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    Lower level players has a different Raid than the higher ones .. Kixeye want the higher players to quit so enjoy it while you can.
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    Dare i say : its kinda fun so far ??

    I,m a level 55 with 3 v2H ships and a torrent mauler fleet, both fleets barely armored.(buildtimes are killer) .Using 2 maulers as an shield (they have compound armor 2 and 3) the V2H sink all reavers fast. Played for 45 minutes and got 1 strike campaign done. 1.2 million points and 6.5 hours repair .That will give me about 2.5 million a day.WITH OUT COINING. and using only this fleet. Dare i say this raid (and the previous beeing sort of the same) is very duable .I could go for the Kodiak or spend 100 coins and get the crusader . Think i keep my coins ( 0 in bank haha)  .

    Since its co-op higher levels might avoid damage in Elite and Siege and help lower levels in Strike and thus get easy points.Yes it means bit more chair-time for both but it also is great fun.

    greetings captains and good wind in your sails

    My alliance has been doing this for like 6 months, we have some seriously badass players that terrorize the lower lvl bases
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