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Please comment on your thoughts about iron march event.. 

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  • Island Bases prevent any ground forces from being used.



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  • Building with near infinite range.
  • Dynamic targeting
    • When a unit location is targeted, a large area decal is painted on the ground and an AoE explosion is triggered at the location dealing damage over time to all units in the area.
      • The explosion cannot be prevented by destroying a projectile and instead must be avoided.




  • The Mercenary Camp Building is unlocked after beating Wave 1.
    • This building houses all of the construction/upgrading of Mercenaries units.



  • Unlocked with the Mercenaries Camp Building at Wave 1.



  • Unlocked at Wave 41.



  • Unlocked at Wave 61.



  • Unlocked at Wave 71.



  • Unlocked at Wave 81.



  • Unlocked at Wave 91.




  • Unlocked in the Event Shop for 135,000 XP



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  • Unlocked in the Event Shop for 60,000 XP



  • Unlocked in the Event Shop for 40,000 XP

Just because you "Choose" to pay money does "NOT" entitle you to special treatment.  


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  • Nyftn-SHAPE
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    that laser sucks big time !!!!!!!!!!! yes we can get banshee , but how many that don't have it will get that far to unlock it ??

  • craigo29
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    edited 25 Jul 2014, 10:05PM

    The orbital laser building is ok when you just have one (are we likely to see these as an event prize?) but when you start adding more that's when it becomes overpowered! im glad you got rid of the cave waves they were in danger of becoming mini fortresses. im on wave 40 and haven't found it to not to be too stressful lol.

  • killerlite
    Joined May 2014 Posts: 2
    edited 25 Jul 2014, 7:39PM

    this was the hardest event i have ever done i did make it to wave 10 but that was the hardest fortress i have ever done or seen 

  • Asylum Seeker
    Asylum Seeker
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    edited 25 Jul 2014, 7:41PM

    The laser means you need to use air a lot more to start with, but with the shopped hovers and hercs air doesnt get through and with so much corrosion anti air EHS just get wiped out in one stinger shot now. Its sort of ridiculous...I think the event is stupid personally.

    On a lighter note i like the idea of the mercs. Am worried that high levels of it will cost thor to build though like the missiles do. If this is how it will be i wont be using them much at all.

  • george.payne.10485
    Joined Aug 2013 Posts: 2

    i think the event sucks im not coining i never do in events but all the attacking this one is very hard pluss they made the units in the bases customized now the drone silos kill titans easy ahah this is a joke made for coiners im gonna try and get everythting but my god its hard without coins pluss the prizes sucks as i tested in preview and take too long to upgrade 

  • craigo29
    Potential Threat
    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 28

    this was the hardest event i have ever done i did make it to wave 40 but that was the hardest fortress i have ever done or seen 

    i haven't attempted the fortress yet but i think i can get through it. i agree the attacking side is harder but at least we don't have to deal with satellite bases before a fortress or cave bases so i think its evened out! 

  • Tomas Stanevc
    Tomas Stanevc
    Joined Jun 2014 Posts: 2

    wave 30 is difucul to my ok i have hovard but i dont take that

  • Achilles751
    Potential Threat
    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 63

    i think this event is way to hard for everybody high or low the orbital laser building is way to hard  you guys at kixeye are really making us optimize our super allready long repairs in the even or coin which i dont mind doing sometimes but this is just out right stupid

  • RVD2142
    Potential Threat
    Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 53

    Too many Attacking wave .. and those are hard .. if u don't have vanq or evanq ... :)

  • PrinceSmiler
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 339

    i personally don't feel this is the hardest event I have done, it is certainly a challenge but isn't that the point of it?

    now before I get inundated with abuse I don't have spectre or titan and am currently on wave 50 and plan to get to my usual mid 60's before I stop as I always do,

    I do enjoy the island waves, theyre something different and encourage peole to think about how to complete instead of the usual spamming of titan,

    the orbital laser is also something new which I think is a nice introduction to the game, we need new stuff constantly coming in else the game will go stale right?

    cannot comment on the price for the Banshee as I already have it, the schematic price seems about right to me.

    not overly fussed on the new merc camp marauders etc, but I will take them anyway lol

    guys, the event is about strategy and thinking, and a little gold saves a lot of hassle, but my main units ive used are suicide valks, raptors and banshees on attack, plus of course megas etc and on defence mainly megas and hovers, you don't need any great uniques to do events

    Inside I'm smiling......
  • StarRock
    Joined Jun 2013 Posts: 8

    too hard with ehover and laser building .. this should be a strategy game not a suicide game i can't waste a punch of platoon to win a stupiid wave and about the other waves ? and where is the vank schematic it wasn't exclusive or unique so it should have been with the event price .....  extremly hard

  • kille186
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Dec 2013 Posts: 443

    StarRock said:

    too hard with ehover and laser building .. this should be a strategy game not a suicide game i can't waste a punch of platoon to win a stupiid wave and about the other waves ? and where is the vank schematic it wasn't exclusive or unique so it should have been with the event price .....  extremly hard

    I agree with you

    Potential Threat
    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 45

    hard event even for high levels. but i must say i enjoyed the first 60 waves then i got bored but that happans every event!

  • PrinceSmiler
    Skilled Warrior
    Joined Oct 2013 Posts: 339

    vanquisher schematic will be available next event id imagine

    Inside I'm smiling......
  • Frost-3
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Jul 2013 Posts: 236

    Ok very good event i give it 8.5/10 the problem s there is a lot of attack wave and the banshee and banshee schematic it so expensive else very good event :smile: 

    Potential Threat
    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 24

    I think it is too hard, it is to insane all my toons are dead because the blitz but be serious the original prize of the banshee in the preview was 32,500 xp please put like it was on the preview and put on sale another things not only the drone silo reaper drone and reaper and stingers schematic. Everyone try to win but with this prizes and fortress are a form of killing all of our toons, anyone of the levels 30 to 35 can beat the wave 50 and in the past event this players can get until wave 50. For my opinion is better to put the events like were on the past because was a little beat easier the kondor the first time at 3,850 and then 38,000 xp please put like was back o put only defense and the outpost of the waves 5 10 15 and so on and fortress at the 12 22 32 42 and so on please think it.  

  • gamer239
    Potential Threat
    Joined Jul 2012 Posts: 70

    the event is good but the laser and blitz are making this event way too hard for me
  • Hunter9921
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Aug 2013 Posts: 240

    I have complete wave 40 TWICE now and Kixeye still hasn't given me my xp for it OR letting me pass it even though I destroy the entire base and I get the pop up saying what resources I got from the attack. I already sent in a ticket about it.

  • Taha Iftikhar
    Taha Iftikhar
    Minor Nuisance
    Joined Oct 2012 Posts: 280

    Laser buildings have screwed this event up completely. They've rendered most ground units useless and the overpowered AA make it so that even aircraft have a really hard time getting through.
    The laser buildings HAVE to get some sort of nerf. No one can make it to wave 40 without incredible losses if they don't have customized HS, or some unique unit or Banshees.
    This has to be the worst event so far and if you want it to be even remotely successful you guys need to make some changes to that building.
    Infinite range, huge DPS and a stupid 3 second warning is a terrible idea. And they can' even be baited because they only shoot at big plats

  • anup.chandran.56
    Potential Threat
    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 31

    bring back the banshee wingman tech and peacekeeper teck, because banshees are a lot less powerful without them

    Also the event has been laggy, not sure if its just for me but has been definitely laggy than the last one

  • StaimB
    Strike-force Captain
    Joined Nov 2013 Posts: 781

    The difficulty after wave 60 is way over the top. Same with the amount of Attack waves...x2 island wave, x3 mayhem, x5 mayhem x7, x8 island wave. (x means the waves 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s).

    Added a picture of Wave 85. 3 Lasers, 5 drone silos, 1 rocket silo, 12 watchtowers and the walls full spammed of e-vanqs and e-hovers? Are you serious?

    I made it to 91 but it was extreme time intensive and annoying to get nearly every wave as an attackwave...

  • Dany Buck
    Dany Buck
    Minor Nuisance
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    such a very powerful oxidant green stuff. titan under fire can t do it more than few second. i get the feeling this 8 % damage buff gain during ops shadow makes everything to be killed faster.i m lvl 39 loosing faith, not really interesting this event.

    Joined May 2012 Posts: 24

    I'm on wave 62 now.  It's okay difficulty wise it's the prize that are letting this down.  For so much hard work we want a really powerful unit like Banshee or EVanq.  These Mechs are too weak to be considered a 'top prize'.

  • Dylan Salas98
    Dylan Salas98
    Joined Jun 2014 Posts: 13

    im on wave 26 why hmmm ??? i would of been on wave 30 but why ??/ because one it was very laggy 2 the damm base reset an u guys (kixeye) hvnt even respond to my request i coined nearly 8 toons on wave 26 like are u serious im a lvl 26 an 2 lasers on wave 26 really kixeye i coined an everything because i want to get the big stuff since im a low lvl dnt judge me but its true u guys make it harder an harder every evnt u guys cnt even make one easy one why cant u guys make onje where u just have base deffense then the next offense why cant u guys have fun anymore u guys dnt know how it feels to be a player an someonje not giveing u want they want u make it 10 times more harder for them to get then it was for u to get it its all easy for u guys to get ur stuff because u guys can unlock wate ver u guys want i was a lvl 34 once untill my account got hacked like really kixeye can u pleases ease down the events dnt make it so damm hard make it easy for low lvls an make it not to hard on higher lvls please kixeye do this fpr everyone an people would start loving an start **** back to war commander an start playing 

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