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Whether you like the change or not there is no denying that the Tuesday update has has a dramatic effect on the whole game. Whether you were able to use the thing they removed or not either way you are feeling the effects now.

The seas are very quiet, base hits have dropped dramatically, yes they still happen but no where near the level they were at. Dredges are just being left alone where before they were all snapped up in a very few minutes. 

The problem that everyone is complaining about as far as i can see is build and repair times.

So lets look at build times; first I would take out the base build time for a hull altogether, those 10 to 15 days just to start the build would be gone. So now you would only wait for the component times. Your 25 day build time would come down to 14 days 18 hours or so for a hellhound, so there would still be scope for the long build but you also have scope to build something and get it out on the sea in short time. Everybody building a fleet would benefit. Look a a vindi a 15 day build would drop to 10 days. You ca see the difference with every hull. his should knock about two fifths of the time off all builds or there abouts.

And lets face it shorter builds are easier to stomach than the long builds if you want to coin.

That's not the complete answer but it would go a long way to bridging the gap.

The next would be to change the repair modifier so that no single hull takes more than 2 hours to repair. This would prob mean changing most hulls repair modifier to 50% of the current value. This should enable people to spend less downtime and also encourage a little coining to get those fleets back out there.

The alternative; well that would be
  1. leave the game as is and hope it does not die
  2. change the value of the coin so 1 coin gives an hour speed up or more
  3. let us know what you are thinking of doing to address the issue Kixeye.

Your thoughts people?
Would these changes entice you back into the game?
Do you have an idea to improve things and bring you back into the game?

Try to be constructive and not negative, please try not to bash other pirates ideas. If we can give options to Kix then we may effect change. 
  • andy_v
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    It isn't only ship build times that are outrageous.  Turrets are stupid long as are the turret upgrades. 
  • Dixie Normous
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    The heaviest of heavy fleets should be no more than 12 hours to repair. 15-18 days should be max build time (excluding limited hulls)...how you get there I don't believe anyone cares. Research hulls should have 50% repair modifiers (bone to the "lil guys"). Damage from PVE targets needs to be addressed...armor points and damage have been steadily increasing...which in turn lead to higher repair times. Just a couple thoughts.
  • Pride001
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    I still believe a 2nd shipyard and cut repairs by at least 50% would be a HUGE improvement ! ... a 2nd shipyard and cut repairs by 75% of course would be better ...

    IMO OFC !
  • Dixie Normous
    Dixie Normous
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    andy_v said:
    It isn't only ship build times that are outrageous.  Turrets are stupid long as are the turret upgrades. 
    Turrets operate as they are being upgraged...so the impact of longer build times there aren't as bad. Not to say it couldn't be reviewed...
  • mabawsa
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    They also need to fix the game for those that didn't cheat.
    One way to do this is to abolish the retro lab and uranium all together and set all content to max retrofit. That way those who didn't glitch fix there posteriors off to get uranium will not be at this disadvantage. Note there will still be a raid hull discrepancy, any suggestions?
    It would also have the rather pleasing side effect of making uranium unnecessary, so remove all that crud as well.
  • ToyotaObsession
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    Instead of making a thread that's going to get moved to wishlist, why don't you just post in one of the threads in the wishlist that addresses your concerns? 
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  • Apollo4life
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    I never exploited this glitch, and it is interesting to see how many dredges are now still there even until the next set hit. 
  • Drax
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    turret repair does not really bother me as log as they complete in the shortest bubble, would like the repairs to auto start though as soon as the attck has finished
  • Topper5
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    There are two sides of the medal:

    (i) what you want ... which looks to be like better playability

    (ii) what kix wants .... which is money, what also you want, cause w/o revenue kix simply can't go on with this game and that will lead to zero playability which is the opposite of what you want.

    So here is my suggestion (I posted it in the right sub forum already):

  • AnEyeForAnEye
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    Tho i agree with you Drax, and it would be a good start, but sadly i dont see kix eye doin it. Casue it has been suggested before and blatantly ignore or rejected bythe BP team.

    Why was it rejected, basicly becasue any reduction in build/repair time could mean lesser revenue for kixeye, and they are looking at those numbers almost daily. They just laid off 25% of there workforce because of reduced monthly revenues and pretty much dorp/stopped investing into at least 3 of there games and prob other upcoming projects, and that was before this fix.

    Kix is in dire need of extra funds, so anything risking to reduce it revenue will not even be considered. Right now they are in restructuring/ survival of jobs mode and they wont take any risk. Saving the game isnt part of there objective(it is too us, but not to them), there objective is to fund a way to bring revenue back in, and im sure BP isnt one of there mid/long term investement. Many staff member have mentions that his game as already went above and beyond what they had hoped for in time or revenue, and everyone can see that it going down not up. Right now they are all trying to save there behind and the lively hood. I wouldnt be surprised if they dropped online web game all togheter in the next year to concentrate on phone apps game, especially with there poor CS and poor game management. They know very well that very few players on the remaining game will ever play another kixeye game, no matter what they release.

    Right now they are going  to base and hope on the hooked gamer on these games to keep bringing basic funds in, wihtout doin major changes to these games, while they bring some of there projects out or redirect the company entirely. Either they succeed at it or the company goes down in 6 months to a year at the most.

    Our best hope is for this game to be sold to another publisher who may be able to invest in it restructuring. I strongly advice most players to be careful how they invest any future money in those games, you may regret it sooner then later.
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