Public vs Private Preview Servers.

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Attention Commanders

There are two types of Preview Servers in War Commander.

  1. Public Preview - These Preview Servers are posted in the forums for all War Commander Players.  A password will be provided in the thread found in the General Discussion part of the forums.
  2. Private Preview - This is known as the Trusted Tester Preview Servers and is invite only!  The TTPS is used to test parts of War Commander before they are released into the Public Preview and later into the game. The password for TTPS will not be posted in the General Discussion area of the forums!

If you see the Preview Servers is open and do not see a thread labeled Public Preview in the General Discussion area of the forums, then you will not be able to participate in the preview. 

Please do not ask or post a request for Private Preview Passwords!  The password will not be released to the public and your post will be deleted!

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