New changes to FM's Military Outposts (Theories?)

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Meanwhile somewhere out there...

Vassago: Greta, launch the new weapons for the Military Outposts. We will give those pirates nuclear and ice rain. We will show them the might of the draconian empire! Muahahahaha! I will love to see their new recruits suffer and die.

Greta: At once, my Lord.

on pirates side...

Harlock: I see new cargo ships that are heading towards the military outposts! Men prepare the your High level ships, we'll plunder them!

First Mate: Sir! Our high level ships are not yet ready. We don't have enough build engineers and time!

Harlock: **** it! Launch out new recruits! time to show their courage to us.

First Mate: Sir! They are too weak to raid the cargo! Those escort ships has the overpowered hulls and weapons.

Harlock: ^@#$^&%^&(*& !!!! Prepare to launch the nukes! Lets bomb them!!!

First Mate: Sir! At once! Ready at your command...

Harlock: Fire the nukes!!!

First Mate: Firing nukes in 3...2....1... Fire!!!
 (Nothing happens...)

Harlock: What happened!??

First Mate: Sir! I think there is a problem on the nuclear launch software... It's bugged!

And so the Military Outposts has gained new weapons and a lot of goodies that will be problematic to pirates...
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