Staking my Claim

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I could feel the pur of the engines in the ship as i sat in the command deck. The crew of the Heron are fast at work as we go to our left broadside to engage a VEGA frigate.
"Sir, they will be in range in 10m." My Gunnery Sergeant tells me.
"Be prepared to launch the missiles on my mark." I tell him. I look at the monitor and see the frigate enter our range and come at us full speed.
"FIRE!" I bark out the order as over 50 scatter missiles launch toward the oncoming frigate. Most of them hit their mark and critically damage the enemy ship, we fire another volley which blows the frigate into a million pieces.
"Good job boys, let's head back to base." I say relaxing back into my chair. The crew begin to mutter small talk as our Rancor Battleship slides into the ship bay. I get out of my chair and put on my leather jacket, the crew begin to pile out of the door into the docking area.
"Alright boys we will be on an overnight stay so behave yourselves, i dont want to have to deal with any bullshit tonight now go have some fun!" I exclaim to my crew, they cheer and begin to run out of the ship and into the local bars nearby. I walk down toward the commanders pool house and come upon the door which is blocked by a very large man.
"Credentials please."  He asks in a commanding tone.
"Commander Chris Snow, bar 4, Heron." I tell him as i hand over my identification card and papers. He looks over them for a little bit and hands them back.
"You're good to go Commander, enjoy your stay." The bouncer says to me opening the door. I walk in and instantly the heat and music reaches my face and ears, there is a faint smell of vomit but no doubt the sick commander was removed. I sit down at the bar as rhe bartender comes toward me.
"What'll you be having tonight Commander?" The bartender asks.
"Some whiskey please, just a shot or two." I reply handing him the money. After a few seconds he comes back with large bottle and pours a small shot glass full of it. 
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