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war,love,peace,hate,lust and pain, in the end dose it really matter witch one you have?
to daf, sam, and marvin, i just needed names for the story i mean no harm in these

Commander Dafool- leader of the brave alliance

 Ryan- right hand man to dafool

Sam- left hand man to dafool

Sir Dragon King- some **** head that likes to  wrights fan fiction stories

rookie Marvin-some noob

Kendra settle-some noob


November 12 ,space date 123.45, sector 500 conditions: clear.

Dafool- damit, were out numbered  and out gunned, and reinforcements  aren't coming,  suggestions  Ryan?

*{ryan looks up to daf as if is going to say something but is interrupted but marvin}*

Marvin- OOOHH OHHH i got an idea, lets fly our ships in to the red flashing things in there bases, i bet there power ups!

*{ryan and daf both shake there head back in forth  at the stupidity that was just given to them by marvin}*

*{Sam walks into the room with a sheet of paper}*

Sam-  commander dafool, i have good news from 3400, i think it may save us !

Dafool- Shut up sam, no one cares, .................. let me see that papaer

*{ daf reads a report about some hero in 3400 that took out  3 clans single handedly}*

Dafool-who is he? dose he want to join? whats his medal count?

Sam- his name is Sir Dragon King, SDK for short  idk if he wants to join or not, but i think he will.

Dafool- whats his medal count?

Sam- its only 245, but he mainly fvfs, he cuts threw fleets like a hot knife threw butter

Ryan_ this might be what we need Daf,   Sam might be on to something for once !

Dafool-  good  thinking ryan, this is what we need!

*sam said with a  saddened face*

Sam- wait what?!?! i came up with the idea and research, why don't i get any credit?

Dafool-shut up sam
Ryan -shut up sam
marvin- YEA,  sHUT UP SAM!!!................sorry sam i just wanted to fit in

*{every one stares at Marvin for being a dumb ****}*

part 1
part 2

*{mean while in 3400}*

*{sdk taunting in chat after he just killed a third fleet with no damage}*

SDK- what was that?  like 3 fleets? , come on you can do better than that!, these time, try to hit my ships!

some random noob- SDK YOUR SUCH A ****, LET US WIN FOR ONCE!

some random noob2- sdk you suck,  you have no skill! just because you can take one 3 clans at once means nothing!!!

some random noob- COINER!

*{SDK shakes his head}*
*{SDK sips his bear when there came a new vocie on the comms}*

*{static}* need help,looking for new *{static}*members*{static static}*
*{"yet another noob clan trying to get me to join again" SDK thought to him self}*

*{5 mins pass}*

*{ sam  joins  sector comms}*

Sam- im looking for a ,"Mr. Dragon king"? any one know him?

*{before any one could say anything }*

Sir Dragon King- THATS Sir Dragon King to you, noobish peasant!

part 3 on the way

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