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  • bill.whitford.18
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    Not a fun event! I quit!
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    Well first off ,this event along with the past 3 have been a bad joke ....thought this game is called War Commander ,not Coin Commander, or freakin Star Wars..the higher waves are made for people who can pay to play ,way to hard for lower level players which is totally removed so many older prizes from the xp's that most players are wasting on average 50 to 70 thousand xp's per event if you can't reach a certain level and have all the normal stuff and the other things are locked ,which in turn make this a big **** waste of time event ..for useless crap ..I quit coining just because of the fact..just like that stupid trophy thing you got as a prize what the **** good is it does nothing to help protect your base ,it don't stop you from being just shows how dumb some people really are ..while you laugh all the way to the bank..that's what this recent event and the others have been JOKES ,NOTHING BUT JOKES.. where is the brimstone prize or the blitz shells for reapers that supposed to be a prize or in gears,same as elite hell storms or dual pay load for the elite hellfires ..haven't seen a last chance on none of those so your screwing the lower players and even some of the higher players whom missed out on them..Quit being so **** greedy apply bases according to the level of play like the old days ..

  • Doug_Deadly
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    I went from attack waves like lvl 25 bases to Fortress wave 30 base like a lvl 40 Rogue. Now on wave 33 attack it is like a lvl 40 rogue also. Why the big **** jump in difficulty attack bases? It should not have had this big a jump in difficulty attack bases.

    Is this a problem in EVENT???

  • Joe_M
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    The difficulty level is far too high for units that guarantee the player will spend more money and/or time to build or use...  What you gave was different versions of suicide units... or cheaper armed missiles... NOTHING MORE.  Very disappointed... and, to think your customers don't realize this is pretty insulting.

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    i want to know why the orbital laser can kill my lvl 15  E laser tanks so QUICK  mine even have lvl 6 crystal treads   

  • Jacob W Thar II
    Jacob W Thar II
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    My view on this event is this. I am a level 39 who has pride in using skill. I save around 50 bucks each month to help with some repairs and glitches that occur during event times. I stopped after attempting to finish wave 50. Between the orbital lasers and all the insane work shopped amount of Hover tanks making this event the worst event ever. Granted I ran into not one glitch or problem. However I will not take the time to use my full 50 bucks. I quit coining after 20 bucks because I realized no matter how many repairs I coin the stages will be the same. Had high hopes for this event but thumbs down from me.

  • Kasio.curtis
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  • Doug_Deadly
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    I have screen shots. My wave 34 attack base was a level 20 and now my wave 36 attack base is a level 40.  Way too much difference in just this few waves.
  • jcraw472
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    lol viper x can fly on wave 78

  • ralph_hall_1967
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    You have made the game not just hard but impossible without coining a ton.  Can not use any type of strategy anymore only spam units and coin.  I am quitting the game its no longer fun.  And the new prize is a joke the mercenaries die even if not killed and you must rebuild after every deployment at a crazy high price making them worthless.  You have basically ruined the game players are dropping like flies.  

  • Madmax12335
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    i tried wave 30 like 10 times now and cant beat it this event is ****

  • wolvarin kt
    wolvarin kt
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    why cant unlock elite hell storm

  • Polo471
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    those prizes ????? COME ON. so low dps.. why would we use them ??? and what happened to the DOUBLE BARREL FOR STINGERS and the BRIMSTONE TARGETING for hf WERE THOSE ONE TIME ONLY LIKE THE ELITE HS???

  • BrooklynNative
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    I am stuck in wave 40 fortress the timer ran out its so vastly different from last event I passed wave 62 and probably could of gone on to a few more.

    This event looks like I may not be able to get too far or perhaps  wave 40 is my last , I hope future events will never be like this one. The orbital laser is too strong and the supporting defenses are too OP

  • wolvarin kt
    wolvarin kt
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    1. that attacker wave that vanqs cant be kill till that fk cover lit will be end i attack by 10 banshee and 8 hover and 1 viper x and some mercenaries and what all my toon gone to helll  

    2.prize suck very suck with that hard event 

    3.and crash flash losing my mind 

  • Kugelfest
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    I went from attack waves like lvl 25 bases to Fortress wave 30 base like a lvl 40 Rogue. Now on wave 33 attack it is like a lvl 40 rogue also. Why the big **** jump in difficulty attack bases? It should not have had this big a jump in difficulty attack bases.

    Is this a problem in EVENT???

    Agreed. There always seems to be a dramatic jump when you get around 30. If I recall the last event wasn't that way, but most are. I mean, hovers, shopped valks,shopped hercs,blitz, bunkers and towers, emegas..........meanwhile these island bases increase very slowly in difficulty. I really need HF for this fortress.......but I've been too busy doing,no,no, wait,..... doing,no,no,wait,..... doing raptors blah, blah, blah.

    Please just make the progression in fortresses more gradual.......unless the current setup accomplishes another goal.......which has been mentioned constantly in this thread.

  • kylenjessica.arndt
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    lazer is stupid keep iy out of the game. makes so many units worthless.




  • serge.bigboi
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    Kixeye is at it again...50% of the time the Evanq's shields don't work (even when the shield is blue). This event sucks so

  • alquimby37
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    Lazer is dumb you pretty much made your newest good toy (BFG) worthless. The prizes suck and where the hell is all the good stuff ive wanted to get? At this point im not even sure if i want to waste the toons to keep playing. Do not put the lazer in the game permanently...



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    ok since now u want to hear our voice than,

    1st of all i would like to say REMOVE ORBITAL laser

    2nd thing u can do is strengthen the attack waves cz i think guys were trying to do that. so use ongoing units as defense not the orbital thing. OR

    u can just keep the present defense system without keeping the orbital laser system.

    So My main problem IS THE ORBITAL LASER, REMOVE IT PLZ :neutral_face: 

  • shane.k.nash
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    Heads up to Kixeye........  get ready to see a drop in active players!!!!!
  • Justin_The_Animal
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    This is the biggest BS event with the biggest BS prizes in the history of this game.  The attacking waves are insane and almost impossible without at least vanquishers.  Even having regular or elite vanqs without the schematic will have to have a lot to get a long way in the event.  They're the only ground unit that can be properly used as long as the orbital laser is there.  The mercs seem like total crap.  They have to rebuilt after every use, even if they're not lost.  I barely use missiles and certainly won't be using these unless they're really powerful at 15 and there's someone I really want to bubble.  Other than that, they'll be upgraded and collect dust like many other units.  It is designed to make people coin or quit.  Nothing else.

  • Mobley0
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    HOW THE HELL is it fair that all the units are over powered that we have to battle? What base has 16 vanquishers, 2 lasers, and 8 friggin towers and 4 drone silos??? I am a lvl 40, and it takes OVER 100 gold to destroy a Maham base when all my stuff is workshopped and maxed???? PLUS I got the 8% buff? This SUCKS! I am seriously pissed - I can not do this without 500 dollars, what chance does a lower lvl have? Get your heads outta your A$$e$ and make these events at least attainable - I own a company and if I had designers doing this crap they would be out of a job! I for one will stop coining, as this is a blatant money grab - can't you see that your CUSTOMERS (You know, thrones who pay your WAGES) are pissed? This game has gone to the dogs.... I quit.

  • Eric45050
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    It is great that you are looking at new ways to challenge the players.  It definitely keeps us thinking tactically about the employment of our forces.  

    The orbital laser (OL), neat idea.  I would however recommend either a range limitation, shot limitation or cool down period before the next firing sequence.  This is definitely forcing us to think about where and when we commit the ground forces or which ground force we are going to use.  I'm a deliberate movement player, the OL forced me to rethink my deployments and how I could support my air units.  Beyond level 40, I have grown reliant on the suicide evalks.  I've decommissioned entire toons to create more of them because of the fortress reset timers.  These are the only forces that I have leveled up.  My ehovers are no where close to being able to survive in the attack, even on attack moves.  I would further recommend that only one OL be placed in the base.  Multiple OLs became overwhelming trying to dodge the shots and position the forces.  Offer special operations where a jammer is able to jam the signal and increase the strike clock or offsets the strike from the protected unit.  This would help the player work the depth of their forces instead of over reliance on air and valks.  I'm not sure how players without evalks or valk schematics would tackle these bases.

    The Merc Camp, another neat idea but the upgrading and spacing for prizes for the various mercs is too spread out.  I knew the initial capabilities stats were weak but I was in awe how quickly they were destroyed even on wave 14.  The player has to make a decision whether to upgrade the merc unit, camp or produce the next set to soon, especially with some of the attacks being back to back or bracketing a fortress (like wave 50 attack, then 53 and 54 attacks).  Either the upgrade times need to be reduced, or the number of mercs increased since the camp can only do one task at a time.  A separate research building or place the research in the tech center.  The player has to think strategically which unit they will invest in for leveling up.  The second aspect of the time to upgrade is helping the player sustain the momentum of the attack bonuses.  I reached level 46 and had to stop because the air was shot up, toons battered by the OL and defenses.  If the merc upgrades were shorter, I could have pushed through to 50, maybe 54.  The health needs a boost for the intial merc.  If you want players to use them and invest in upgrading them then they need to prove their effectiveness for the player, not the wave 1 wipeout.

    Speaking of wave 1, everything but mines are restored to full health.  Please include the mines next time.  The player then has to produce replacement mines at 20 minutes a pop.  I had over half of my mines tripped and went into the next wave having to make a bunch.

    The work shopped defensive forces were too many with the same counter measures.  With the OL in play, I was trying to figure out a way to support the air.  eLTs and eHF just couldn't make the gap and start firing before the red reticle found them.  The corrosion rounds in bunkers, reaper modifications, and the ehovers was too much at one time for the limitations on air to work with.  I don't have the titan or banshee schematic.  The ewarhawks need to be leveled up but my level 9 raptors with modifications didn't land a single strike.  Added to this, the placement of the rocket silo ensured that most eHS rounds didn't hit their targets.  The formation spread then caused the reapers to respond much quicker.  The HS repair times make this a risky tactical employment option given the banshee didn't have epic tech or wingmen.  We might need corrosion resistant armor for air.

    The cumulative effects of all of these changes makes the game over reliant on air.  With the air toon limitations, inability to repair at airfield and use a second or third air toon for operations slows the game down.

  • The_Joker38
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    This event is the worst i ever do how wave 30 can be so difficult . the best event i have done was desert recon and after that event all event were very bad and difficult. you  dont cared about player who don't coin you , you keep making this event hard and hard  only higher levels can get reach best waves but what about us  the low levels we cant even pass wave 30  lvl ehf and lvl 10 hs can even do that .

    Your sincerly 

    The_Joker :\


  • DD Outcast
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    Well im a level 40 with all the toys and just about everything maxed, and if you don,t have Vanqs your going to go very bad this event even with them it takes a while to take down the waves, the laser thing is cool idea but range is crazy for lower level guys to make it far.

    I think this event is way to hard for most players and the rewards are not that good from what i can see so far. I will get it done but i will not coin for this type of event as its just a spam event. Thank god you got rid of the underground waves they suck, just took far to long and where boring as well.

    All up i like the idea of the new toys, Merc camp etc. But over all the event is just to hard and bit boring as well, with so many attack waves that look so the same over and over o well im almost done letting air repair, in the past i would have coined them, but its just not got me that excited to do it so off to play other games while i wait for them to repair. O and the last thing o my god the LAG is so bad this event, never in 3 years have i seen it this bad ever lost way to many toons to it, another reason i will not coin this event. 

    Looking forward to more new stuff to get excited about in the months to come, as right now its not that good and almost boring upgrading all the time. Need more strategy back in the game baiting and picking apart bases with some skill not just spam and crazy old RUBI doing it all. (I still love you RUBI just not all day long)

    Tears from cheaters will be flooding the forums. I can foresee it. Anyway, we do take this stuff seriously. We hatehateHATE cheaters. People who cheated will be dealt with. 

  • KooBee2
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    Hello Team,

    played preview and am glad to see that u guys made it a bit easier in real event then preview event. Althou this event is hard, especially in defence waves coz of the massive amount of attacking units, it is doable. Ppl just have to look for the wright tactics to use on every wave. Can imagine that ppl without the proper units will have difficulty of completing this event without heavy coining.

    As this event is harder then all others i know, the prizes u can get r "weak" acording to the effort ppl have to make to get them...

  • Brad_B463
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    im lvl 30player never even got pass wave 20 wasted 10 good toons high lvl for what just to watch them get wiped out in what 10 sec's any thing passed wave 20 is a coiner game this event is way to hard for mid lvl player like me who don't coin   
  • yehtut.101
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    I don't think I can find words to describe this event so I won't go any further.  

  • Lucas Garcia
    Lucas Garcia
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    would be nice if my repairs wouldn't stop. but then again, how would kixeye get money form coining if they didn't have problems with repairs

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