July Event Tips and Tricks - The Reckoning

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Greetings Captains,

I’d like to take some time to go over what to expect for the July Raid - The Reckoning, and beyond.

First, this is the final installment of the Reaver and Draconian conflict. So this will be the last raid where Warzones are the primary target. We will eventually move Warzones into the Campaign system, but for now this is the final chapter of the Reaver and Draconian conflict.

Reckoning Tips:

As with previous events’ Warzone targets, ships that excel in Open Water combat will continue to be highly effective. Hulls like the Interdictor, the Stingray, the Lightning Carrier will remain very powerful.

Heavy reliance on Subs will also work quite well, although players who make heavy use of subs will want to ensure that they are avoiding the Thermal Detection present on the Draconian Proto-Nemesis and the Reaver Mothership, which is denoted by a RED indicator on the hull. 


We’ve also observed the Draconians making use of the Reaper Submarine. Captains would be advised to bring some amount of Sonar into these targets to have an easier time hunting down these ships. 

Rogue Crews:

Much like last month, there are also several Rogue Crews that Captains could find particularly valuable when engaging this month’s Warzone Targets:

  • Speed Boost - Fearless Blitzers
    • This Rogue Crew is valuable because it allows Captains to close the distance on the Reavers or Dracs at the start of the battle while they are distracted to pick off unaware ships.
  • Splash Boost - Molotov Maidens, Hellfire Heathens
    • Both of these Rogue Crews will empower captains who are using Rocket heavy fleets to combat the Typhoon, and also allow Rockets you are using against Reaver Forces to splash onto the Speedier Scout ships.
  • Turnspeed and Evade - Sea Serpents
    • Being maneuverable in Warzones has been very valuable, and this rogue crew allows you to turn away from an approaching enemy so that it remains focused on a different target. As a result this Rogue crew boosts two very important stats, Turnspeed and Evade.
  • Accuracy Boost - Bullseye Brigade
    • Many of the Draconian and Reaver Ships have high Evade statistics. As a result, if you can ensure that more of your Ballistic, Missile, and Concussive Weapons land on target you’ll have greater success. This Rogue crew pairs well with the Interdictor  build I listed out for the May Event - here.

Going forward:

As this is the final chapter of the Reaver and Draconian Warzone conflict. I’d like to share with you guys an image of what is coming next and what to expect.

Right now the only tip I can give you is that Fleets that you used to battle Occupied Forsaken Bases will likely be valuable again.

I hope this information has been helpful! I’d be happy to offer any further advice on Event builds or answer questions if people have them. Good luck and stay frosty out there!

If I don't respond to your PMs please don't be offended, CMs get a lot and aren't able to respond to them all!

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    thank you for the tip Robot so at least we can start building ships for it

    PANABOI 0_0

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    That image of a Ice-Age base is very cool looking. Is that something graphical that may be coming into the game soon?

  • CrankyYankee
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    bubbs said:

    strange how this all looks familiar. I'm sure i've seen this elsewhere....hmm wherever could that be?

    Kixeye: The "Ice Age" thing is cool but in order for it to work it would have to be a game-wide phenomenon. Our bases, World map, everything would have to be graphically changed. It would be very weird if only the targets we fought were "polar" lol. 

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    Maybe a new race??

  • arbiter3245
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    wait so is it a hull store or not

    subs will never die subs forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    So a base attack raid is after this one? Finally! I much prefer those to FvF, for the most part.

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    Three things come to mind: 

    1. This is why my fleets look like their skating on ice then they are in battles sometimes.
    2. You known Will Harbin had to say one time that hell would freeze over before they (the players) get a drydock ! ....there you go...lol
    3. Are there going to be ice breakers in the next raid for prizes ?
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    Yeah because ICE is not from another game! 

  • WilburWrightIII
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    Oh good since the occupied Forsaken base raid was so warmly received that it lasted one cycle you've decided to bring it back. LMAO

  • John Carpenter
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    I get what you all are saying about the ice. Halo, boogie bunnies, angry birds, mega man, battle block theatre, skyrim, and minecraft all have ice, they must be copying one of those..... or maybe all of them. The game I am sure you dolts are referencing isnt going to be the savior you all hope it will be. You tools are way too excited to start your timers all over again its making me sick.

    On the topic of the raids, which this post was about, (not bases with ice for those incapable of reading, only looking at pictures) Will the sets be capped this month or not, Robot. Also some teaser pics of the nightcawk would be great too if you could slip some out for us =D.

    I like these threads, you do your  best and it is appreciated, mr roboto.

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    Winter's coming, i can feel it, anyone notice that when they do an update, robot always says at the end. stay frosty out there!"..........HE'S BEEN TELLING US ALL ALONG!! lol, thanks robot. :)

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    Ice Pirates!  :p

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    Jeez Robot kindly posts a pic and gets frosty reception! ;)

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    virego said:

    wait... arctic bases? i remember WAY back there was a video thing in game that gave a basic story as to what caused the world to be covered with water, i don't remember all the details because it was a few years back but i thought the worldwide flood was caused by melting glaciers. it also explained why you see submerged buildings underwater, does anyone else remember this or is this just me being crazy.

    no your not crazy thats the story of how battle pirates came to be

    subs will never die subs forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ice? Gun Metal Blue? Teal lighting? Wonder who this upcoming foe could be? The oceans will be at war when they let loose this new foe over the course of the next few months, that's for sure!
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    This is just a set up for a new weapon.....The Ice Melting Rapid Fire Burning Missle......Remember, you heard it here.

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