Avenger and Mastodon AKA How does Remote Targeting Work? FAQ

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Avenger FAQ

Vengeance Command Field:

Q: Does the fleet have to be in the command field for the fleet to receive the vengeance?
A: The "command field" is essentially the combat area, similar to Highlanders and Grimshines. So you don't need to be near it to gain the bonuses.

Q: Does it also increase reload of the ships?
A: No. It applies defense, damage, and speed buffs, not reload ones.

Q:What is the Max % of resistance, speed and damage does the fleet receive? 
A: 20% at max.

Q: Does the % of bonuses go up in equal percentage to the damage taken? 
A: Yes; 0% Resistance at 100% HP ---> 20% Resistance at 0% HP. So essentially 19.99% at 1 HP.

Q: Does each ship get a collective boost?
A: All Ships in the fleet receive the Vengeance effect as your total Fleet Health goes down. The bonus is not applied to each ship individually.

Q: What resistances does it give? 
A: All (Ballistic, Penetrative, Concussive, Explosive, Radioactive), up to 20%.

Q: Does avenger ability trigger resonance battery ability?
A: No, as it has no real "field" it emits.

Q: Does the buff on the fleet continue if the Avenger dies?
A: Negative.

Q: Does the buff carry over to the next battle?
A: Yes. Essentially, the buffs lasts until the ship dies and as long as the Avenger lives.

Speed Matching:

Q: How fast does it go?
A: The Avengers base combat speed is 16, plus any engine upgrades. It’s ability to match the slowest ship in a fleet does not mean it can speed up beyond its own combat speed. If you have slower ships the Avenger will slow down to keep pace with them. If all your ships are faster than the Avenger, the Avenger will fall behind. 

Q: Are Nighthawks included in this?
A: But of course.

Q: Does that mean it doesn't need an engine special?
A: If you need the Avenger to go faster than its base speed it will need an engine upgrade. 

Q: Does it slow all the ships in a fleet?
A: No, it only matches the slowest one, no matter what speed it is.

Q: Does it match turn speed as well?
A: Nope.

Q: Do specials that slow down ships, like Heavy Plating, affect the Avenger?
A: They do, as it does not speed up to match the slowest ship's speed; it only slows down to do so.

Mastodon FAQ:

Q: How does it work?
A: Ok, so basically it goes like this: 

The blue dot in the middle represents the Mastodon. The blue dot on top represents your friendly ship. The dark gray areas are your regular range; the light gray area is the new Remote Targeting Range feature. The Mastodon can hit the red enemy dots, but not the yellow enemy dots. Why? Simple: Remote Targeting depends on your friendly ships as a beacon of sorts. The red dot to the left can be hit since it's inside the standard targeting area of the Mastodon. Additionally, since the red dot on top overlaps both the Mastodon's extended range and your escort's regular range, it can fire on it. However, as the yellow dot on the left is not overlapping with your escort's range, and the yellow dot on top is beyond the Mastodon's total reach, it cannot hit it.

EDITED 2/10/16 -- Remote Targeting Type indicates the kind of weapon equipped to a hull that may benefit from this ability.  In the case of the Mastodon, this is Missiles. In the case of the Citadel, this is Mortars. The fleet MUST have an escort or "spotter" ship that is equipped with Surface or Air Weapons to trigger Remote Targeting. This feature will not work with Underwater Weapons, like Torpedoes.

Q: How much is the Remote Targeting Range?
A: It's 75% added to any missile you have. 

Q: Do missile range specials add to the extended range?
A: Yes. Solid Fuel Booster and Strike System buff the Remote Targeting Range. So essentially, you can have a range of 168 with Assault Missiles:
(74+30% SFB)+75% RTR

Q: What if I have different weapon ranges on my ship. Will they all go 168 range?
A: Negative. The Range boost will be calculated accordingly to any range difference of your weapons.

Q: "Less damage at max range?" How much less damage at max range we talking here?
A: At max range, the Mastodon will only do 40% of its regular damage.

Q: Can I choose what the Mastodon hits?
A: As with any other ship it, will target anything within it's range. This includes buildings.

Q: Does Resonance Battery activate while the Mastodon is near?
A: No.

Q: Does it have inherent re-targeting?
A: Nope.

Q: What if a ship in the fleet has re-targeting?
A: That's great for the ship. It will not share the attribute with the Mastodon, however.

Q: What if the spotter ship is a sub with a Surface weapon in its Hybrid Slot (like a 'cuda or reaper)?
A: If the Sub is Surfaced and in range of its Surface Weapon (like a missile) than the Remote Targeting Range Feature will work, as long as the sub stays on the surface.

Q: Does it work with Deluge or Downpour Missiles?
A: No.

Hope this helps!
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