E. Mega defense

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Are E. Hellfires a good defense against E Megas? If not, then what is the best?

  • paolo.dabarno
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    Enforser and eglads are best on base attack. Eglads level 14 makr mincemeat out of emegas.

  • Travis_M608
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    if you want to use e hellfires for base defense I suggest that you get the hellfire schematic this coming event and put the cryo bomb shell on the hellfires you are using on your base

  • Endor
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    The short answers is that hellfires are crap for base defense, don't use them.  To defend against Elite megas, use shock tanks, elite gladiators, and laser tanks, plus plasma turrets.

  • VultureSix
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    The drone silo is pretty nice too (some winged drones with shock bombs and some with fire bombs).

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    Could try the Vanguard as opposed to E.glads, save yr XP for something else.

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    Putting 4 EShock tanks on 4 sides of your base with 1 ShockTrooper in bunkers will shut down Megas nicely. If you want extra defense, put 1 or 2 EGlads on sides or Enforcer. 

    EValks in numbers can also crunch Megas nicely.

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