Base attacking and slow build times...I am out!

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Thanks but no thanks devs. This game actually had potential but unless you spend a heap of money on fb coins for upgrades or spend 12 hours a day online, you will never get anywhere in this game.

Base attacking is slowing down what was a slow game to begin with. I will have to say goodbye to Battle Pirates I am afraid. I cannot accumulate enough resources to build certain defences, building or upgrade ships due to base attacks.

Thanks for your efforts but I really think that unless you have a major rethink of the way you have constructed this game, you will never really have a truely popular game.

Good luck and all the best with your next endeavour.
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    sorry you don't find base attacking fun Dony. i get the feeling that your problem is that your warehouses keep getting hit so you keep losing resources. just in case you didn't know, there are ways to use your landfill to keep your warehouse and outpost out of range of any attacks if you sacrifice some of your RGs.
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    You really wouldnt do good on Eve-Online, some skills on there take 56 days to complete.
    This is like a cake walk to me tbh.
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