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Our brand new take on Infantry, “Special Forces”, and Veteran Experience will be available very soon. To get a better look and feel for these upcoming features, we thought it would be great to provide everyone with a preview of what's to come in the March Event: GENESIS.

Veteran Experience

  • Special Forces squads and Operators gain experience during combat. Experience will be earned while receiving or dealing damage. Unlike traditional “levels” in War Commander, Ranks allow you to attack any targets you want to earn your experience without having to go harvest Thorium or wait on upgrade times.
    • Each individual Member will earn their own experience.
    • Open the Academy window and select the Special Force unit type to view all experience earned.
      • If enough experience is earned, the Special Forces Team and Operators earn levels, which in turn increases their stats.
      • Players can also use gold to accelerate these levels if they wish, similar to old upgrades

Earning Experience

  • Experience will be earned by taking damage from deadly forces and from dealing damage to deadly forces.

Taking Damage from Deadly Forces

  • Damage received from mines
  • Damage received from turrets
  • Damage received from units
    • Includes Last Stand Defenders, Drone Silo units, and Rocket Silo missiles
  • Damage received from the Orbital Laser building
  • Damage received from missiles

Dealing Damage to Deadly Forces

  • Damage dealt to enemy units
  • Destroying a Rocket Silo*
    • Experience will not be earned if the Rocket Silo has 0 ammo!
  • Destroying a Drone Silo*
    • Experience will not be earned if the Drone Silo has 0 units inside!
  • Destroying a Command Center
    • Only if a Blitz Turret is equipped*
      • Experience will not be earned if the Blitz Turret has 0 ammo!
  • Destroying a Bunker*
    • Includes units in the Bunker
    • Experience will not be earned if there are no units inside the bunker!
  • Destroying a Turret*
    • Experience will not be earned from destroying a turret platform with no turret top!
  • Destroying an Orbital Laser building

Experienced WILL NOT be earned from

  • Killing Last Stand Defenders
  • Killing Titan Drones
  • Killing Banshee Drones
  • Performing Go-Go Bar attacks
  • Destroying non-combative buildings
    • Academy building
    • Airfield
    • Aircraft Hanger
    • Barracks
    • Barricades
    • Bonus Medal buildings
    • Defense Lab
    • Go-Go Bar
    • Helipad
    • Mercenary Camp
    • Mine Factory
    • Missile Silo
    • Power Plants
    • Radar Jammer
    • Radio Tower
    • Resource gatherers
    • Resource storage buildings
    • Storage building
    • Tech Center
    • War Factory

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