Alliances have arrived!

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Introducing Alliances, a new feature that allows you to team up with your friends and manage your Alliance in-game! Please note that Alliances functionality is currently in beta, and we encourage you to provide feedback and feature suggestions on the official Alliances Feedback Thread to help us build the best version of the feature possible.

Join an Alliance!

  • Access the Alliance screens from the Alliance Manager icon, which replaces the rank icon.

Create an Alliance!

  • Create an Alliance with a unique tag and Alliance Infamy score to prove your dominance!
    • Click on the Alliance Manager Icon
      • Creating an Alliance Name
        • Alliance names have a 24 character limit, are case-sensitive, and must be unique. The character limit includes spaces, dashes, and unique characters.
          • Example) Death From Above
        • DISCLAIMER - Alliance names created cannot be reused until the Alliance is disbanded. All Alliance names are unique!
      • Creating an Alliance Tag
        • Alliance Tags are a shortened version of your Alliance name. They are automatically added to the beginning of your name and appear in sector chat and on the World Map! Alliance Tags have a 5 character limit, are case-sensitive, and must be unique. The character limit includes dashes and unique characters.
          • Example) DFA
        • DISCLAIMER - Alliance tags cannot be reused until the Alliance using the tag is disbanded. All Alliance tags are unique!

Adding Alliance Members

  • To add Alliance members click on the “Add Members” button in the Alliance Manager window. A maximum of 200 members can be part of one Alliance.
    • A list of Facebook friends will automatically be displayed in the “Add Members” window.
      • Click the checkmark box to select eligible players and then click “Invite List” to send them an invite to your Alliance!
    • Other players can be added to your Alliance by:
      • Placing their User ID into the search window and clicking the search icon
      • Hovering over their name in chat and clicking the “+” icon
      • Clicking on their home base on the World Map and selecting the “+” icon

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 32747 PMpng

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 34927 PMpng

Alliance Ranks and Roles

  • There are only 3 ranks available in the Alliance Manager: Leader, Officer, and Member.
    • Roles of the Alliance Leader
      • The Alliance Leader can promote or demote Alliance members.
      • The Alliance Leader can promote an Officer to become the new Alliance Leader.
      • The Alliance Leader can add or remove any Alliance member (regardless of rank).
    • Roles of the Alliance Officer
      • The Alliance Officer can add Alliance members.
      • The Alliance Officer can remove members (but not other Officers).

Disbanding your Alliance

  • Only the Alliance Leader can disband an Alliance.
    • A confirmation popup will be displayed before an Alliance is disbanded.
      • Once an Alliance is disbanded, the Alliance name and tag will be available for others to claim.
      • There cannot be any other players in your Alliance if you wish to disband your Alliance.

Represent your Alliance!

  • Show off your loyalty to your Alliance with a unique tag that appears on your player name across the game!


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