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  • LIL-GONZO-10
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    I have complete wave 40 TWICE now and Kixeye still hasn't given me my xp for it OR letting me pass it even though I destroy the entire base and I get the pop up saying what resources I got from the attack. I already sent in a ticket about it.

    i have the same problem they wont do anything about it 

  • Yummy_Bacon
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    The laser buildings are a bit unfair seeing that standard players do not have them, so why bring them in? Also, cave/island bases are just annoying, again due to them being totally different from the actual gameplay. The only off-key event I like includes the zombies lol. I also spent my first 9,500 XP on elite valkyries and the standard valkyries did not change, but stole my XP - never happened in past events when I have played. 

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     it's a worst event of all..what kixeye trying for? he want from us buy a lot of gold for this scrap and so hard event? well i don't!!! **** also the new units are scrap because after used it should be build again cannot repair....

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    I've helped with strategy for my wife's acc, but we can't figure out how to get past wave 30, she's a lvl 36. i'm a lvl 35, . This event seems like a deliberate attempt to extract funds , i realize you have to be paid ,but it's ridiculous, you should at least increase the earned xp,s man wave 20 was even to hard for those without unique weapons, which we can't get without uniques,  My wife's pissed and thinking about quitting the game

      I think you should let those of us who've accumulated xp's use that to purchase stuff in these events, just for sticking with your unfair practices, love War Commander but it could be sooo much better , think you guys know what i mean, **** just be fair , hell we don't get coins for all the hard work or nothing

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  • ctn_fire
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    1. The difficult of each base is increase by a lot (with Orbital Laser and Customized units in bunkers and drone silos and patriot in rocket silo) so the frequency of attacking waves should be reduced, maybe 1 laser base + 1 island + 1 fortresses each 15 waves; make event challenging is good but have to take into account the patience of most players (I'm good at the moment);

    2. The idea of orbital laser is an interesting one but it is better to change the damage to be concentrated to when the timer ends (when the laser actually strikes) to give a single powerful damage instead of damage over time, so that strategic players can actually dodge them with reasonably fast unit while they can still do the damage if they fail to dodge it. And this suggestion also make the damage fit better to the animation. The current version is just impossible to dodge without being damaged;

    3. Mercs is a new idea but I don't see how they can be strategically used other than just letting all of them die every time in current version. Because first you have to deploy them all at once, second they all die after battle even if they don't die in battle. My suggestion is that, make mercs with 100% health left after battle return to merc camp. In this way, even if we would still have to deploy them in the same attack, we can still choose to use them wisely so that we can save some of them; and also this suggestion would also not introducing repair issues as they either are consumed or return with full health.

    4. Because mercs doesn't look too interesting to me, so basically to me, the new prizes in this event aren't exciting at all. So what about putting the Orbital Laser as a prize in next event, since it is powerful? And I also miss those epic techs for common units, although in the past some of them are not well designed but sure there are some very useful cases such as the machine gun epic tech (the +fire rate doesn't work on single clip attack though). It is also interesting to see some epic tech as mid-low wave checkpoint prize for common units like snipers, razorbacks, wing drones, etc. which don't need to be too fancy but just providing some improvement in numbers or combining the advantage of existing components is good enough.

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  • SINAG-Jello
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    The event is imbalance

  • A.Alan.A
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    hard event :\ 

  • Gen_Prime
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    Unfortunately the event is much more difficult than ones in the past, making it a very unpleasant one

  • haymatr
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    best event ever finding it hard so its got to be good normally events are too easy..... bases are really hard but ill keep trying 

  • Elder_Lee
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    Brother War-Chess,

    Here is my comment...

    Keep your head down, your ammo dry and the FIGHT alive!  
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    esta mui dificil me puednen decir un truco

  • General_T 1
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    Its all too much , too fast. 

    Hundreds of new units/buildings/upgrades/,....without any time to actually enjoy using them.    

    Im not sure what to say at this point..... Kixeye please slow down.

  • Fugglar
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    Elder_Lee said:

    Brother War-Chess,

    Here is my comment...

    That's not a comment. It's a post by CM detailing the event.

  • Matrix-Lethal
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    Certainly a challenging event! Also, a great experience gaining opportunity for all levels of players to play the game with more strategic planning than to only rely on stronger units. Great wave rewards & prizes on sale for lower level players to take advantage of and become independent of seeking help from fellow sector players. I am looking forward to the part 2 of Iron March event.

    Thank you Kixeye :)  

  • MaxPayne2004
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    On wave 50, my level 15 Titan was killed by the enemy Hercules defenders in less than 5 seconds. Is the DPS on the Hercules units for the AI supposed to be that high?

  • arandict
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    The event is hard and that's OK its an event not everyone is going to get that far but all this event seems is a coin fest.  you have to pretty much send your platoons in and just try and smash the bases,  you cannot really cant take a strategic route at destroying the bases as you have lasers constantly firing at your platoon,  you can separate the platoons up into the 4 quads that you can deploy so as to have the laser firing at different spots instead of all focused on one platoon but then you are trying to control all of them and keep them moving from the lasers but still attack the base with some crazy schem'd units.  between this and the lag at times  if you don't coin your not going to get very far.  But kixeye does have to make their money.

  • Thomas Nighthawk
    Thomas Nighthawk
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    Certainly a challenging event! Also, a great experience gaining opportunity for all levels of players to play the game with more strategic planning than to only rely on stronger units. Great wave rewards & prizes on sale for lower level players to take advantage of and become independent of seeking help from fellow sector players. I am looking forward to the part 2 of Iron March event.

    Thank you Kixeye  

    How do you see that?  These bases seem to be the toughest to finesse and the most requiring of a brute-force approach of any I can remember seeing in events in quite some time.  Fortunately, we do have a hammer in the Vanquisher, but I'd really rather use EHF and E-Lasers.

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    between the lag and dc and loosing ur air and ur toons just exploding in one shot wtf betweenb wave 65 to 70 have lost air 6 or 7 times per wave and every toon just explodes the vamquishers shields arent working never seen this crap and i am pissed over it

  • medo anbar 123
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    you have glitch in merc camp

  • crash63e
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  • Jacky.Liu
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    this event was the worse with the fort waves being hard as many players got stuck on 20/30/40 wave

  • SyncUp2
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    they packed too much crap into this event for us to get past making it close to impossible for anyone who doesn't coin.

    upgraded corrosion stingers...
    upgraded corrosion hercs
    vanquishers with proton shield at wave 56 or maybe even before
    Rocket silo with patriot missile in it
    upgraded and workshopped elite hover tanks really early 
    orbital laser killing off most ground
    blitz taking out most uniques
    and the rocket silo taking out all air, makes this event too **** hard. 

    my advice to kixeye? have the people who come up with the events actually try to get all the prizes in them before you ok the release of the event. no godmode no coins (or very few) and stick to the same limits normal players have to.

  • Madmax12335
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    smiler999 said:

    i personally don't feel this is the hardest event I have done, it is certainly a challenge but isn't that the point of it?

    now before I get inundated with abuse I don't have spectre or titan and am currently on wave 50 and plan to get to my usual mid 60's before I stop as I always do,

    I do enjoy the island waves, theyre something different and encourage peole to think about how to complete instead of the usual spamming of titan,

    the orbital laser is also something new which I think is a nice introduction to the game, we need new stuff constantly coming in else the game will go stale right?

    cannot comment on the price for the Banshee as I already have it, the schematic price seems about right to me.

    not overly fussed on the new merc camp marauders etc, but I will take them anyway lol

    guys, the event is about strategy and thinking, and a little gold saves a lot of hassle, but my main units ive used are suicide valks, raptors and banshees on attack, plus of course megas etc and on defence mainly megas and hovers, you don't need any great uniques to do events

    Dude this is war commander not star wars and that orbital crap takes all strategy from the game so to me its no longer war commander. I feel a event difficulty should be judged by a persons lvl because i love challenges but common this event is ridiculous 

  • Harimau Malaya HM
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    The orbital laser building is ruining our dream to advance...please remove it because its KACAU DAUN xD but the subject is OK

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  • Madmax12335
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    i dont mind blitz being in waves because it gives everyone practice to take them but costimized units in waves and orbital strike gotta go

  • DJ_Sawyer
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    is it just me or when u use mercenaries u have to remake them. and also (I feel like it's a yes but I'm not sure) can mercenaries go to veteran levels?

    as for the event the lasers can only be out ran. elite megas just barley escape with 1.5 speed. 2.0 speed on the hover tanks can steer clear of the laser if that helps.

    as for the prizes hoping I would get at least the elite marauder but based on what people are saying about difficulty (especially wave 40 the wave before the prize) I don't think I'm going to reach it. (but that doesn't mean I'll stop trying for it)

    the marauder has mega tank health but low damage which is a real set back. I would've beat wave 24 with them but they couldn't level it anywhere near in time(would've used hellstorms but they died the wave before) they would've lived to destroy it if they had more damage of we had more attack time. the only reason I'm accepting of the low damage is because anyone who starts the event no matter the level as long as they can survive the first wave u get it.

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