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  • shaffique.andrell
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    im at 56 i cant even use any ground beside suicide valk ,the orbital strike spoiled the whole event  this is not spam commander i want to use  my tanks the prizes are not even that good (long upgrade ,1 time use ,lag when deploying) i have no motivation to move on but to get the reaper drone schematic  pls reduce that orbital strike range range  450-400 would be good 

  • Jason0808
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    first off let me say my english is not that good but here i goo. this event isn't fun as were the pass event were the blitz started to be in it. the thing is the 1 blitz is ok but 2 blitz not good. the island wave and cave are ok because the enemy doesn't fight fair . but if you remove the elite hellstorm from event shop, how do we get pass ? i don't care about the unique i didn't get. but the ones everyone need you cannot remove from the event shop. how can the attack waves have twice as many torrets and towers than what we have and there is a  time limit to destroy it and i'm talking about the fortress waves. and if that wasn't bad they have now corrosion effect on them. they say kixeye is a leading game developer making games for gamers by gamers is bull i heard a guy got banned but no one knows why. and he was using coins how kixeye ? you guys are not gamers if i may say that. banned me too it doesn't matter i think you guys are greedy. and thats what gamers are not they play the game for fun. war commander used to be great i love it still but the way you guys are doing i think my friends made a good choice. one i will make soon as well. but i have too say thank you kixeye this game was fun. I LIKED IT 

  • BrooklynNative
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    I am a level 34 I do find several things not to my liking , the new units die or get used up I don't like it that much I tried to use the new unit I got at wave 1 but its pretty useless I did level it up to level 2 but its its too weak a unit I bet even at higher levels wont do much its seems its for very specific situations where it may be used , I'm not so sure I am going to be using it much for now .The orbital laser  buildings are a royal pain ! only air can hit them
    if you have no air type unique or units that can land hits it will be extremely challenging or impossible for some players due to lack of units they may need to make some hits on those buildings and tearing down the defenses that protect the orbital laser buildings .like elite hovers and towers Hercules
    I went in at 1st with my usual  thorium farming platoons Elaser tanks and egats no way they can escape this orbital laser the units are just too slow faster units may have a chance Fast ground units ? . but then I tried something else I used 4 raptors a tried then a bunch of custom wing drones those work in taking out Ehovers and towers ect but will have to repair coin to get them all or taking down enough  of them also suicide Valkyries will work taking down Ehovers and towers etc then can use ground units once the hell storms take down the orbital laser buildings I used hellstorms when the EHovers and towers are down to kill the Laser orbital buildings then its open to be attacked by anything ground or air units 

    I got as far as wave 37 still work in progress taking a break and waiting for units to repair 

    the orbital laser buildings are a bit too hard for most players
    for a lower to middle players would be very hard for most , I am not sure if I can make it wave 61 the prizes in this event don't seem to good not interesting
    am in it for the XP to buy some units I need like Vanquisher  and the Banshee is over priced should of been 30k buts it 60k ! I will quit event once I have enough to buy something .

  • kevmelgarejo
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    esta muy dificil, ya no me da ganas de jugar , porque se que el siguiente evento sera peor :(

  • DownFall1990
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    im a level 38 and now i stuck at wave 60 **** so hard 

  • Prize-pig
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    This event should be called "Iron air" as soon as you put units on the ground, bzzzzzzz they are toast from the little pain in the **** blue triangle's. i like to use tactics and units to there best ability, but that can not be done. i think my days are numbered in this game. I have watched WC go from a great game to what it has become now. even maxed custom e lasers with crystal treads die in seconds against this abomination. 

  • joecool92701
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    Are you kidding me kixeye??????  I mean really?????  You guys are already proven to be in favor of really heavy coiners but this event is stupid.  The prizes suck the laser building you put up destroy everything nothing can even get close but air and now you put workshopped hercs, ehovers, stingers, and drones firing blitz roundson wave 40?????? Are you serious??? I am a level 36 and everything I threw at it the BFG, evanqs, widow prime, the laser building destroyed them all in seconds no ground units can even get close and the air is useless with all this workshopped crap you have in there now too.  You're going to lose ALOT of players this round just when people were starting to regain some trust in you guys this is what you throw at us.  Extremely stupid from a video gamedeveloper.  You're going to wind up just like Zynga and becoming a passing notion before long.  You should really think more about the players and stop with this nonsense.

  • DragonRyder
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    1) orbital laser building with unlimited range is ridiculous.

    2) event items lack any appeal to try and stay focused on going for them.

    3) event ramps up to a ridiculous lvl  early on for mid and lower lvl players.

    4) keep in mind players have lives outside of this game however this event seems more like a full time job to do. 

    level 42
    Think outside the box adapt and overcome!!!
  • AA-82
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    1. attack waves too OP
    2. massive # of vanquishers in attack waves starting at wave 50 causes serious lag and flash crashes making it impossible to control units till some are cleared out (making player rely on rubi)
    3. no real change in this event in comparison to last 4 events with exception to no cave waves an addition to orbital laser building (which we the players can not get)
    4. still no usable prizes for players who have all old prizes to spend xp on
    5. defensive waves are becoming extremely repetitive and boring... a revamp of them is way over due in my opinion 

    Over all this event is on of the worst i have played in a long time... I was very disappointed and have nothing good to say unfortunately because i really did put forth an effort to try and find something positive but could not

    Good Luck Commanders and Happy Hunting <3 MidnightCommand

    FYI here are my specs: 

    You said it nicer than I could have.

  • bvc
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    I have looked through every post made on this thread prior to this post and I found only 1 person actually liked this event. Every other person who posted is disappointed in the absurd difficulty spike and weak prizes that have been released. You guys really did a good job with the last event but this one is complete crap. The custom units in bunkers need to go, the orbital laser buildings need to have their range greatly reduced, and you need to buff the merc mechs considerably(also reduce the production cost and the upgrade times need to be regular thorium upgrade times once they reach lv 10.)

    Stuff left to unlock:
    Air: Elite Hellstorm
    Turrets: Rocket barrage turret.

  • steve mason
    steve mason
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    why didn't they included triangle pool for a prize and why missiles getting shot down to easy as they level 10  ?

    s mason
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    I'm experiencing strange game freeze when doing defense waves, I need to keep moving the mouse cursor or it freezes after a couple seconds (but battle is going normally).

    Next thing is too much wave requirements for a disposable unit (it disappear not matter if dies or not)

    And those dang lasers... there aren't enough bad words to describe them.
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    why banshee cost 60000  xp!!!!!

    this event too hard!!!!!!!!!   war commander is a strategie game not a scuide game remember that kixeye

  • SbastianCali
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    all the things in the event are excellent :smiley: but is hard, in the operation cerberus u hit one purple blitz lvl 3in the nfortress60 but now in the fortress wave 50 u have 2 blitz lvl 4 and reapers drone schematics :neutral_face: i thinks this gonna be too hard to the lvls low  think in it and in the other event change the difficult ;)

  • jugdesh.mirwani
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    I would really love to hear from someone from Kixeye as to the reasoning behind the orbital laser.  Was it added to try and counter a specific tactic?  Because all it has done has made it so you have to have strong air in order to take out the triangle and then you can use ground units.  So all it really did is made all the attack waves into island bases.  Personally I hope the orbital laser is scraped and we never see it again

    I think it blows for kixeye to use something that is not offered as prize.  Used to incorporate new things like blitz or rocket silo only very late in intro event....mostly though you dont see it fully incorporated until next event.  Now we are dealing with unit that is invented out of blue that may never be offered.

    I think it is there to counter BFG so player cant break those impossible fortress lines jammed with filler units.  I also notice that the replacement of cave with triangle laser thing base is more taxing on air.  Those very long boring cave waves did allow time for air to heal so I guess that was not working upon re-focus of greed goggles.

  • ch21bulldog
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    I am currently level 34, I have e valks, hs and hf. my hovers and shopped with pack 1 items and are level 9. I am currently on level 22 and will probably only get to the mid 30's this time around. there is too much defense even in the lower fortresses, lower level players are really not going to get much. I have been blasted by the laser thing and never saw a reticle on the ground where it was going to hit, that's probably because EVERY event glitches and lags sooo badly. my toon just simply disappear on me. the servers need to be upgraded to handle twice as much traffic than the number of current players to stop the lagging. its called overbuilding and is a simple philosophy used in many companies. make the system better than you will need and you will have happy players.
  • ch21bulldog
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    Also, I miss some of the old events where it was all defense waves

  • jugdesh.mirwani
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    why banshee cost 60000  xp!!!!!

    this event too hard!!!!!!!!!   war commander is a strategie game not a scuide game remember that kixeye

    Yes... too high.  This aint no titan.  Without the schematic and wingman 60K too high to justify. Unit not game changer like Vanq which is much cheaper in XP this time for those that missed it

  • SuicideKings0
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    CM sulaco this sucks I've enjoyed almost all event but a few I've played since before they had events so my opinion should matter. It's hard for higher levels with high level units and harder for lower levels that can't even compete. High level commanders encounter lag due to their high level units and lower levels can't even get anywhere with your obictal tower destroying their units. What gives bru
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    i hate this POS event..that is all

    "Okay,now let's try to get an answer from someone who isnt a complete  r.etard"-Mr Garrison
  • serge.bigboi
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    Kixeye this event is Shiet...did it take you only 5 minutes to make it?

  • Thomas Nighthawk
    Thomas Nighthawk
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    Wave 50 was actually easier than I was afraid it would be:  Valks to take out the AA on the one edge then Banshees to take out the OLB, dogs to clear mines then BFG across the front of the base, couple Vanquishers to take out the Blitz, more BFG and finish off with the HT's (who had also been taking out the Reapers all along).  Took 20 minutes and ended up with about 1:30/1:30 air/ground repairs and about 10 minutes micro-repairing/instant repairing dogs and valks.

    Wave 56 E-Vanquishers have Proton Shields and Accelerator Armor.  Lost an entire toon of Lasers to one as well when they decided to keep moving forward rather than firing when they got in range.
  • S14008367
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    Totos13 said:

    this event is the first one where no unit or skill permits u to do event with minimum or no loss.  Waves after 30 r designed to give u insane repair times for each wave. The truth is u cant do event and take all new toys without coining or cheating for that matter. F or players who cant afford to coin or coin with a limit is nearly impossible to finish event...maybe this another motive to start cheating? that question must be answered by game developers...i personally use coins but not in such quantity as this event needs...kixeye must return to old style where a player with right units and skills could avoid repairs and not try to force ppl to coin..that will result in ppl leaving game or start to cheat just to keep up rythm..better to think again where u going with this style of ancient proverbe sais that" the one that wants all end up loosing all!!"

    ^100% true^

    Things i hate:Topics,Polls and Forum Signatures.
  • steffen.krentz.7
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    i really enjoyed the event, it is a great challange this time, till in wave 76 my hs disapeared from hangar, in wave 77 9 of my banshee disapeared from my platoon and 78 has again a jesus viper x. till wave 76 i had no probs. no lag, no bugs all was great till my air started to disapear. same **** like last event. there 2 of my hs disapeared as well and there have been this jesus viper as well. so it seems like my event is over now because it takes more time to rebuild my air then time for event is left. 

  • michael.crowe.104
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    I honestly think this events sucks! It sucks because, is too hard. Can barely get past wave 40. Not spending a dime on this crap. Un-realistic at best. I could put 50 easy into this event and not even really get crap out of it. OH I FORGOT, THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO! Keep it up kixeye and you  won't see another dime from me and I will go to FARMVILLE!

  • Mycroft Holmes
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  • Grumpy Pirate
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    This event is the single hardest i've ever faced. Attack waves are ridiculously OP to the point where it's vanqs and banshees or bust - and as someone who doesn't have vanqs (was hoping to get them in this event) it is most definitely a bust.

    I have made further progress in events when I was level 26 compared to where I am now, as a 37, after almost a year of good event progress (minus a couple I missed) and that is quite frankly appalling in terms of making a game attractive to play and keep on playing.

    Get your s**t together kixeye, make events that are FUN to play, that are a challenge but rewarding and most importantly FEEL rewarding. 

    Honestly, i've been trying to find something positive about this event to say and the only thing I could think of was the 2 schematics I picked up that were on sale. But even then getting them meant not getting vanqs, which it turns out are needed for just about every single ground wave in this event anyway.

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    Can't attack  wave 65 the attack button is unhighlighted been like this for 15 minutes !! I just put some gold for event I hope my event not bugged

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