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where can I play it

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I really want to play wc rogue assault , where can I download it
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  • Bazorias
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    IOS gets it first then android. When can you play it is beyond me
  • Ismail.J.Force
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    IOS  gets it first . The android version of the game will be coming AFTER  this  ios version  and i am so excited about this game coming to android
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  • Cyanide Sandwich
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    You can only download the game if you live in either New Zealand or South Africa, as that is where most conmpanies beta test their games first before being released worldwide. However, it is not an invite only game, and can be downloaded from the itunes store. If you live anywhere else that is not those two countries, you cannot download and play it, and I certainly would not suggest doing a google search of how to get a new zealand itunes account in order to download the game, because that is certainly not what i did...
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