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Ok , so i was banned a couple days ago for "base harassment" ...repeatedly attacking a base...previously in these forums the CM's have stated that if you attack a base you have to be trying to do "DAMAGE" to that base in one way or the other.Now, through communication through email, the CM's are now claiming that you have to be attacking " with the reasonable expectation of victory"......

ok this has gotten way out of hand. They tell us one thing then do another and change their minds without giving us notice, not posting the policy change or anything. The problem with spam is that they claim that when spamming a base it is an "exploit".....ok how is using a ship i built with res i collected...actually attacking a legitimate target considered an exploit?...oh because base timers such as reps and research and the inability to launch ships right? so why not make it to where when a base is attacked the defending player can still launch his ships and his base timers keep on going? why change the rules for something that can be easily fixed? why ban someone for using a ship that has had its repair time increased by 5000%...

.this is indeed a wargame...harassment of enemies to impede enemy advancement has been a part of warfare since before christ was born... if the guys at kixeye do not like the way we are using the ships why cant they "fix" the game to prevent the "exploits" they feel players are using without having to ban them without any prior warning in advance of policy changes concerning the ships we paid res/time/coins to build and how we are "allowed" to use them...and another thing....these rules arent gray case by case scenarios...

set specific rules put them in writing and in detail if you want people to follow them...don't just reference vague rules concerning the forum to justify banning peoples accounts

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    Finding the right way to implement the rules would be nice rather than banning someone. The ban is impeding our progress in the game because the question of spam is so vague. Is it spam if you go into a base for a small amount of time to scout or is it legal?? The thing with this new rule is that people are using it to their advantage and so the real thing that needs to be is a clear explanation of what is and what is not okay. I for one would rather have the facts written down and clearly stated so that I know what is and what is not allowed. I have seen things happen for the sake of feelings being hurt and for that I feel it's wrong. If you do to one you must do to all. Then my next question is are the harriers banned all together or are they still allowed to be used and if so how does this work. How many times hitting a person is considered too many times and considered harassment. If things could be clearly stated and not changed on a whim this game could really be fun. Just saying.

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    Discussion of bans in the forums is not allowed.  Closing thread.

    If you were banned for spamming a base then you deserve to be banned.  Read my signature that has a link to the ToS for all KIXEYE games.  It specifically states that using game exploits (such as spamming) is against the rules, and you will be banned for it.

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