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I thought we were going to war again.

I awoke to Simon jumping out of bed. I’ll never forget the look on his face as he left. Everything was still fuzzy from just waking up, but I could tell he was afraid and that he had a glint in his eye. I recognized that face. His uniform was on. Simon turned on the light over our table. With the door open, he left with a slow, knowing nod. He understands that I hate it when this happens. He knew I wouldn’t go back to sleep. I listened in to the broadcast.

“Attention. There has been a massive influx of VEGA fleets in our Sector. All combat personnel are to report for duty.”

The VEGA Mining Corporation was transporting large quantities of resources again. I knew they wouldn’t trace it back to us, they never do, but I was still afraid. I swear though. They don’t seem to have any control out here. They just keep coming and we keep scraping away just enough to keep on surviving. Maybe there are just too many of us to keep track of...

I put on my robe and moved to our table. I waited. I waited and I waited and I waited. Everything was as cold as always. Windows make everything a little more bearable, a little warmer - and I wished we had one. Alas, Simon is only an engineer on the Trident he serves on and I’m just a teacher. We haven't earned a window and that makes the few hanging lights we have feel like spotlights. Every area in our “home” is its own island and the one I was on, just like every other one, was freezing cold. The metal table and chair are so harsh, but I couldn’t bring myself to get back into bed while he was out there. It’s even lonelier there.

He only just got back a few days ago and he’s gone already. I don’t even have to tell him how I feel, but he knows I live in a constant state of fear. I never know when he’s going to get ripped away again and I never know when the VEGA Mining Corporation will realize we need to be…. I don’t like to think about it. We have no choice. We’re doing what we have to. I think. I don’t know. This, my situation, is all I know.

I heard over the broadcast that Commander that DEADLY SIN gave the VEGA Corporation the most grief. He took advantage of an opportunity. The other Commanders seemed quite jealous that DEADLY SIN brought back so much. In all honesty, I suppose it was nice to hear about his accomplishments even if I think they put us all in greater danger.

Maybe in a few years Simon will be a Lead Engineer or even a Commander, and maybe then we can have a window. Anything helps out here.

- Lucy

- Carter
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