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... and as we look back at all the time invested ... years worth..

... as we look back at all the money invested ... several thousands ... for some tens of thousands ...

There has to be some explanation for devoting so much time and money to something you will never own... something you can never really touch...

Lets be honest... you know you enjoyed playing. Even when you lost... you enjoyed yourself. Yeah you say you couldn't stand the comms warriors and the in sector hitters... but day after day... there you sat. Staring at the screen... laughing at something funny one of the in sector hitters said... alliance comms window has alerted you that your group of friends has something to announce... S.O.S.? Should you launch a guard? Maybe... maybe you should look to see what he has for a fleet first. Wow.. you might loose if you try to defend your friends base. Wait... you could put a crew on. You open your Great Hall and look at the crews you have... his fleet has a significant evade % and a sea serpent crew evade bonus...

AH HA! Bullseye brigade, thats perfect for your missile fleet... but do you have time? You look at the clock on the wall... you have to be at work in a hour and a half... work is only 3 blocks from the house...so that gives you around 45 minutes of play time... and the crew last 40 min.

" He's on the way back! " say's your friend. 
" Coords " someone else says..

" He should be coming through the tower any second ".

" There he is... he is using the north tower not the west.
"Open Water: 2453,236" then another 
"Open Water: 2422,252 "

You coin yourself a medium pinch... crew up... and launch... you set your fleet to guard your friends base and arrive only seconds before he does.. but he doesn't have a chance to back out of the attack before seeing your guard and you're locked in battle with a seasoned FvF veteran and his level 47 fleet... against your level 42 fleet. GAME ON!

Think it through... be smart.. he no doubt has a pinch ready.. probably a large pinch for your friends base. You have that medium pinch but his fleet turns way faster then yours plus he has ranked them.... ****..

"Skulls! " you type out in comms. 
"This is going to be tough! "

Its obvious he is pissed that you caught him and has decided to rush you... you pull back.. and let one of your boats head straight at him. He barrels straight for it... guns blazing... which is just what you wanted cuz now his fleet is stacked and you set your pinch about 2 seconds behind him. He see's the pinch timer and realizes that single boat was bait.. he takes advantage of his crew and spins the fleet 180 degrees in full reverse.. PERFECT!

SPLOOOSH! the pinch nailed his complete fleet giving you enough time to take out a couple boats before it wears off.

" NICE! " says one of your alliance members.

" that was perfect! GJ " says your alliance leader.

" Kick his ****! " says another peer..

You're feeling pretty good about beating this guy... and then you get a message from him.

" WTF? How did you catch my fleet when i was already committed in attacking the base. I'm sending a ticket in! "

You not only beat his fleet.. but for him to send a ticket in means you took him by surprise... haha.. that feels good..

You recall your fleet... go into your base.. and back out.

You look on your "recently attacked by " list.. and see his base offers you 27 medals. You go back into your base... look at your crews.. and roll for something better.

It's your lucky day " Disciples of Skullduggery"

you coin another pinch....You dismiss the previous crew.. attach DoS and launch. What about work? Ahh. its cool.. you just wont take a shower before you go..

You get to his base... less the a minute into his base.. his guard fleet is gone...
You have and hour and a half on this crew.. lets take advantage of it... you can go into work late.

So you start smashing all his neighbors... 
his alliance...

what the hell.. you loose a couple times... 
you go in to your base.. 
you go out..

You relaunch.. 
You notice something your fleet lacks..
You coin a quick refit on each of the boats..

You relaunch..

All that action has made you a target.. better get some upgrades done... coin a few things real quick..

Your fleet was caught leaving the last base and was finished off... you go to the world map with your other base fleet... the first fleet returns

You go into your base.... you go out...

You continue to fight.. you coin your rockets.. your upgrades.. your refits...


Then all of a sudden.. someone made a seriously fatal decision to change the only thing that fueled the activity in the game... and now... it rots. Because the $25 - $50 a week from a large majority of players wasn't enough.

Stupid was greedy... and greedy is toxic...

And all the Doof's Moderators, and all the Doof's Admin's couldn't bring the players to spend money again.


"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. " - Martin Luther King

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