Its about people getting banned for BS reports.

Potential Threat
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I don't care if you kill this post like the others. Plain and simple, There is bias in this Forum and in this game. 

This is to Cliffsam98:

You wanna call me a hacker and a spammer with no evidence. I don't use a coin generator and I don't spam. Its not hard to believe that you had the audacity to level aspersions at me for nothing other than expressing my opinion about how people are abusing the ability to report people for spamming. .. but it pisses me OFF that you think that "MOST" people playing this game want something. You don't work for KixEye. They don't know what "Most" people in this game want because they don't ask. But they do know what your group wants because you have access to the Devs. I would report you for exploiting the game for your own benefit but I don't know your ID and the Devs would protect you.  But I do know this. You're Anti-Carebear and you have a vested interest in reporting Spammers. It gets you clear access to peoples bases without interference. 

I came on here to post because somebody I know got banned. Not about what they got banned for. If you spend no money on this game as you said, then you don't have a place the table. Leave it to the people that actually support this game with their money to decide whats good for the game. If you worked for KixEye, you would have access to the fact that I do spend money on this game. Its insulting to those that support VC that you are so biased and you should not be a moderator in this forum. Its about people getting banned for BS reports.

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