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Greetings Captains!

Its time to put your creative hats on again! We’re going to be running a contest over the weekend! 

This time you get to design a limited version of a hull! It could be your favorite hull or a hull you’d really like to see a limited version of. 

The Rules: 

Pick a hull, it can be any hull type or faction. Adjust its color scheme to make it limited (and also awesome!) and give it some stats that you think would make it limited.

I’ve provided sample images of all the ships as well as a sample shipyard for you to place your design in, but you don’t necessarily have to use those images. You could draw it or paint it. However you want to create the image is up to you, just make sure it looks awesome. 

Once you’re finished with your design, post the image in this thread. One image per entrant, please. KIXEYE will pick our Favorites and put it to a Community vote! The top three Community-voted images will win the following Prizes:

First Prize: 

  • Unique Forum Title: Brennus’ Assistant
  • 20,000 Uranium

Second Prize:

  • 15,000 Uranium

Third Prize:

  • 10,000 Uranium

This thread will close on Tuesday 9AM PDT. Voting will open Wednesday at 10AM PDT.

Good luck Captains! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!

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  • alanf
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    My entry

    Alanf  - I was pounding bases at level 50, so why don't you 50s hit me now?
  • MidknightSkie
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    sub hunter, and i dont know how the purple one ended up in my post but i cant pull it out.

  • DataOutlaw
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    Here is my entry. My photoshop skills are weak but I imagine the piping to be a dull green mossy color like zombie flesh with the image of a Zombie splashed across the deck crossed out with a blood red X. I was mostly going for the stats.

    Alternate special on the hull: Immediate double salvo from all weapons whenever damage taken from an enemy ship that is under 10% health. 

    MCZ.jpg 344.3K
  • carebears are food
    carebears are food
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    ok im not the best at art but heres my entry and i hope you get the idea :smile: 

    Finally they have managed to harness the reavers overloading core,  they have been scavenging parts and intel from wreckage's during the tempest conflict, after weeks of blood n sweat and many failures they have managed to get a prototype on the sea's.

    when both factions collide and the best of the worst meet I present to you...........the CHAOSNOUGHT

    i long for the day when kix turns sector travel off to make trouble in the ranks mwahahaha
  • Wyvern The PinkiePie
    Wyvern The PinkiePie
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    Edit: Never mind, I found it. :3

    Anywai. :3

    bra hrefhttpoi61tinypiccom14x2l9hjpg target_blankView Raw Imagea

    Mind you, I kinda suck at this kind of photomanip. x3

    Double edit: Forgot the defense buffs. x3

  • TallGiraffe
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    Don't use Level. Use Tech when describing players. Level means nothing, its all about tech.
  • Myah_ShadowSpike
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    Im not really good at this but ive always wanted my name on a Juggernaut (favourite hull by far!!) :3

    this is called Shadow spikes juggernaut

    it has all the juggernauts stats but with increased range/reload and 10% more of each defense and then a 25% armor abilites!

    and armor weight reduction by 10%

    I Crush you with my juggs xD
  • Daniel Runkel
    Daniel Runkel
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    here ya' go, add 5% radioactive range, change all the resistances to +25%, and add 1 combat speed. =). I present the Wolfpack Nuclear Cruiser.

  • Fimbulvetr
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    Here's my shot at it.  Figured I make a limited baser type ship..

  • Soldier Mayhem
    Soldier Mayhem
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  • Blackspider
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    Spider's Vindicator

  • Former BP Player
    Former BP Player
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    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 49

    OK here's my idea on a Limited Spec.    Improved speed / reload when surfaced, and an improved repair modifier. 

  • Hengist
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    My skills on my laptop are poor to say the least but here is my ship and stats

    Limited to 1 BP

    Name-- The Unknown Chaos
    color--Blood Red with Purple markings and Skull and Crossbones on the Deck


    all weapons gains splash
    Chaos overload--500%
    all weapon and armor reduced to 0
    max weight UNLIMITED
    weapon slots--20
    armor slots--20
    special slots--10
    detection range--100
    map speed--25
    combat speed--25
    turn speed--25
    all defenses including radioactive 75%
    all reloads of all weapon types 150%
    all ranges of all weapon types increased by 75%
    can use every type of weapon available including UAV's
    overload starts every 2000 damage and continues for 10 seconds

    since the old Nemesis is alittle outdated I felt we needed a new Hull worthy of a unknown leader

  • Sixftundr
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    Here is my ship. I think it's only fitting that it's a Reaper, since Six Feet Under is my base name and the funeral business is my living... It's our answer to Enhanced Thermal Detection and super sonar...

  • Capt_Jack_Sparrow1609
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    He is my go. Dont make fun of me lol. 

    Skilled Warrior
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    This is the limited version of SCX: 

    edit : THE EVADE SHOULD BE 25%

  • impossibru
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    Here's my Grimshine's Spectre Contribution, slight tweak to stats but the main enchancment is extra concussive damage bonus for torps and the ability to make them explode with radioactive damage on impact, hope this is ok:


  • James Thomas Goodwin
    James Thomas Goodwin
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    B) having some fun with this lol 

  • virego
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    in an effort to maximize efficiency and to draw brenuss' attention virego worked day and night to improve the drac's frigate to become the perfect hull for both base prep and zombie sub killing, but in spite of this hull's impressive stats it is unable to hold anything substantial.

    Joined Mar 2013 Posts: 1


  • Jokulhlaups
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    Limited: 1 (Flagship Only)
    Tech: Draconian
    Armor Points: 5500
    Max Weight: 13500
    Weapon Slots: 8
    Armor Slots:  4
    Special Slots: 4
    Cargo: 1,337,000
    Evade: 0
    Map Speed: 25
    Combat Speed: 12
    Turn Speed: 16
    Ballistic Defense: 30
    Explosive Defense: 30
    Missile Defense: 30
    Radioactive Defense: 30
    Penetrative Reduction: 10
    Explosive Reduction: 8
    Ballistic Reduction: 6
    Ballistic Reload: +100%
    Ballistic Range: +20%
    Ballistic Accuracy: +20%
    Underwater weapons? No
    Special: If Jokulhlaups's Baconator Dreadnaught is in an enemies firing range, the enemy ship automatically targets it and can not target another ship unless Jokulhlaups's Baconator Dreadnaught is destroyed or it is out of the enemies weapons range. 


  • Steven Little
    Steven Little
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    why not put the prizes as the top 3 get the ship they made??

  • Capt_Ghost_Minion
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    Spider's Vindicator


    I love this one
  • captianPhil
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger's Limited Edition "The Predator" Spectre. Although it has a slight increase to concussive damage over R5 spectre it's main advantage is it's increases in 'stealthiness' It not only has better submerge time and lower visibility range. It also is invulnerable to thermal detection. With this limited edition hull you will see your enemies. But they won't see you until it's too late.

  • WarCommanderOnline
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    Heres my original MC. 

    Hope you like


  • DaveyBones
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    yarg uploaded wrong one first, this is the one i meant to enter, can mod remove my first post please? :)

    HHxl.png 224.8K
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    Bitter's Stingray

  • maccyz
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    A corvette on steroids designed to replace the old and outdated Proto Nemesis. very overpowered, just like the proto when it was first released. 

    hi i am me
  • Haarvat
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    Joined Jun 2013 Posts: 4

    Goldfish Spectre


    Tech: When detected by sonor
    The "Instinct" effect activates,
    it gives the hull +5 sec. submerge
    before reappearing.
    Armor Points: 1,000
    Max Weight: 5,800 Tons
    Weapon Slots: 6
    Armot Slots: 4
    Special Slots: 4
    Cargo: 1.000.001 Tons
    Evade: +5.0%
    Map Speed: 20
    Combat Speed: 15
    Turn Speed: 30
    Accuracy: +25%
    Concussive Damage: +25.0%
    Underwater weapon? Yes
    Air Weapon? No

  • acgscout
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    Joined Feb 2013 Posts: 36

    battleship furinkazan  
    this is my artwork  hope u  (dis)like  lol  
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