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This subforum is the place where all official story and lore will be posted for VEGA Conflict. You can expect short stories, captain's logs, intercepted transmissions, and more to be posted regularly. Posts will cover everything from early history to current events to characters and everything in between. Everything posted by KIXEYE CM CarterGee is considered canon in the VEGA Conflict universe. The story posts will remain locked, but we encourage you to start your own threads to discuss in this forum or in General Discussion. We encourage you to post your own fan fiction in the Fan Creations subforum.

The only special rule for this subforum is that this is not the place to discuss game mechanics. Any posts about gameplay that don't directly relate to the story will be deleted. The same forum rules that apply in other subforums also apply here.

The same forum rules apply here. We're excited to bring you the story and lore you've been asking for!

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