orders to that ship." He knew the Draconian answer however some of the old ways were better kept, the Old Republic Guard would never have fired on an enemy without offering them a chance out. "Captain, prepare all ships for immediate hostilities." He said turning to his ship's captain, immediately Captain Andrea Stewart began to bark out orders across the bridge. She was young and energetic but extremely capable one of the senior first officers of his old Task Force 17 formation the Admiral had promoted her to his Flagship's command following the retiring of the ship's previous captain when Task Force 17 arrived at the old Paragumo Harbour, their most recent base of operations.

    "Flag bridge, Radio Room, no response from enemy craft."

    "Weapons firing from Draconian vessel multiple mortars and missiles." One of the observers called out.

    "There's our answer" Andrea said quietly, Artan nodded is agreement as the first mortar rounds landed around the Electra. One struck the outermost Fortress on the port side leaving a nasty scar on its armour as it bounced off the explosive armour Artan had recently ordered installed.

    "All ships form pattern Delta-Foxtrot-One." Andrea ordered Delta-Foxtrot-One was also known as the 'Death fan' by the ships crews and it was intended to minimise damage from mortars by spreading out the ships, it also allowed each ship to fire independently when they were in the best position minimising orders needing to be passed.

    More mortar fire was bombarding the five vessels however the single Draconian vessel had no chance against the five Fortresses driving down on it. The newly installed mortars on the Electra suddenly fired, for a moment taking Artan aback by the power and noise of the new weapons. He'd been around Diplomat and Peacemaker Mortar systems for nearly forty years ever since his first assignment in the Republic navy on an ancient Battle Barge from the old world. But never in all his experiences had he experienced anything like this. The shock-wave of the new weapons even just firing was something to behold travelling through the ship the entire structure of the Electra shook as the weapons fired.

    "Time to target, 3, 2, 1, impact" one of the weapons officers called out as the Mortars impacted on the Draconian vessel. The shock of the weapons firing was not the only shock of the new mortars the impact of the three Draconian tech mortars physically shook the Draconian ship rocking it side-to-side by the blasts first from the D-73M then from the paired D-71Ls. "Damage assessment... vessel is still intact Captain" the man said astonished looking at first Andrea then Duinhir. The Admiral sat back in his chair and nodded at his ship's commander.

    "Then we do it the old fashioned way." She stated clearly for all to hear "helm, collision course with Draconian target, communications inform all other ships to continue bombardment at range Electra has point, Engines all ahead full." Andrea ordered in quick-fire orders the massive Electra accelerated quickly the Mortar turrets continued to fire however their fire would be wasted as the ship closed the two forward D-33 Assault Cannons opened fire the guns acted like ripper cannons but with far more precise accuracy.

    The Electra was within one hundred metres of the Draconian vessel when Andrea spoke again "Hard to Port!" She shouted Strike Missiles flew from the Draconian ship's missile launchers impacting on the Electra's starboard hull. The two forward D-33 weapons continued to tear into the Draconian vessel tearing into the ship's closed hull despite being this close the Draconians continued to remain within their vessel hidden from sight. As the Electra continued its turn mortar fire from the other four Fortresses impacted on the massive enemy ship, the shock-wave from the multiple impacts was huge even the massive arrow-headed Electra felt the impact rocking the ship heavily onto its side. The waves around the ship lapped up ton its sloped dorsal hull for a moment Admiral Artan Bracius Duinhir thought his ship would capsize, his flagship from the Old Republic destroyed by weapons he ordered installed the irony made him smile.

    Today was not that day the Electra's hull stabilized and continued to sail in a straight line. "Draconian vessel is breaking up!" The observers reported there was a cheer around the bridge as the crew relived at their victory Andrea Stewart turned and looked at Duinhir who was still smiling.

    "Happy Admiral?" She asked it had been a while since he was truly happy since his wife had taken some of the task force away from him during their disagreements. The two had patched things up and visited each other quite often but she still remained on her own island with her own people.

    "Content Captain" he said keeping his thoughts to himself "the crew did very well, on all our ships." He said looking past Andrea to one of the monitors which still was focused on Michaels Island, the fires continued to rage. "Now we find out if there is anything further we can do while we are here." He said directing attention to the people they had come to help, revenge against the Draconians would come another day.

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    Not going to lie....  I am pretty disappointed that nothing has come out recently!  
    Sorry work has kept me off for most of week

    Again this part was done by Thomas Clifton


    Draconian Outpost Sharver

    Paxton breathed heavily in the face masked that covers her entire face. The heat inside this outpost was unbearable to humans, but her mission wasn’t finished. The plans and data that her employer wanted was more important that her very life, and the fact that this little portable mini drive was worth a year’s worth of pay. She had been on this outpost for only four weeks slipping around in places that the Draconians would look in. Over those weeks she had seen and recorded some of the most impressive wanders that was years beyond what the Forsaken had. This made this mission highly important, so important that her very live was worth little. Her employer at Paragumo Island was pay large amounts of cash for this information. But right now, right that very instant she had to get to her inflatable raft that she had hidden away in secluded section of the Draconian outpost station. Paxton knew that Achilles was waiting for her signal for pickup, but due to the advanced Draconian Intelligence Lab at this station she had to get far out to sea before she could transmit the retrieval signal.

    The corridors down in the bowls of the outpost were dark and she had to feel her way along using the wall as a guide. The helmets optics systems were designed to be used by a Draconian and not humans and until she got to where the air duct was, she couldn’t put on the night optics that waited for her. Some of the technology that she had the pleasure of using was given to her by her present employer; he was very generous with his tech that was left over from the old republic. That’s why she would to extremes to get the jobs done that he assigned her to do. A few hundred feet found her by an air duct. Paxton felt for the mark that she had left and found it. She pulled out her tools and loosened the bolts that secured the air duct plate. Quickly getting the job done she lifted herself in to the duct and replaced the cover the plate back in place for inside. She slowly started making her way down the duct following marks that she had left, until she came to the end of her short trek through the confining duct work. She could feel the cool breeze on her face which signalled that she was now at an intake duct that was on outer wall of the Draconian outpost. Removing her helmet she found the night optics headset and put it on. With the simple flick of a switch and a moment warm up the once pitch darkness now was a eerie green hue.

    Paxton slowly lower herself to the rocky ground and started to make her away along the shoreline, keeping to the shadows as much as she could. She knew where her raft was stored, a small natural cave along the southern shore of the Island that this Draconain base was built on, and its strange structure nothing like the bases of the Forsaken. There it was, but to her disappointment a Draconian patrol was on the beach near. She had a choice either waits for them to go by, go running out with her pistol blazing killing both of them or use stealth to circumvent their position and come up behind them for a sneak attack. She knew the noise of her pistol would alert others if they were nearby, greatly reducing the chance of her getting away. She slowly started moving around the patrols position using stealth and the shadows to hide her. “No guts no glory she thought to herself.” and moved up behind them both.

    Quickly she unsheathed her knife and sprang. Driving the short blade in to the neck of the first guard setting it deep into his artery as she kick the second in his groin causing him to double over. A stinging feeling came over her, but due to the adrenaline she moved on. She quickly withdrew the blade and leaped on to the second guard bringing her knife across his knee from ear to ear the second guard died as quickly as the first one did. Paxton leaped up and ran in to the cave. Quickly locating the raft she pulled it from its package and brought it over to the water. Placing the raft in the water she triggered the self inflation mechanism that was built in to the one man raft and got in. She knew she would have to row as quickly as she could to get the momentum that she needed to breach the surface that was rolling in on the beach head. So she dug deep in to her reserves and plunged forward in to the waves.

    Twenty minutes later found her hundreds of feet away from the island, but a sudden weakness had come over her and a pain in her side. Feeling her side she found moisture. Bringing her hand up to her face she found it to be covered with blood, her blood. Then she realized that the sting that she had felt must have been a shot from a sniper rifle, but the cover from the cave’s entrance and the surf must have shielded her from any other attacks. She pulled out her first aid kit and set to the task of caring for the wound. But quickly her strength was leaving her, her vision get fussy around the edges of her sight. Knowing that soon she was passing out from the loss of blood she triggered the beacon that was on her belt. And as unconscious over took her she could barely hear the bubbling of the sea around her and voices.

    The submarine was a small boat, not much bigger than a Marauder. Commodore Joshua Halloway stood on the bridge observing the duties that was going on around him. “Captain sonar is picking up the contact pinging that we were told to look out for. The sonar-man triggered the speakers on switch so the people that were gathering around him could hear.

    “That’s the signal Captain.” Joshua said as he came up to stand behind the smaller man. Joshua was proud of his six foot two well muscled frame. He was an imposing figure and looks rather handsome in the uniform that he was proud to wear. Duinhir had just promoted him from Captain of a Seawolf Destroyer to the Commodore of Task Force 17, the Admirals very own fleet. With that new duty also came the arduous task of being in charge of Duinhir’s spy network. “Surface the boat Captain.” Joshua said as he turned and started for the ladder which went up through the submarine’s conning tower.

    “Commodore, we are to close the the Draconian base.” The captain said as he turned from the sonar-man’s alcove. “The Dracs could launch a force to come out and sink us.”

    “Looks like you need to perform a miracle by surfacing this boat and getting that person aboard as quickly as you can then captain.” Joshua closed the distance between him and the captain before the captain could register his actions “Or must I remind you that we are in a war here, and that disobeying a command from a senior officer could be seen as treason!” the last was said low enough that the other officers and enlisted men on the bridge couldn’t them.

    “Conn, surface the bout.” The captain ordered as he turned and moved towards his chair.”Chief of the Boat get your guards up topside and retrieve this spy quickly.” Captain Gerrot triggered the communication device that was set into the chair’s armrest “Torpedo room, load tubes one and two and standby with additional torpedoes to follow them.” Captain Gerrot sat down and looked at Commodore Halloway. “I’ll torpedo anything that comes out of that harbour.”

    “Very well captain. I have no problems with that.”

    The Predator submarine broke the surface of the sea coming up right besides the small inflatable raft Men came pouring on to it weather deck one caring a boat hook reaching across the short distance to the raft he pulled the small boat closer to the submarine side and two other men grab the raft. “It’s a woman sir and she’s wounded.”

    Up on the command deck of the conning tower Gerrot looked at Halloway. “This ship isn’t set up to care for the needs of a woman Commodore.”

    Holloway gave the captain a stern look. “She is the most important person in your life right now captain.” Hollway started down the ladder that lead back to the bridge. “I suggest you get her on board and submerge this boat.” Halloway looked back up at Captain Gerrot. “If she dies, it’s your head.”

    “Get her below and secure the outer hatches!” Gerrot barked out.

    Quickly the men hauled her in to the submarines protective hull and the outer hatches were sealed back up. Within minutes the small Predator submarine was slowly submerging back into the protection that the sea offered it. Slipping below the plankton level the Predator submarine set course to meet up with Task Force 17, its package safely on board, but wounded.

    Hours later Commodore Halloway was informed that the spy was in stable condition and he went down to see her.

    “You must be the Cat?” he said as he came to stand beside the bed.

    “You must be Commodore Halloway.” She returned. She looked like she would recover from the gun shot, but she would be layed up here in sickbay until the submarine meet up with Task Force 17.

    “And the information that you had gather.” Halloway asked as he pulled up a chair to sit beside the bed. “May I have it?”

    Paxton sat up in the bed trying to keep the thin blanket pulled up covering her now naked form. “Well you see commodore, besides being told not to turn the information over to anyone besides the Admiral.” She kind of blushed.”It’s kind of in a place that takes a few minutes to retrieve it from.” She looked up at him. “Rather handsome.” She thought. “And although I would like to get to know you on a more personal way. I don’t think showing you my hiding place is the right thing is the best thing or the right thing to do until you take me out to dinner.”

    “We’ll just wait until we get to the Electra then.” Halloway returned with a smile on his face. “Until we get there you are to stay here and rest.” Her walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a blanket, returned to the bed she was laying in and covered her. “You mission is done cat, you out of Harm’s Way.”

    The Achilles quickly made way under the rolling sea above it. Its stealthy hull slipping by the Draconian naval forces and pirate fleets that ploughed the Forsaken Seas. Almost a week later the Achilles arrived near Michaels Island to find dozens of fleets arranged at anchorages throughout the region. The lone Predator could move without much hindrance however it was very obvious that one of the local Sea Wolf fleets was patrolling the region. Holloway was under directions not to stop for anyone but Duinhir. The Submarine loitered just below the surface as watching as the Sea Wolves challenged incoming fleet after incoming fleet until finally they approached a Battle Barge fleet.

    What followed was what appeared to be a simulated combat exercise between the two fleets and Captain Gerrot took his chance while it stood. Diving more than eighty metres the Predator's accelerated "Sonar nets on the Sea Wolf fleet have gone down, simulated damage." One of the control room officers reported as the Predator continued on its course passing gently through the fleets battle above completely unnoticed. "We're clear of their effective range."

    "Well done Captain, now bring us to the surface." Joshua ordered re-entering the command centre. The Predator surfaced directly between the Electra and her escorts, shielded from view and from the sea the submarine was quickly tied alongside the Electra its small hull being dwarfed by the massive fortress. The Electra’s gangway was lowered to rest just forward of the submarine’s conning tower, and the water tight doors was opened to let in fresh air. Minimal surface time was spent during the return trip so the air in the tiny vessel was stale with the smell of sweat and machinery. Only once during the voyage to rendezvous with the Admiral’s fleet was the Achilles threatened by a pirate fleet. Apparently the ships in the force were equipped with sonar and were able to track the submarine, but its enhanced engines keep the Achilles just in front of the pirate fleet.

    The gangway was long but Paxton slowly made the climb with help from Commodore Halloway, at the top of the gangway stood an ensign in the uniform of the naval forces of Paragumo Island, Admiral Duinhir’s strong hold. A blond youth not much younger than her, but she knew her experience in life was far greater than his. She was raised in the slums of a neighbouring pirate base, fending for herself, until she had stowed away on the Electra while it was at the pirate base during a raid. Admiral Duinhir had found her and raised her as his own, training her to do the very thing that she was getting paid by his to do. She offered to work for free, but he would not see of it, besides she felt she needed to pay for all of the expensive “toys” that was at her disposal.

    The commodore came to a halt at the top of the gangway and saluted the young officer. “I have returned Ensign Mayweather.” He said and quickly dropped his salute, which the young officer returned.

    “The Admiral sends his greetings commodore and requests your audience in his stateroom sir.” The young officer said as he signalled the deck hands to raise the gangway.

    “Please send work to the Admiral that I will be there shortly, as soon as I get Ms. Turner seen by the ship’s physician we both will be there to see him.” The ensign saluted Halloway and made a hand motion for his runner. “The ensign repeated the command and the runner took off along the port side of the ship and entered a outer hatch in the side of the fortress’ citadel.

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    "The Draconian attack on Forsaken territory was a step too far for everyone even those we considered lost souls or those who preferred to work alone. It also made the Forsaken people rally behind a united front."

    - Captain Rick

    The massive Fortress Electra dwarfed every other ship within Michaels Island's dock, the ship barely fit at any of the piers by itself. Many of the Island's buildings had were still damaged however Senator Michaels had insisted the ally that had come to the island's aid be catered for as much as possible. By invitation Admiral Artan Barcius Duinhir and his ship's Captain Andrea Stewart had made landfall meeting with the Captain, Senator Michaels and Dr Rachel McManus. "We came as soon as your call went out." Duinhir explained "you were ready to try and organise this Sector against Blackheart it was the least I could offer in return." He said after the initial introductions "unfortunately my ships do not have the necessary parts to help you rebuild" he said indicating over their shoulders at the destroyed Sentinel defence system "how was your casualties?" He asked quietly.

    "A lot lower than expected" the Captain admitted, "our people have drilled well" he said proudly.

    "Every people has to do all to protect their own." Duinhir said "my fleet has some resources that we can use to rebuild, and we will stay in the bay for as long as you need us."

    "Thank you, Admiral, we have plenty of resources and our people are eager to rebuild" Rachel said politely.

    "Instead we have other things to look for..." the Captain said coldly "revenge." He said quietly, the Admiral looked at the young man and raised his head slightly almost surprised by this reaction. "I intend to try and call for the Sector to come together and assault the Draconians." The Captain said determined.

    "Assaulting the Draconians? No-one has ever done that." The Admiral said quietly, we have however spied on them." The Admiral revelled quietly, "in-fact I may have something for you shortly. For now I will return the Electra to the seas and my fleet. We will stand-guard as the others arrive."

    "My Wolf Pack will be joining you out there Admiral, this is our home and we will defend it also I need to ensure that our mining fleets have a way to return home." The Admiral nodded but said little else almost as if he was a little distracted by what was going on the Captain and Rachel were both sure the man had withheld things but who didn't have secrets?

    Almost as soon as the Electra had docked with the island the massive Fortress was back out in the bay with the other four vessels of the fleet, soon they were joined by John Cougar's Sea Wolf fleet renamed the Wolf Pack the five vessels were rapidly becoming the most elite unit in the whole island's naval forces. Even at just over one hundred metres the fleet felt small compared to Duinhir's forces. "Just because these guys rode in and think they are our saviours we don't let them think they run this bay. This is our island so we make sure that ever ship entering our waters knows that. Ever ship friendly or not gets challenged" John said as he briefed the other four Captains of his fleet. "The Captain has a big op planned we want to be part of that even if it's just an escort force for our big guns, lets make that happen people." He had said and so the five Sea Wolves were crossing the bay in a zig-zag pattern literally challenging ever ship that crossed the horizon. More often than not it was a verbal check over the ship before it was allowed passed however every now and then one of the Sea Wolves would sail across the incoming ships path placing them under the Thud Cannons as the check was completed.

    After nearly three days of checks there were more than twenty fleets from various Islands some like Captains Rick, Buk or Alex War were well known and trusted allies others like Captain Bill Hawke, Seaking or Captain Phill were known by reputation alone some good some questionable. The Helmsmen Ensign Dean Rae looked over at the almost bored Captain Cougar looking over some paperwork, this ship was a combat craft with a battle hardened crew, and however important this duty did not compare to combat and it was easy to become distracted. "Captain another group of vessels approaching five Battle Barges." Rae announced "they appear to be flying the flag of a Captain Themistocles." The Ensign reported checking the flag record provided by Admiral Duinhir.

    "A new one, but a familiar name, do we know why?" Cougar asked bringing his attention to the screens, he knew exactly why he knew the name but wanted to know how many of his crew had paid attention.

    "The Mercenary fleet Captain?" Young Lieutenant Katrina Brown asked looking over at her commander "they came from a Captain named Themistocles?"

    "Correct Lieutenant. Time to see why they left this man" Cougar said "simulated combat drill, target Themistocles ships, weapons officers confirm all weapons are safe but targeting data is feeding. Communications copy all last orders to Themistocles lead ship, inform them we want them to react accordingly we'll compare scores later." He ordered a string of orders around him the bridge crew began to react to his orders while outside all five Sea Wolf Destroyers began to manoeuvre independently of each other, homing in on specific targets, while still maintaining formation on the lead ship.

    Against them the five thinner longer battle barges were also beginning to move independently of each other training their mortars and missiles on Cougar's fleet. The faster and more agile Sea Wolves should by rights walk through the incoming Barges however stranger things had happened. "Captain, guns reporting our Thud Cannon hits are being registered by the Barges at lesser strength than estimates."

    "Are we at extreme range?" Cougar questioned not understanding why his ship's hits were not being correctly received.

    "Negative sir, optimal range by ships one, three and two, just outside optimal for four and five." the Gun control officer reported "all Wolves data matches we are hitting them sir."

    "Damage Control, estimated damage on our systems?" Cougar asked looking over at the still quiet damage control console in a true combat situation it would likely be the busiest set of consoles on the entire bridge as the crew manning it diverted crewmen from other duties to their secondary damage control stations however in this situation they had nothing to do and so had not been relieved, not exactly an exact simulation however winning was often more important.

    "Estimated damage to Sea Wolf One and Four terminal with next two solid hits. Sea Wolf Three, Two and Five all would be disabled or destroyed within thirty minutes depending on combat orders. We are losing Captain." The officer said quietly Cougar agreed he couldn't argue with the maths his ships simply were taking more damage than their opponents.

    "Right, next time maybe" he said as he watched his ships move avoiding the pretend enemy weapons fire or moving to engage with their own guns "KNOCK IT OFF" Cougar said in a clear voice manipulating the central desks computer he communicated with Themistocles ships activating a small video screen. "Captain Themistocles, a good match your ships are obviously well built, thank you for your participation in this test." He said still smarting slightly at his simulated defeat.

    "Quite all right Captain, in fact it is now Vice-Admiral Themisocles attaché to Admiral Alan Alalcomenous, Fourth Order of the Seventeenth Republican Navy. I will be representing both myself and my employer at this gathering." He said quietly the man was in his thirties with jet black hair and a very well trimmed almost styled moustache all Cougar could think about was one of those ancient film villains no-one could trust. "And captain my ships work well because they have enhanced Layered Armour specifically built to withstand your thud cannons. Not always the best approach however it counters your damage quiet well."

    "Indeed we look..." Cougar began more diplomatically before being interrupted.

    "Captain!" The Sonar operator shouted out aloud "contact directly below us and rising, within torpedo range!!" He warned Cougar immediately glanced at Themisocles who shook his head.

    "Not with us Captain."

    "Understood, all hands Battle Stations, Battles Stations, man your battle stations this is not a drill!" Cougar ordered his voice repeated through the ship's intercoms echoing off the ships Titanium bulkheads. The Wolf Pack returned to tight formation far more quickly than Themistocles' Barge fleet and were quickly stood at battle readiness as the Submarine stalking them raised from the deep. As the ship launched out of the ocean it was obvious to see that the ship was similar in design to the more common Predator-class Strike Submarine but was two or three times the size and it appeared to have a pair of gun turrets along its upper hull as well as the likely torpedo tubes seen on a Predator under the hull.

    "Hail incoming!" Communications called out before Cougar could order a challenge. The bridge speakers activated moments later "this is Sub-Master Angelique my little boats would also like to play at this little gathering." She said as four smaller Predator-class vessels also surfaced in tight formation with the larger craft, she had a strange accent new to Cougar but he couldn't be more impressed by her entrance and immediately felt taken by the new Submarine in front of him.

    "Both Themistocles and Angelique are welcomed by Michaels Island. Please prepare delegations to go ashore for the Meeting of Captains, if you need further assistance please contact the island using standard Sector communications." Cougar said recovering from entrance of the two new arrivals. As their fleets began to move to berthing Cougar's Sea Wolves began to move back into patrol stations. Unseen due to the drill and the arrival of the new Submarine force another submarine had slipped past Cougar's ships view and surfaced between Admiral Duinhir's Fortress fleet. Everyone always hid something, it was the way of life on the Forsaken Sea.

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    "Things change. The world has changed, people have changed, everything must change to survive."

    - Senator Michaels, Michaels Island

    The captains, or whatever the leaders called themselves, from a dozen or more islands were gathered in the meeting room. Unlike the purpose built facility that had been used for the previous meeting this was more cramped less comfortable however the scene displayed out the window told another story as the islanders inhabitants struggled to repair the damage following the Draconian attack.

    Despite this gathering of allies it wasn't the quietest of rooms as various people tried to drown each other with raising voices. "Listen to me!" the Captain said shouting "I know that my people are not the strongest nor perhaps the best organised" he said offering something to the others. "However we were the ones attacked, and you are those who answered our call..." he said trying to appeal to their better natures.

    "I attended only to see if you could stand on your own feet. In this game you live or die by your own actions not by your neighbours." Captain Bill Hawke said breaking in slightly he was an unknown to the Captain but his reputation was one of an honourable rogue as willing to stand by an ally as to strike another.

    "Then why is it you've stayed? Hawke, why not sail away into the night? Maybe finally someone has convinced you that this sector and the others have a common enemy." Captain Rick said thoughtfully

    "Perhaps or perhaps I just or more competition..." Hawke boasted glancing around at the assembled captains each not knowing if he was picking targets.

    "Hawke..." Rick began to caution the man.

    "Both of you, quiet you are not helping any of us." another said he was a young man perhaps thirty years old however he seemed to have to be battle worn, ready for combat but not looking for it.

    "Thank you Captain..." Senator Michaels said calmly searching for a name.

    "Nine-one-three" the man said reciting the numbers as a name he extended the "won" in the middle almost into something different. There was a silence before he spoke again "we have sustained significant losses in our time." he said quietly, the Senator nodded trying to understand how he had a number as a name. Nine hundred and thirteen leaders was unthinkable to Senator Michaels.

    "We shouldn't bicker between ourselves instead we should teach the Draconians a lesson they won't forget." Admiral Duinhir said confidently. "I am willing to put my entire Task Force at this Alliances disposal."

    "One fleet alone cannot complete this task. We must all work together" Buk said he wasn't a tall man however his deep voice carried across the room.

    "To strike back would be nice" Sub-master Angelique said "even though my boats are primarily anti-ship vessels we will help all we can."

    "Then its agreed we will stand together and strike back against the Draconians." the Captain said loud enough for all to hear, no-one disagreed instead Duinhir spoke up.

    "What some of you may be aware of and others not" he said pausing "I am the last of the Republics Fleet Admirals, when that institution fell my task force sailed into the forsaken seas, however not all our links were cut. Much of its intelligence network survived" he revealed "I have been using some of these assets to spy on the Draconians. The reports should be ready by tomorrow."

    "Then perhaps a recess? Until the same time then?" Senator Micheals suggested no shorter had it been mentioned the fleet captains began to leave. Eventually only a couple remained amount them the Captain, Michaels, Duinhir, Vice Admiral Themistocles and Captain Phill. "You were both quiet" Michaels said looking at the two men.

    "I only represent the Admiral senator not really my place to rock any boats." Themistocles said although a commander of his own his allegiance was obviously to Admiral Alalcomenous.

    "No need to worry there allegiance is to me and mine to this sector." Duinhir said confidently, the others looked surprised at the confidence "Alalcomenous is my son." he said letting slip a little known fact.

    "Phill?" the Captain asked although he did not know the man personally he knew his opinions were valued and that he'd been active in the area for a long time and knew just about all the major players.

    "Many of us have yearned for payback against the Draconian Forces. I think that alone will keep the more renegade elements in line." The others nodded their agreements for now they would have the calm before the inevitable storm.

    Although no-one could claim to be prophetic the calm really was followed by a storm. One of the biggest storms in more than a century buffeted the area, ships struggled to maintain their positions while the islanders battled to keep barely repaired buildings standing. By morning the storm was gone and the fleets remained a sign to all that standing together was key. As various crews assisted in repairs the captains convened again on the island. After a while and details of much of Duinhir's captured information Alex War spoke up "Everyone understands that if we do this it's war, all out little chance of a return to peace."

    "No stomach for a fight?" Hawke taunted

    "We all know this Alex there is no choice. For once we all agree that this is a better course of action than sitting around waiting for the Draconians to strike at each of our islands. We've seen the devastation outside, do you want that done to your island?" Another Captain asked ignoring Hawke, the Captain didn't know the man well just his name Troy Terrible, an ally of Phill and a few others he at least spoke sense.

    "Indeed, Admiral Duinhir's Task Force will spearhead an assault on the Draconians Outpost where the attack on Michaels Island originated. The rest of us will secure the local mining fields and all local salvage fleets before support assaults on the Outpost." Captain Buk said "our goal is complete destruction of the Draconian facility and its fleets..." he continued but suddenly the room was filled by a distinctive chopping sound from above.

    "Not again..." the Captain whispered disappearing out of the door several of the other captains followed him. Heading out onto the external courtyard they looked skyward the same Kixeye tilt-rotor aircraft flanked by two other craft. Both nearly identical they were dark green in colour with a single four bladed rotor above a tandem-twin seated cockpit. Above the rotor was what appeared to be a radar dome while along the side of the craft's fuselage were a pair of short wings covered in what appeared to be Rapier Missiles and two Hydra Rocket Pods. The tilt-rotor craft came down to a landing, while the others remained in guard position, and like before a single officer left the craft followed by two armoured troopers. The woman was beautiful in her late twenties she had shoulder-length brown hair and almost a carefree look on her face.

    "Captain, I know you have plans to assault the Draconian bases in the area." She said her carefree look completely gone replaced with a professionalism. "Doing so is a dangerous plan." She warned "the Draconians have much more behind them than what you have seen." She said glancing over his shoulder at Admiral Duinhir "even if your little experiments were very impressive and should put on a grand show but cannot yet match their fire-power. And your information you have stolen is incomplete." She warned, Duinhir's face showed near complete shock "the Draconians are out of control but taking a fight into the bases is not the correct course of action."

    "Then join us or give us a course that is worthwhile." Hawke demanded "I don't always play nice with everyone but at least we are all on the same level. You come here with your impressive craft” he said indicating to the aircraft “and ships but never do you work with us or help us. We may listen to your warnings but if you are not willing to lift a finger then leave us we will fight our own war."

    "Indeed give us another option." The Captain said, the Kixeye Corporation officer looked at him blankly not having an answer for the Forsaken leaders. "Then with nothing else our plan goes ahead. Tomorrow the our war to take back this sector begins." He said pushing through the other Captains towards the planning room. Soon the other Captains followed leaving Kixeye out in the cold and out of their plans.

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    Finally! I started reading your story, this story, when I started playing BP and I never got trough all chapters before it disappeared from the forums.

    Didn't see this thread before 3minutes ago so haven't read trough it all yet, but i will. Thx for reposting.
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    Finally! I started reading your story, this story, when I started playing BP and I never got trough all chapters before it disappeared from the forums.

    Didn't see this thread before 3minutes ago so haven't read trough it all yet, but i will. Thx for reposting.
    glad you liked it both times!!  I stopped playing for a bit and noticed it was gone from the forum when I came back so here it is again


    “There we have it people, this Sector has chosen to stand or hang together.” Artan said as he stood up from the chair that was at the head of the tale. “Joshua, Task Force Seventeen is the spear head of our strike force into Draconian territory.” Artan used the laser pointer to point at a Draconian base. “This base is our objective.” Artan turned towards the control centre and dimmed the lights. “It is the home port for several large Draconian fleets that has been hitting targets in the area, and our Task Force has the duty of dishing out a helping of the course that they have given use for the past month.” Artan looked at the Commodores and Captains that sat around the large briefing room. “The Paragumo Defense Force will be deployed to work with other Islands forces, and we are not going to let them down” Artan stated slowly starting a stroll around the large table. “Our ships have been outfitted with the same technology that is being used against us, that is why we have been chosen as the spearhead.” Artan said explaining why they were the hammer for this strike he stopped across from a dark skinned man. “Commodore Walshburn, your Sea Wolf Destroyer Group and Commodore Erickson's Sea Wolf Destroyer Group will be on post watching for renegade pirates that are known to be operating in the area.

    “Remember gentlemen this is the operational waters of The Pirate Dread, and he is known for hitting fleets that are mining and any who are sitting idle.” Artan began again to walk around the table again. “The fortresses of Task Force of three groups will have the job of taking on the Draconians.” Artan paused standing beside Commodore Joshua Halloway “you are some of the finest commanders that I have ever had the pleasure of commanding.” Artan’s expression changed from the sober and fatherly appearance that he was known for to the stern faced Commander that he was feared for. “We will not lose this upcoming mission” Artan said triggering a switch on the desk.”May my standard be our motto for this fight, may it strike fear in to the hearts of the Draconian scourge, may it stand for the power that this alliance could wield.” Artan slammed his fists down on the table.”No Surrender, No Retreat, and I say to you" Artan paused for a moment to look in all their eyes one by one. ”Death before Dishonour!”Artan then slammed his right fist in to the palm of his left hand. “Give no Draconian or pirate lord quarter and accept none.” Artan turned off the project and the lights came back on. “Raise the battle ensigns!” Artan snapped to attention. “The Paragumo Island Defend Force goes to war in the name of the Alliance!”

    With that all of the officers under his command that was present stood up and saluted him yelling.”Death before Dishonour!” The call echoed through the room and down the corridor other crewmen began to call out the salute as they heard it quickly the three worlds echoed throughout the entire fleet. Artan returned their salute turned and walked out of the briefing room with Joshua and the captains of the five Fortresses under Joshua’s command.

    The twelve Floating Fortresses were divided into three fleets of four each supported by another ship of classified nature, while the ten Sea Wolf Destroyers were broken into two fleets. All together they steamed across the endless oceans at around twenty-three knots, their target, the Draconian fortress outpost that dominated this region of the sector. The massive facility visible from almost anywhere in the area, there were bases like this everywhere however breaking one would show the Draconians that no longer would the Forsaken forces stand by and allow them to be attacked. Artan’s job was to deal a pre-emptive strike that would cause as much damage as his three Fortress fleet could deal with the Sea Wolf Destroyers wrecking havoc against any Draconian and pirate lords fleet that tried to stand in their way.

    The five fleets from Paragumo Island made their way across the Forsaken Sea, following in the wake of another massive hurricane that was raging across the open sea, these storms were becoming more and more ferocious wrecking havoc for everyone in the region. The course of the storm would take it close to the Draconian base that Artan’s spy had scouted and mapped out in as much detail as she could without being caught, while the storm caused damage to the Draconian equipment Artan's ships would slip into attack position, right under the noses of the local Draconians.

    Artan’s thoughts kept brining him back to a Naval History lesson from his old Republic days. Over one hundred years ago a great empire had used the same tactic to disguise its approach to a lone island that was the forward base of another great nation during one of the world's earliest World Wars. Then that great empire used aircraft to launch a sneak attack on the other nation’s naval base, destroying its fleet of mighty battleships while they were anchored in port, it was a sneak attack like no other in the history of man and had set up aircraft as the weapon of power for the entire planet. During the last war that power had been lost, with little land and resources the technology to build and maintain the aircraft had gone the way of so many animals and become all but extinct, only the mysterious Kixeye Corporation appeared to have maintained the knowledge although many of the Forsaken ships maintained scars of the lost technology. Artan's own Fortresses had a hanger area for a helicopter and a huge lift to transport such craft to the deck however it lacked any hint of an aircraft of its own, the areas turned over to cargo bays used to transport loot captured from the Draconians or other troublesome pirates.

    Land was not the only base for aircraft however, and during Artan's Republic days he had learned of ships modified and purposefully built to carry aircraft long lost in a world consumed by near endless conflict. Now far from the Republic's fallen borders and a leader of men and women of his own Artan had dedicated his life to what he called "The Great Experiment." Now looking out the windows of his Flag-bridge he could see through the rain soaked windows and the tireless wipers that wished back and forth across the glass he could see her. The Enterprise.

    Named for a long fallen vessel of the same name but built like no other before her, the ship's two huge flat decks made of the strongest material that could be found rich in Zythium it had taken months to save the materials required. Built on a catamaran style hull she made her way through the storm ridden seas easily keeping pace with the other ships. Further behind in the formation her two sister ships stayed with the fleet, one the Hornet and the other the Yorktown, both named for ancient sea craft and like the Enterprise each was protected by four Floating Fortresses. This would be their grand test, and the announcement to the world that he had done the impossible, revived the aircraft carrier.

    On her centre hull she sported two of the mighty shock-wave mortars that he was known to use and the other two weapons that were designed to be used against aircraft to defend the carrier. Now all Artan was waiting for was a clear sky so he could turn his fleet into the wind and reach flank speed, a requirement for the old-style propeller driven aircraft which was as far as his engineers had gotten. Kixeye's Helicopter and Tilt-rotor technology was still far beyond them never mind the ancient "jet" technology that had once dominated the skies.

    Unfortunately with every technology there were some falls before successes Artan remembered the thousands of failures that his research team had experienced in their trek to get aircraft to fly once again and the other failures of trying to get inexperienced pilots to land the aircraft on a thin and very long deck that was often tossing and turning in the turbulent seas. Artan knew that over on those three warships the pilots would at this very moment be seated in their ready rooms going over their orders preparing for their first true combat mission. Their orders were plain and simple “Cause as much mayhem as you can and get the hell out of there before you are killed.”

    “Sir!” came a shout from the Officer of the Deck. “The forward observer is reporting storm clearing and sea returning to fair seas.” The Officer of the Deck switched from the observer’s line and connected to the weather personnel that were located on the upper island citadel of the fortress. A few moments later she hung up the phone. “Sir Bolt confirms what the forward observe reports.” She walked to stand beside him. “The barometer is climbing and the sea state is already evening out.”

    “Good Lieutenant Mathers.” Artan return to stand beside his chair and reach up and grabbed the red coloured fleet phone. “Electra Actual to Enterprise Actual.”

    “Enterprise Actual.” Came a stern tenor voice.

    “Admiral Patterson, you have the control proceed when ready.” Artan said and hung up the phone, from now on he was as much an observer as the rest of the fleet personnel. Slowly he climbed back up in his chair and fastened his safety belt, from their tests and the many voyages he'd participated in he knew that when the mighty fortress swung into the wind to keep pace with the carrier doing so would cause it to lean heavily to the inside of the turn and the fleet would be buffeted by the weather.

    Over the fleet communications speaker the deep tenor voice of Admiral Patterson boomed out. “The force is under my command.” A short pause. “All fortresses take up guard positions on the flat tops.”

    Looking out the windows to the see the twelve fortress start to shift positions, two fortress moving to flank the sides of each of the three carriers, with the ten Sea Wolves surging forward forming in to an arrow head in front of the formation screening the way ensuring unwanted eyes were kept at a distance. Over the next half hour the sea state further changed as they waited for the best possible launch conditions, it wasn't ideal at all but it was something that Duinhir's people hadn't quite countered yet. “To all hands the weather decks are now open.” Another pause on the overhead speakers. “The smoking lamp is now lit in all designate areas.” And then a klaxons began to ring. “Battle stations, battle stations, all hand to their battle stations.”

    With a surge of activity it happened. The entire formation began to increase speed and started to swing into the wind the massive ships buffeted by the winds and seas as they moved. Bringing the air current from bow to stern across the massive ships decks and on the carriers where the planes were already on the decks and their propellers were starting.

    From his bridge Artan looked across the sea at the signal bridge on the Enterprise, knowing that soon the signal would be given, and sure enough it was. The pennants that flew on her yardarms signal that all vessels were to set a certain course and to obtain flank speed, and that all carriers were to prepare for air operations. Suddenly those pennants were lowered and a new set was raised. The commence pennants it was a simple movement but passed a message so well soon both Yorktown and Hornet had followed suit, they were ready. Artan could see the six aircraft that were on the flat deck that faced the Electra start wobbling their ailerons, elevators and tail rudders and flaps were being raised to aid in the wing surface which would help the aircraft to obtain flight. Then the first one started down the flat top towards the bow. It rolled off the front and dove towards the water, there was a heart stopping moment when everyone was sure that the aircraft so short in flight was going into the drink, but then it rose slowly and started to climb into the sky. The second one did the same, the third over next several minutes all of the carrier’s aircraft was airborne and setting course towards the target, a formation of eighteen aircraft six from each of the carriers, each ship was designed to carry up to twelve aircraft each but production of enough aircraft and training of pilots had resulted in Duinhir deciding to take only half.

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    Nineteen continued

    “Electra Actual this is Enterprise Actual.” Came the tenor voice over the fleet comms. “Command is returned to you sir, all carrier reports all aircraft is in the air and on course to target sir.”

    Artan picked up the fleet phone. “Electra Actual affirms.” Artan looked around the flag bridge a big smile on his face. “We did well” he thought seeing everyone around the bridge taking pride in their efforts finally seeing all their hard work paying off. “Enterprise, Hornet, and Yorktown will form up with the Sea Wolves and standby to recover your birds.” Artan he ordered pressing a button on his command chair, beside it the ancient sound tube that lead to the bridge and was used before technology got the better of it. “Captain the boat is yours” he said turning command over operations of the Fortress to its commander so he could watch over the fleet. He keyed other controls and spoke again “all Fortresses are to set course for the target, flank speed.” Artan again hung up the fleet phone and unfastened his safety belt and climbed down from his chair. “Electra Actual is transferring fleet command to CIC.” He said clearly the Flag-bridge was a good place to see the outside world and to get a general overview over the situation however it was far too exposed to remain there in battle. The Admiral walked to the door that lead from the flag-bridge and headed deeper into the ship to the Command and Information Centre which lie in the very heart of the fortresses citadel.

    In the sky over the Forsaken Sea they flew. Eighteen aircraft, their engines humming with the power that lay beneath their cowling’s, eighteen of the new weapons that would set the alliance apart from any other naval power in this forsaken world. six of the aircraft flew on the outer edges of the formation, fighters each equipped with ripper cannons and hydra rockets they would escort the others and provide a distraction for enemy gunners. The remaining twelve aircraft carrier two objects under their fuselages. Modified mortar rounds that were redesigned for fall free from the aircraft as it dove towards its target turning the planes into dive bombers. Each was equipped with single ripper cannon for protection. All of the aircraft’s heading were the same, the local draconian base and new glory for the loose pirate alliance.

    In the sea below them twelve of the most deadly Forsaken floating fortresses makes their way towards their target, this quadrant’s Draconian base. A burning feeling of revenge burning with the hearts of all of their crews and the knowledge that this attack could cripple the Draconian forces that spreads fear in that region of the Forsaken Seas.

    The air and the daily life on the Regional Draconian base was the same it had been for years, routine. The air was still and all the people went about their daily lives having no fears the Draconian Empire was all but untouchable. Then a strange noise came out from nowhere, a whining noise that grew. Everyone stopped and looked in the direction of the noise. It came from the sky. Soon strange craft were flying overhead some brining attention to them others diving straight for the base. As the aircraft dived screaming towards their enemies a terrifying sight to anyone unused to it, several hundred feet above the base they pulled up and object feel away from their wings. Seconds later a series of large explosion rocked the ground as the Draconians based at the facility came under fire for the first time. People ran towards their stations or towards shelters as other flew overhead shooting the base's buildings with fast firing cannons and rockets. Running personnel fell as the ground shook under the bombing, buildings were pitted and walls were crushed under the onslaught of fire, a wave of panic few over the base as they struggled to comprehend they were under attack and it was coming from the air.

    The commander of the regional Draconian base couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of him. “How dare these impudent curds do this!” He he screamed his suits external speakers turning it into a terrifying howl. Searching they skies of a symbol of who this was he spied an identifying marking on the aircraft….A horned Demon Head skull sitting over a crossed pair of military swords which was sitting over a blood red background.

    Two more of the agile aircraft flew off at close range strafing the ground as they flew over. Several Draconians died under the onslaught of cannon and rocket fire from the aircraft, while off in the distance several massive explosions consumed other buildings finally the sirens sounded. “Well a little to late!” he screamed loudly the attack was well under way his people were dying under enemy fire and yet only now alarms reacted. Moments later it dawned on him that the ships were also in range as four large mortar rounds slammed into the base Command Tower.

    "Mortar fire, Sir" a voice from behind him shouted. “We are under attack by the naval forces of Admiral Artan B. Duinhir. They appear to have recovered aircraft technology.” He said stating the obvious as a pair of fighters dived overhead again.

    The young officer stood beside the base commander to look at the carnage that was unfolding in front of them, although he could not see the man’s face because of his environmental suit's faceplate he was sure that even on the Draconian's face the commander would have seen fear as more mortar fire came down out of the sky tearing into the base. “Isn’t Admiral Duinhir a member of the old Republic Defense force?” the younger officer wondered out aloud.

    “Yes he was.” The commander turned and started for the shelters. “But apparently his allegiance has change when that old governing body collapsed in the carnage that changed this world. From what we know he works alone now his Task Force is in pieces spread out between three maybe four islands. Peice mail to our forces if we wished.” The commander tried to maintain his calm as he turned from the carnage heading into a shelter sealing it behind him

    "Defences why are we not returning fire?" He asked looking at the officers in the shelter before he was given an answer he realized it himself the air attack had been targeted on the firing control part of the Command Tower. Without the control tower the weapons would have to be used manually and that would take time.

    Outside the air attack only lasted for about 5 minutes the aircraft quickly spending their ordinance and much of their fuel, but the naval bombardment which had just begun lasted for nearly an hour. Duinhir's twelve Forsaken Fortress continuously bombarding them with mortar fire dealing damage to the base. Then almost as quickly as they had come the Forsaken force left the area, several moments of calm passed before the damage was realized. Much of the external buildings and defences had been damaged or destroyed the entrance channel was crushed the defence walls and towers crushed and burning. Several ships which had just returned were destroyed where they were anchored capsized, burning or beginning to sink. However the majority of the bases power the ships that provided the Draconians with the presence and power in the area had been protected deep within the harbour's sheltered dock. Duinhir's people had cause much damage and hurt the Draconian base for the first time however this attack had just hastened his demise and the demise of the rest of the Forsaken Islands, the time for peace was over.

    Admiral Duinhir looked the many people working in CIC. The readings from the gun crews scrolled across the screen as hit after hit that were scored on the target. Soon however he realized that his people were not doing as much damage as he would have liked and ordered for the task force to depart before they took more damage than they had dealt already some of the Draconians surviving towers had regained manual control and were beginning to return fire. As the Electra cleared the last section of the channel, Artan could see the other fortresses waiting for the Electra and the three carriers and their Sea Wolf escorts all waiting. A few had been hit by Draconian weapons fire like the Electra and her fellow assault ships, but the damage was far lower than he'd have expected perhaps they had gotten lucky taking the Draconians by complete surprise.

    “Sir, the Enterprise is reporting half of our aircraft have been recovered.” The comms officer standing in the CIC reported. “Six aircraft were destroyed by the Draconians and a further three ran out of fuel on the return journey, their pilots have been recovered." She paused "Admiral Patterson reports all remaining aircraft have been recovered to Enterprise and Hornet, sir, the Admiral also reports that the Yorktown was hit by four torpedoes during the attack." Complete silence came through the CIC as the news sunk in. "The Yorktown is still afloat however she is listing heavily on one side, fight operations completely out. She will likely need towed back to Paragumo."

    “Send to Enterprise Actual.” Artan walked towards the compartment door. “Recover splashed pilots and join back up with fleet detail two Sea Wolf Escorts to attach lines to Yorktown and begin to tow her home.” Artan stopped at the door. “All other forces are set course for Paragumo standard cruise formation.”Artan opened the door and left the room. But instead going to the flag bridge Artan went to the outer hatch and stepped out on to the catwalk that ran along the outside of the fortresses citadel. Outside he looked back in the direction of the Draconian base smoke raised into the air marking the destruction that he had wrecked on the base however it continued to hang there over the area, perhaps Duinhir had done enough damage to slow the Draconians but they were still active still a menace.

    The sun began to slowly descend, marking the end of another day. But this day would go down in history. One for the fact that a Forsaken fleet successfully attacked a Draconian base and that a carrier had softened up the base prior to a base fleet attacking it. All was as is should be in Admiral Artan Barcius Duinhirs mind hopefully he'd weakened them enough for the others. For now he had several damaged ships, nine precious aircraft lost and hundreds of personnel injured or dead with the enemy still standing. Now they would have to wait to see what the response would be from the other Draconians in the area.

    Standing there as his ships began to turn other thoughts played on his mind, why had he not waited until he had fighters to fill all the carriers to capacity? Why could he not trust his pilots training to pull them through? How long would repairs take? How long would the Yorktown be out of commission? Would he be ready for the Draconian counter attack? Would any of the other Alliance pirates have better luck than he? The one thing he did know that the Governor of Paragumo would be annoyed having to redirect the resources to repair the damaged ships and construct more aircraft. Likely other ships of the task force would have to send out fleets to recover the lost resources risking more Paragumo lives. On the bright side he knew that the airfield on Paragumo was nearing completion, maybe he should have waited until the airfield was completed before he deployed the only three carriers that he had. Maybe he should have waited until the planned eight carriers were completed. In Artan’s mind steps had to be taken to show the Draconians that this alliance would not just roll over and play dead for them. “I’ll be damned if I sit idly by and watch this sector go to these scum!” Artan thought as he looked across the sea. Artan turned and walked over to a phone that was nearby and dialled in the flag bridge. “Joshua, did the wolves sink that sub?”

    “Yes sir.” Joshua reported. “It was located and dispatched by a Sea Wolf of Destroyer Group.”

    "Very good pass to the other fleets, The door is open" he said perhaps his people had failed but hopefully the alliance wouldn't Artan hung the phone and turned to the lift. Closing the door and pushing the button for the deck that his stateroom was on. He momentarily leaned back against the bulkhead of the lift. Combat was tiring, even for a commander. Sorting out the data, calculating responses, and knowing when your forces had enough. All of those factors equalled up to one thing, a massive migraine that threatened to pound its way right out of his head, however something was different the lift began to spin and the Admiral felt his body move but not under his control, he felt an impact on the deck of the lift, the doors opened and there was a scream the Admiral heard someone shouting for a medic before everything went dark around him.

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    "War. It is the single constant in the world. Humans come into conflict with each other it is the one guaranteed thing. First there was personal conflicts, then regional, in the old world this turned into country against country and three times it escalated further to the World category. Recently there has been Wars for resources and territory, Pirate Wars, Alliance Wars and Sector Wars however the recently dubbed Draconian War may affect the most people yet. Only time will tell."

    - Unknown

    The Captain paced the deck of his Leviathan's Map Room behind the main CIC, on the main map table there was icons representing the various battles taking place across the ocean. Over the last couple of weeks ships from the Captain's Island and from others engaged Draconian targets some of the islands had targeted Draconian installations directly however none had succeeded in destroying them. "Captain, our forward ships report the way is clear to the Draconian Installation." Director Louise Harrison reported entering the room for this mission she had left her Intelligence Lab behind to gather intelligence direct. "From what I understand Captain War has uncovered a new type of armour on one of the Draconian wrecks something the Dracs call Zynthonite?"

    "Anything good about it?" The Captain asked he'd seen plenty of Draconian ships fall to pieces under his guns.

    "It appears to have properties that limit missile damage however our Depleted Uranium offers better overall protection." Harrison said with a disappointed look on her face.

    "Captain!" Commander Laura Michaels blurted out as she quickly charged into the room "Sir..." she began before finally running out of breath. She'd recently transferred to his flagship.

    "Take a breath." Louise whispered just loud enough for the Captain to hear.

    "Captain Mark Red has launched an long-range missile against the Draconians." She announced the Captain looked at her slightly perplexed.

    "We are at war with the Draconians..." the Captain said slowly as if nothing was unusual about the situation "Captain's Nine-won-three and someone called PBO captured a Draconian Battle-cruiser, Captain Buk has marines on board a Draconian Battleship. Admiral Duinhir launched an air-strike against them, it is a time for firsts, launching a missile is nothing new Miss Michaels." he said trying not to be condescending but failing hopelessly.

    "Yes sir, I am aware of the Sector's accomplishments however this is something new. Red's fleet experienced difficulties engaging a Draconian Base he called in what he called a Code Red Attack. This included an Island launched long-range missile, something he calls an Orion. It demolished three of the enemies defence installations, including one of those kinetic energy weapons we've identified. This allowed his fleet to retreat unmolested." She said pausing "it appears his island is built on one of the old worlds missile silos or he built one of his own. It is a very impressive weapon even if it is non-nuclear."

    "Even with this fire-power he didn't get in. What is it with these Draconians? How can their bases be so impenetrable?" The Captain said quietly his own Leviathans were not the largest ships however newly refitted with Depleted Uranium they would be able to take heavier punishment but it seemed larger ships had failed with more fire-power.

    "Captain to the bridge, Captain to the bridge, All hands man battle-stations." The tannoy went off, the Captain was only a couple of minutes from the bridge and quickly moved from the map room to the rear of the command deck.

    "Captain on the Bridge!" One of the marines shouted as the Captain entered followed by Director Harrison and Commander Michaels.

    "Sir, five unidentified vessels approaching" the sensor operator said looking at the radar image the Leviathan's sensors were trying to identify the craft it was longer than a Forsaken Fortress but unlike the other arrowhead shaped craft this one had a strange box shape at one end. As the Leviathan's systems switched through various images trying the identify the ship it cycled through various objects including a Hammerhead shark. "no identification marks other than a series of coloured panels along its hull. We've moved to battle-stations just in case they are hostile."

    "Show me" the Captain ordered looking at one of the camera images the Leviathan's external cameras showed the strange ship had a series of yellow panels lining its hull. "still no radio contact?" He asked the bridge crewmen shook their heads "our move then. Open a communications channel." He said clearing his throat straightening his uniform he stepped to the centre of the room dominated by a map with monitors lining the sides. Above four monitors back-to-back he reached down and picked up a hand-held microphone "Attention incoming vessels this is Leviathan fleet from Michaels Island, please identify." The Captain said there was still silence on the comm. channel "identify or be considered hostile and prepare to be fired on." The Captain warned.

    "I am definitely considered hostile," The voice came back over the comms. not one that the Captain recognized "however I believe you have declared a cease fire instead to attack the Draconians." The other person said all the Captain could tell it was a male and not one he'd heard on the sector communications. "I just wondered how far that extended so I thought I'd visit and test the water."

    "The cease fire extends as far as the Draconians control ocean. We are all sick of being attacked by the Draconians, they attack us as we try and survive and now they attack our islands. It is time this stopped."

    "Indeed, I completely agree the Draconians are a menace however, this cease fire bothers me. You say it goes as far as the ocean is blue. Yet you do not talk with your neighbours."

    "We all met everyone in the sector was invited..." the Captain tried to explain however was cut off by laughter "something funny pirate?" The Captain asked he was sure it was a Forsaken pirate despite the strange hammerhead shaped vessel.

    "Yes Captain, you are so concerned by your sector that you do not consider your neighbouring sectors. Other Forsaken peoples, broaden your horizons Captain, this war you cannot win alone. This sector is not the only one that struggles with the Draconians. We all do Captain. My name is Repossession." A chill ran down the Captain’s spine he knew this pirate after all but as Repo, other Captains had felt his attacks against their islands although the Captain's own had been too small for his notice, Repo or Repoman's fleets were quite well known for their strength in attack. "Captain, I am not here to bring war on you, I am here to challenge you to something far greater."

    "That is?" The Captain asked quietly his mind still running at full strength trying to figure out how Repo had broken into the Sector's communications, the one thing that had separated them seemed to be the break between sectors, now it appeared that was something that could also become nothing.

    "You successfully brought this sector together by focussing them on Blackheart, a bane to both our sectors, he cared little for anyone but his closest allies and their destruction has allowed us to expand our influence so don't think you only helped yourselves." Repo explained "now I challenge you, expand your war, bring it to the other sectors. Only with all Forsaken forces working together can we hope to overcome the Draconians. You know this, I've seen your fleets smash against the Draconians and their supply convoys replenish their lost stock within hours."

    "Why us? Why can you not unite your own people, you have seen what we have done, why not copy it, you obviously have the ships and probably have plenty influence over others actions." The Captain challenged the other Sectors would likely be wholly against the idea of uniting especially with forces of 73, their enemies."

    "I may have the ships but not the influence on the power. I work alone few pirates work with me for long, and I often prefer it that way. You appear to be able to get pirates to work together, uniting the smaller forces is key to my... our victory." Repossession explained correcting himself before he continued the Captain didn't know his objectives in this or how he'd even start but perhaps this pirate was right.

    "If you come to my seas, I will not attack you or hinder your efforts to unite the others, however if your eyes turn on my people you will regret it. Draconians or not." He warned "also look for a pirate named Lord Viper and another Lord Daemonicus they both can help unite various pirate bands. For now I will leave you to your undoubtedly futile attack. Good day." He said the communication channel cut off leaving the Captain slightly stunned outside the five Hammerheads turned almost in unison and began to sail swiftly away as if nothing had happened.

    "Captain?" Louise Harrison whispered after a moment "Captain" she said more firmly "should we continue?"

    "No, break off the attack." He said making a decision "I think our war just got bigger but I don't know if for the better." He said pausing "Helm set a course for home, send word to Senator Michaels to prepare for a Council meeting." He said looking at the map in front of him the table was covered in icons of various allied units engaging Draconian targets but around them beyond the sector's boundaries there was nothing, no attacks, no signals just dead areas where they had no influence, They Captain had no idea where to start but he knew Repo was right, all the Forsaken people needed to act together.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    The light burned his eyes

    "What happened" Duinhir thought he meant to speak the words but his mouth was dry the words never came.

    "You had a heart attack, you're lucky to be alive" his wife Rowen said standing in front of him, she'd left formed her own island he hadn't seen her for more than a month.

    "When..." he blurted out his lips finally finding movement

    "After the attack" another voice said it was his son Alalcamenos someone else he rarely saw.

    "Did we win?" he asked quietly.

    Elsewhere there was a hive of activity the encounter with Repossession the Captain had called several other island's leaders to a council so far the pirates were disagreeing even fighting amongst themselves, the Draconians supplies continued to sail between outposts their miners continued to defend and their fleets continued to engage the forsaken, it was obvious to the Captain that one sector alone couldn't win against the Draconians and would end up divided fighting between themselves. "I have called off our attacks due to this encounter..." he was explaining before one of the others interrupted.

    "Captain, we are not your sub-ordinates, this alliance came together under the understanding that we would work together not that we would follow your every command." Captain Simon Hell said quietly he was obviously annoyed by the recall order glancing over the gathering he could see that there was a few other agreeing with them.

    "The Captain, did not mean it as it came out" Senator Michaels interrupted he hadn't been invited to this meeting or to speak but the Captain was quietly glad he was here and on his side. "Instead it was an advisory message that informed you all that new information and options had become available. We wanted everyone to know what was on the table before action was made."

    "What information?" Christopher "Seaking" King asked stepping to the fore he'd been at previous meetings however had been quiet and happy to allow others to ask questions now he looked ready for a fight "Captain, it was your island that was hit by the Draconians, and your call for us to hit the Draconians back. We answered your call because your attack against Blackheart showed us the power of working together, None of us have even seen Blackheart on the seas again but now we see Draconians everywhere the same as before with no end our people are dying daily."

    "Which is why I suggest a new approach." the Captain said "recently my fleet encounter Hayden Repossession at sea en-route to a Draconian target." he heard from the gathered commanders the word 'Repoman' one of Repossessions more polite nicknames. "He suggests that we unite the sectors and all work together, but that he cannot do anything himself. Instead he suggests that we unite the sectors with our own message. We have seen we are making an impact on some Draconian movements but the vast majority of them are still at strength and they continue to supply their bases maintaining their strength."

    "So he expects us to go into his territory and bring pirates to us so what? He can sink them closer to home." Captain Rick suggested he and Repo had a long history of conflict

    "If we can gather the captains around Repo into an assault against the Draconians then perhaps we can unite all the forsaken islands and have them pass the message beyond our own range." Captain Alex War suggested

    "Here in this sector we are struggling to come out even on a level par with the Draconians, not one of us have come out ahead of them. Repo suggests that we contact a pair of pirates Lord Viper and another Lord Daemonicus together if we can contact them then we can unite the three sectors." The Captain continued explaining the plan "so I suggest we break into four battle groups similar to the Blackheart operation." He said rolling out a map showing the Sectors 72,73 and 74. "Seaking, Nine-won-three, Buk and Alex War will coordinate this sectors defence, countering attacks against our islands, and attacks on the Draconians attacking Draconian bases, fleets and mine defenders. Rick, and Simon Hell will lead a task force in search of Lord Viper into Sector 74, this is not an offensive mission" the Captain stressed the importance of the fact he didn't need them taking advantage of the situation. "If they are hostile to our ideas don't engage just come on home no damage done" the Captain explained. "Carl Grim, Glyn and Sub-master Angelique will go in search of Lord Daemonicus."

    "Needle in a haystack" Carl said quietly "he used to be big player in the region but I haven't seen him on the seas in months, his base is shrouded in secrecy. No-one has gone near him in a long time some say the area is haunted."

    "Well we'll try anyway." The Captain said quietly "finally myself, Hawke and Mark Red will lead a force into 72 to Repossession's base of operations. We'll call him out and see just how legit he is with his offer we'll also see if anyone else is serious. I'll be honest I'm slight apprehensive about the idea but we'll see how this plays out." He said looking at the faces around the table "we have done the near impossible so far people let's take it a little further."

    "What about Duinhir? Or Alalcamenos both have dropped off the map since Duinhir's attack." Nine-won-three asked he looked slightly irritated by the fact Duinhir had shown them all the use of airpower was possible again but then had disappeared once again.

    "Unknown there has been nothing since his attack, Commodore Holloway has taken command of his surface assets that much my intelligence has uncovered however Holloway has his own way of working and doesn't appear to want/need our assistance. None of the Admirals carriers have been seen at sea since their initial attack, one was damaged by a submarine during the strike. Alalcamenos appears to be have problems with Draconians of his own - one of his crews has gone missing he is involved in operations to recover them and may be out of contact. They have strong fleets but so do we and we can do this if we act together, there is plenty experience in this force and plenty of knowledge about the Draconians here too.

    Meanwhile across the seas

    When he'd first woken Duinhir found he'd missed nearly six months of the war due to his heart attack, the Doctors had placed him in a coma to save his life and allow his body to recover and heal. During this time both his wife Rowen and his son Alalcamenos had returned to care for him while Commodore Joshua Halloway had taken the Electra and her battle group back to sea to continue to support the sector's actions against the Draconians. As soon as he could he had returned to work despite having a heart-attack at fifty he was convinced that only he could make a difference, Rowen had supported him at first but again the strain of combat had caused her to leave him to "his war games" his son had stayed longer however his attaché Themostocles while a capable commander didn't have enough of the respect of Alalcamenos's troops. Alone again Duinhir had overseen the completion of his island's new airstrip which would allow him to train new pilots and develop bigger ships, unfortunately he found out that the Yorktown, which had been damaged in battle against the Draconian Outpost, was still in dry-dock and would be for another month maybe more according to his engineers the entire flight deck would need to be re-laid onto the hull.

    He needed the resources and needed to get into the action but with the Electra at sea he needed something else instead he formed a new group based around the Enterprise, Hornet, two captured Draconian Battle-cruisers refitted with Forsaken technology and one of Duinhir's Terror Wolves, a Sea Wolf refitted with Draconian D33A Assault Cannons the ship would act as his flagship while he tested his carriers for a second time. Unlike before this time Artan had ordered his carriers to maximum capacity with twelve aircraft each. Beyond the strike group ten more Sea Wolves formed a perimeter screening for Draconian ships, submarines and any pirate captain stupid enough to engage them.

    "Admiral" the Iroquois' commander said Artan looked over at Commander Garth Forsyth said getting his attention "Enterprise reports pilots are in briefings preparing for flight operations at 1000hrs."

    "Good news" he said climbing up in his command chair and stroked the padded leather arm rest. “I miss my old chair.” He said aloud. His comment drawing a few giggles from a couple of women who stop nearby, Artan just looked at them both and winked, Duinhir reached to where the fleet phone should be hanging only to be grabbing at thin air. “****-it!” He exclaimed as he remembered that on the Advanced Sea Wolf's fleet phone was mounted on the bulk head besides the chair. He grabbed the phone and keyed the hand set. “All ships make flank speed and prepare for turn into the wind.” He ordered and hung the phone backup.

    The Terror Wolf and two Battle-cruisers easily made and maintained 30 knots however the two Carriers struggled in the turbulent seas. "Surface contact!" One of the radar operators called "Admiral, Draconian Battleship it's on its own sir." Artan smiled.

    "Cancel all flight operations bring on course with them"

    “Cancelling flight operations coming to bearing 243 degrees." The officer of the deck braked following a nod from Commander Forsyth.

    "Confirmed a single Battleship, its damaged Admiral” the sensor operator reported "and broadcasting distress."

    "Good work Shelby" Forsyth said he looked at Duinhir, Artan looked at the sensors for a moment and nodded "All hands battle stations, battles station!" Forsyth shouted "bring online targeting systems, damage crews to their positions." He ordered commanding his ship the Officer of the Deck repeated his words throughout the ship.

    “My intentions are to capture that ship. All ships prepare for boarding party action.” Artan hung up the fleet phone and headed for the door. He glanced at Forsyth who nodded "Commander put your ship in front of that Battleship block her path, have both Battle-cruisers cover her flanks and have the carriers complete the box behind. If this lot wants to escape they go through us."

    Resistance is futile yes!
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    Twenty-one continued

    "We don't have as much armour as your Fortress, Admiral." Forsyth warned before beginning to shout orders across the bridge. The Terror Wolf pulled in front of the Battleships crossing her path the nimble destroyer easily matching the course despite the waves and speed, the two battle-cruisers slipped into flanking positions just out of effective weapons range while the two Carriers closed the box behind them. "Incoming missiles" Forsyth warned he looked at Duinhir but the admiral remained quiet "maintain course, brace for contact!" The Commander ordered the brace of Cutlass missiles flew rapidly through the air three of them slamming into the forward hull causing minor damage. The Wolf was rocked by the impacts but maintained position "damage crews clear damaged sections."

    "Cut engines." Duinhir ordered intending on stopping the Battleship, the Wolf's engines cut out moments later "weapons, fire a volley over her bow." He ordered Forsyth nodded to the weapons targeting officer, moments later there was a whirling sound as all five of the ship's D33-A Assault Cannons spun up and opened fire on the still closing Battleship. The advanced targeting systems on the Terror Wolf took the volley just over the Battleships damaged hull anyone on the deck would have felt the wind pushed by the shells.

    "Still closing at speed" Shelby ordered "impact three minutes."

    "Time to test that armour" Artan said quietly watching the contact close on the vessel it felt strange to be this close to an enemy without hearing weapons fire. The Battleships speed didn’t change and the Draconian ship slammed into the Wolf's forward port side metal bent and turned under the impact and screamed as the two ships were locked together in a deadly embrace. Artan was thrown back into his chair by the impact momentarily stunning him. Forsyth was more prepared.

    "Forward gun keep an eye on that ship pick off anyone on the deck." A D33 Assault Cannon was not designed for anti-personnel operations however it was still deadly for the task as the cannon began to spin up and engage the Draconian on deck "Admiral?"

    "Boarding crews to stations have the Battle-cruisers close and add their marines to ours. Carriers to maintain position" Duinhir said regaining his composure.

    On the deck Draconians were pouring from hatches across the ship Draconian soldiers pouring on to the deck. Bullets flew everywhere smashing into the Iroquois' hull as D33 fire cut down suited Draconian soldiers. Men and women on both side laid on their decks in a bloody mess that dripped into the sea turning the water a murky colour. Suddenly under the D33's fire and additional fire from the Iroquois' marines caused the Draconian guns to fall silent only visible hatch the led to the ships inner passageways a dark menacing looking place.

    The Iroquois’ marines surged forward coming up to the outer hatch and taking defensive positions to the right and left of the hatch. One marine gave the sergeant that was closest to the hatch a pear-shaped object, and the sergeant yanked out a cotter pin with his teeth and tossed the object through the hatch with a side-arm throwing motion. Inside the passage way the grenade could be heard bouncing off the bulkheads and a few seconds later the explosion went off and smoke rolled out the door. The sergeant held his left hand in the air with five fingers pointing skyward and started lowering one finger at a time. When all five of his fingers were closed in to a fist the sergeant and two other marines stormed through the hatch firing their automatic rifles as they went through the door. This same routine repeated itself many times as more marines from the other two carriers and the two battle-cruiser came aboard the stricken battleship.

    Decks crews from the two carriers and both battle-cruisers came aboard the battleship and started to secure lines to the ship’s bollards and throwing them back across to other deck seamen that was still on board the Iroquois. All the slack that was from the mooring lines until the battleship and the Sea Wolf would respond to the same helm commands the smaller ships powerful engines working overtime to control the crippled battleship. Slowly the carrier started forward motion and started an extra wide turn setting course for its home port, its escorts taking up defensive positions and the other two carriers following closely behind for protection.

    All this was occurring while inside the battleship the Iroquois’ marines both gained ground and lost ground, fighting from compartment to compartment. Alongside the additional marines from the two battle-cruisers momentum was gained and slowly the Forsaken marines overcame the battleship’s defenders. But the cost in numbers was great and hours after the combat had begun only a few dozen of the ninety six marines that boarded were left, the massive suited Draconian soldiers able to take a lot of fire before falling each taking a couple of marines with them. With the ship mostly secure Duinhir had came across to from the Iroquois to the battleship just as the command deck of the Battleship was reached by his marines. A flash bang grenade had opened this last melee of combat and then the carnage had begun, without room to use weapons most of it was done in hand to hand combat. The Draconians were desperate not to lose however the Duinhir's marines well trained and equipped had overcome them even with continuing high levels of injury and death among their number. With the fighting mostly over was over a few forsaken marines were off to one side bandaging their wounds as the rest gathered up the Draconians weapons which unlike their massive bulky environmental suits seemed to be standard personnel weapons issued to any ship board marine. This was the time that Admiral Artan Duinhir had waited for, his revenge his prize. Along with the marines who had stayed back to provide protection for him. Artan and the five men stepped on to the bridge of the Draconain Battleship and crossed the deck to stand before the Draconian battleship’s captain

    “Captain, accorded to Naval traditions of old. I ask for the surrender of your ship sir.” Duinhir stood confident he wasn't the tallest of men but he was proud of his men's accomplishments despite the damage done and the carnage throughout the ship it would take weeks just to clean the ship out, and the heat was nearly unbearable. Duinhir had been on the ship less than fifteen minutes and already the excessive heat had made him sweat.

    The Draconian captain looked down at him, contempt in his eyes. “I will do no such thing Admiral!” He snarled his voice distorted by his suit the man was trying to use it to unhinge Duinhir and intimidate him despite the Admiral's armed bodyguard. "This is an Imperial Draconian vessel of the Red Fleet, I will not surrender this ship to you or any of your rabid band." He continued to ramble Duinhir raised his arm in it he held his service pistol not used in anger in years. "You threaten an unarmed man Admiral, does it make you feel big and strong, I will invite this failure like all others. I WILL NOT..." He begun to shout his voice echoing through the corridors, he was cut off however by a single shot.

    The bullet had left Duinhir's pistol and struck the Draconian's chest going straight through the suit, there was a sound off gas escaping as the suit lost pressure and the Draconian stood there for a moment, for one second Duinhir had thought the Draconian had survived the shot. He was startled for a moment he'd aimed for the heart at point blank... the Admiral's mind raced for a few seconds then Draconian fell clattering to the deck there was silence on the bridge and on the ship for all of ten seconds before anyone spoke.. “Then the hard road is taken, sir” Artan said looking down at fallen Draconian "Major, secure this ship!” Artan turned and started for the door “run these rats into the sea.”

    Duinhir left the battleship’s bridge and stepped out on to its weather deck headed by for the Iroquois, he stopped and pulled the pistol out for its holster and looked at it for a few seconds. “This is war," He muttered before tossed the weapon overboard and it quickly sunk in to the sea, Artan knew that in the end before his death he will have to commit many more once unforgivable acts, but as he said this was war, and the times had changed since honor ruled the oceans. The Paragumo Carrier Task Force made its way back to Paragumo Island at the best possible speed that they could manage, Duinhir had rigged up several of the Sea Wolf escorts which had been securing the area to the Battleship towing it across the Forsaken Seas heading for home.

    Resistance is futile yes!
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