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VEGA Mining Corporation’s Vice President, Bertram Rumbelow, is less than thrilled with the events that took place during the Uprising incident - but we can’t stop now. We know that there’s massively impressive new tech out there and we won’t stop until we get it. The anonymous source will once again trade us this technology for data cores retrieved from special VEGA Retaliator fleets that will soon flood our sectors. Your job is to take these fleets out, acquire the data cores, and trade them in for your choice of powerful new technologies.

Event Start: Thursday, March 27th at 3:00pm PDT

Event End: Monday, March 31st at 3:00pm PDT 

Shop Closes: Thursday, April 3rd at 3:00pm PDT

- Your sector will be flooded with VEGA Retaliator fleets. They are different than the VEGA fleets you’re used to.

- When attacking these special VEGA Retaliator fleets, you will receive a set number of data cores. The higher the level of the VEGA fleet, the more data cores you win. Damage dealt is proportional to the amount of data cores you get. If you deal 50% damage, you will receive 50% of the data cores available.

- Data cores are given immediately following an attack (they won't float around for someone else to pick up). You can view your data cores in the top center of the screen along with a countdown timer.

- VEGA Retaliator fleets are level 27+. Use your skill to defeat them! If you don’t have level 27+ fleets yet, now is the time to start leveling up!

- Data Cores can be converted to resources by the player after the event is over, but only if you’ve already claimed a prize or don’t have enough Data Cores to claim a prize. Any Data Cores not converted by the player before the shop closes on April 3rd will be forfeited. One data core = one resource.

- Repair times for fleets are not changed.

- Data cores will only be earned while the event is occurring. A battle started while the event is happening that ends after the event is over will not reward data cores.


This time you will have a choice of which prize to receive at each tier of Data Cores. For the first three prize tiers, choose between three levels of a special Armored Hull that grants cargo space and armor or a Siege Driver, the ultimate long range weapon that deals massive damage (especially useful for base hitting). Pick wisely. The ultimate prize is the impressive Condor Frigate, a ship with insane firepower and unparalleled maneuverability and durability.

50,000 Cores

Armored Hold I or Siege Driver I

250,000 Cores

Armored Hold II or Siege Driver II

750,000 Cores

Armored Hold III or Siege Driver III

1,250,000 Cores

Condor Frigate

Improvements based on player feedback:

- Relocation will NOT be disabled.

- Fleets will spawn the moment the event starts. No waiting.

- You want a choice of prizes? You’ve got a choice.

- Event fleets are all new configurations. You’ll have to use new strategies.

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