Verkraft 50 With 1 Vanquisher

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This technique requires 1 custom Vanquisher, means to remove the Titan, and SF squads with 500 range members in front. Photos were taken from my phone, that is why they are in more of a portrait view rather than orientation

1. Remove the Valkyries with a titan, or by other means.

2. Deploy you Vanquisher to the south

3. Destroy the Orbital Laser and 2 Blitz at a minimum, if you have time remove the south Powerplants.

4. Deploy you SF from the West/left side and walk them towards the center left.

5. Move your SF here and turn them on aggressive (Hotkey F)

6. When a plasma or the rocket silo starts firing, click on it to destroy it as fast as possible, then use aggressive again.

7. Destroy the Powerplants as you get within range by clicking them.

8. Once the plasmas are destroyed, use aggressive to clear the enemies and finish the base.

I hope this helps! Goodluck Commanders!!
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